Following on from Phil Neville and Bolo Zenden, Steve Round has become the third person to turn down the chance to be Steve McClaren’s assistant at St James Park.

Despite only having a part-time coaching job at Derby Count last season under McClaren, Round says that he wants to wait and see if something better comes along, with ambitions of being a manager/head coach himself.

Steve Round told Sky Sports that Steve McClaren contacted him this week to ask if he would be interested in the job but he gave him the brush-off.

Formerly having worked with McClaren at Middlesbrough, Round says that teh new Head Coach has a really ‘tough job’ to turn Newcastle around and has to ‘rebuild the club’.

Steve Round talking to Sky Sports:

 “We spoke a couple of days ago and asked if I’d be interested, but he also knows it is not what I want to do next, I want to be a head coach or a manager.

“That is no disrespect to Newcastle as I worked there for a year with Big Sam (Allardyce) and Kevin Keegan, it’s a magnificent club with great supporters, but at the moment I don’t think I’ll be joining them.”

Tough job for McClaren;

“To be a head coach or manager is my number one target. If that doesn’t happen in the coming months I will have to drop back to being a number two or coach, I have got no problems with that.”

“Steve has got a tough job. After last season he’s got to rebuild the club, so it is a tough job, but it’s also a great job. With him sitting on the board he should be able to implement the changes he needs to implement.”

assistant manager

Never mind trying to sign players, Newcastle United and Steve McClaren are finding it a massive job to even get somebody to come in as assistant manager.

What should be seen as a great opportunity has now been knocked back by Phil Neville, Bolo Zenden and Steve Round, three people who aren’t even at the level of assistant manager at a lower league club, at the moment.

It does really make you wonder what deal is being in front of these people when they don’t see coming to Newcastle United as a great opportunity, even if they were only doing it to put themselves in the public eye. Showing what they can do in the hope of landing a better club and/or a manager’s job.

  • kestrelbite


  • NightmareOnBarrackRoad

    We couldn’t attract a sex maniac to a free brothel.

  • stephen richards

    Truly embarrassing

  • Wallsendstu

    If it is this hard to get in coaches what chance have we of attracting suitable players. I would imagine that the negotiation skills of Penfold will ensure that we end up with loan deals (although we have seen these knock us back of late) or no name players from the lower leagues of France, Holland, Germany and the likes. We have made mistakes, We know what we need to do, I will continue to invest, We need to bolt on the horse. Yeh right.

  • amacdee

    You’ve heard of the X Factor well we’ve got the Fatman factor !

  • tino o

    This club has been soiled by Ashley!

  • tino o

    Austin now 1-4 to go to work ham

  • dude 1

    Should we be shocked I think not like previous comments who in there right mind would want to join us due to the state we are in for gods sake

  • Toon Terrier

    In pre Ashley days these were considered plum jobs, now many see the club, a basket case to be avoided. You also have to wonder about the wage structure too when the last manager left for a substantial pay rise at Palace. If they can’t attract a decent coach what chance of decent players. Our targets turning us down for so called lesser clubs shows just where we are under Ashley And the constant dumbing down of NUFC to become the football wing of Sports direct continues to take its toll. Nothing has changed They are probably concentrating their efforts on to selling players like Cisse and Sissoko. The brave new world Ashley heralded by Ashley in his ‘interview’ is the same grey, drab and soulless one we have endured under his ownership. Reports that season tickets have not been renewed gives me hope that more fans are beginning to see the light.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Betting now suspended on Austin going to the Hammers as well.

  • Jimmywayhay

    If I was one of the six half decent players Newcastle do have , I think I would be phoning my agent and telling him to get me out of here ASAP . Newdastle now have no choice but to pay the piper ,SIX STARS REQUIRED NO MATTER THE COST, otherwise we’re all doomed and I mean all Mr Ashley !

  • TonnekToon

    We’ll probably end up with the assistant manager from  S***** D***** in Eldon Square at this rate . IF we’re lucky. Can you blame anyone not wanting to come .

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out!

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out!!

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out!!!

  • Andgeo

    What’s wrong with lee Clark and Steve Watson? Get those two in and let’s crack on!! Or is the intention to distract from the inactivity in the transfer market? ashley out, it’s the only way!!!

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out

  • Andgeo

    Disgraceful, we probably offered him £20k or £30k per week less than them.

  • Simon Sharp

    Hahaha! No one of any worth wants to be associated with NUFC because of Mike Ashley!

  • GToon

    The club he is going to join are ambitious, have just appointed a manager who plays good football, will have the chance to play in front of 50k plus crowds, want to win things, are prepared to pay his wages and meet the valuation placed on him by his club and are in Europe next year. The club he has turned down, didn’t want to meet his valuation, didn’t want to pay his wages, are not ambitious, are not even wanting to get into Europe, won’t win anything under the current regime, probably won’t have anywhere near 50k crowds next year and are basically a shadow of the team that once recorded over forty shots at the West Ham keeper in one of the best games I have ever seen. How times change. Good luck to him. He has made the right choice.

  • GToon

    Yep, he is starting to reep what he has sown. There will be a few weeks of inactivity now and then our better players will start to leave. Sissoko first I reckon.

  • Phildene

    Jeez its bad here now if backroom staff don’t want to come here! agree, ask Lee Clark and Steve Watson AND Pav too-they all want to come back.
    Ashley killed our club off and, to be honest, think it was going to happen. Why spend millions on buying a place but stay ignorant of how to work it?? we know full well he only want nufc as advertising fodder, but if he played his cards right here, he could make a huge fortune ontop of what he’s making with free advertising. Ashley’s a pathetic, arrogant, ignorant fat greedy guy who only wants more money and yes men working for him.
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  • GToon

    Correct. You would think the greedy clown would realize he would have to act quickly to encourage people to renew. So since his speech he has insulted a cancer sufferer who played his heart out for the club, got rid of 8 players, imposed the same moronic structure that has seen only one person interested in the coaching job and a multitude of othes turn down other coaching roles. Oh and of course we haven’t signed anybody coz nobody wants to come here anymore, just like you said.

  • Brown Bottle

    Phildene ….Ashley’s
    a pathetic, arrogant, ignorant fat greedy guy who only wants more money
    and yes men working for him….he’s no-where near that attractive.

  • mirandinha9

    Shocking state of affairs. How many days now since Cashley’s Sky TV interview and not a slightest hint of any signing being made. I hope the gullible batch of fans who absorbed his every word as gospel, are now having second thoughts. Such fabrication from the man who solely wants to manipulate fans into buying season tickets.

  • PhilYare

    avoiding relegation was very important because we can now enjoy getting beat 4-0 every game next season….. the deluded can wear their s**t wonga tops whilst hoping that a group of poor half arsed players will fight back and bring glory

    you had your chance to support the boycotts and you decided to p*ss on it whilst giving fatty the thumbs up


  • foggy

    Suggestions for assistant managers job, Sami Hyypia, Stuart Pearce, Lee Clark + Harper or Pav as goalie coach

  • DownUnderMag

    Get Clarkie in pronto, knows the club, knows the fans, decent track record as manager but ultimately never got the chance at clubs that weren’t struggling with off-field financial issues. It won’t happen though because he will care too much about wanting us to win something and will represent a dangerous appointment to Ashley’s “yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full Sir” club mentality.

    I know there’s plenty of time left, but i’m honestly starting to get worried now.  How are we to get a squad together capable of pushing on in the league when we can’t even fill the backroom staff??  Just when you thought the club couldn’t sink to any new lows….

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    I reckon McClown should give Temuri Ketsbaia a ring; he was a good player and has been decent as a coach / Manager.
    Mind you I suppose that disqualifies him then!

  • desree

    Since pardew has left We have seen the absolute mess the club is in. No wonder he didn’t get sacked on his terrible run of results in 2014. The bloke was holding together the shambles and was a manager. I can see McLaren walking in September and Ashley selling, I think even he must realise that time is running out hence his2016 statement a year ago.
    The sky interview was done in the hope of keeping us up or selling season tickets if we went down. His talk of investment was if we went down. he is after the bumper pay deal in 2016. Then the club is up for sale. If this wasn’t the case he would have replaced penfold with someone more qualified.
    This thing about players not wanting to move north, did they look round swansea before signing?

  • Timptoon

    foggy Not sure about Hyypia or Pav but the other 3 have a nice combination of experience and respect.

  • Morpeth mag

    Carr and McClaren, have finally got the horse on the cart,,, and were hot to trot,,,,,,,