Steve McClaren says that for Newcastle United to have any chance of success, everybody has to pull together.

Apart from the Kevin Keegan years, I don’t this has ever really been the case at St James Park.

Even then, Keegan left in the end amid claims that he wasn’t prepared to sell players such as Les Ferdinand as Shepherd and Hall looked to cut net spending, something which his successor Kenny Dalglish did. Selling Sir Les and bringing in the cut price Andreas Andersson, as well as free transfers: Ian Rush, Stuart Pearce and John Barnes.

Under Sir Bobby you had the players, fans and team management pulling together, but there was by then a lack of trust in the Hall/Shepherd administration.

However, Steve McClaren says he knows the politics at Newcastle United inside out having lived in the north east from the turn of the century, with the ongoing mess behind the scenes at the club not putting him off taking the job.

Steve McClaren:

“Not at all (if put off by anti-Ashley protests) – I have been in the area 15 years and so I know all the politics which go on at every club in the north east.

“It is always a shame because to be successful and to win things – which is the ultimate aim of this football club…and it should be in the top 10, top 8 and going for Europe every year, going for the cups, should be in contention and challenging – everybody has to stick together.”

Healing the wounds:

“You can’t have splits and divisions, that is something that probably will take time and there are a lot of wounds to heal, but I think it started on the last day – that West Ham game.”

“We have to hit the ground running and we have to get everybody onside, the most important thing’s the players, the most important thing is the product that you put out on the field.”

Exciting the fans:

“It has got to excite, it has got to have attitude, it has got to have character. It has got to be what the fans want it to be, that is why they come.

“The first thing that I want to do is build a team that the fans can be proud of.”

  • nufcmag777

    McClaren won’t be allowed to build a team because as Ashley has shown over 8 years that when any player plays well and he gets an offer he likes then he’s gone(Cabaye sold when we were 5th at xmas and could have pushed on with a little investment)Ashley could’t care as long as we finish 4th bottom with”No capital investment”.

  • mactoon

    Agreed. The ultimate aim of this football club is not to be successful, to win things, go for Europe every year or going for the cups. It is simply to survive in the Premiership where the money and free advertising is. When we get a good player we sell them which means mcClaren won’t be allowed to build a team that lasts for more than one season and nothing Ashley has said or the club has done since the last game indicates anything different to me yet

  • Toon Terrier

    Like his predecessor McClaren talks a good game but he will have the same problems that Pardew had. How can you build a good team when the policy is to buy potential and sell on when it comes good. All teams sell but Ashley takes it to a new level, the whole point of the club is to exist in the league and sell to make a profit. McClaren says he knows the politics at the club so he must know the policy and be happy to go along with it and that achieving his target is impossible. Talk is cheap its action that counts Lets see the squad at the end of the window and whether McClaren is still bullish.

  • Geordie Zebra

    Less words, more action. Get on with it.

  • Wayne Clayton

    “Everybody has to pull together”. That includes Ashley doing his part and releasing enough cash for us to be competitive in the transfer market. Which he won’t.

  • LeazesEnder

    I didn’t know you were a preferred ‘media partner’ Jackie!

  • Simon Sharp

    Is this code for “the fans need to get behind us even when we fail to strengthen the squad for the n’th year in succession?”

  • Wallsendstu

    ‘Hit the ground running,’ can someone go into Penfolds office, hit him around the head to wake him up, ask him to take his feet off the desk, take his slippers off and put on his running shoes. Then tell the fat one that pound for pound value as he stated, comes at a price. Transfer funds should not be totally reliant on the sale of others first. Both these idiots are a waste of the air around them. it is going to be a case of after the horse has bolted ever mind bolting it to the cart.

  • fireflyuk

    Why does this come under the ‘news’ section? especially as the story is nearly a month old. It seems very much like an ‘opinion’ to me.

  • TonnekToon

    ” Hit the ground running  ” What ? in git big circles ! as for pulling together ,  that’s easy remedied ,Get rid of the dross and get some decent signings aboard . The fans will always back the team, but the regime  has a completely different agenda , they consistently make half arsed attempts at Player recruitment ,Its every season now,  and now they’re even struggling to find assistant coaches . can we honestly see anything changing regardless of the the “new ” board and the “new era “. Fatty may have gone into hiding again , but it’s his hands pulling all the strings. Under his control the Clubs an absolute laughing stock.

  • Andgeo

    Good luck!!

  • PhilYare

    and also s**t boring managers

  • NottsToon

    Gone by Christmas….

  • stepaylor

    Splits and divisions, is he joking?

    I have already split

  • Drumbo

    tick, tock, tick, tock…

  • Squintytoonarmy

    Simples get some half decent players over the line.austin was done deal apparently over a week ago. Andros Townsend,shawcross,Sam Byram, Leroy fer can ginkel …… One of these for starters but even then it’s steady players rather than real ambition but we are starting from a low baseline