A different view on Steve McClaren.

A quick glance at articles circulating about NUFC are all the evidence you need to get a feel for the mood on Tyneside.

Articles questioning summer signings that are yet to be made, fan forums already predicting Steve McClaren’s failure before he even begins.

Agreed, the appointment of Steve McClaren as head coach would be an uninspired one, but that doesn’t make him a bad coach.

I’m not trying to preach that McClaren is definitely the right man for the job, but compared to the other candidates he seems like the smart decision from a footballing perspective.

Patrick Viera, as brilliant a player as he was, has zero first team managerial experience.

John Carver comprehensively failed his audition and would be a disastrous appointment.

Michael Laudrup, a man who famously went on holiday rather than represent his country at a major tournament, suggesting someone who if disinterested would shy away from the challenge. He also has a lower managerial career win percentage than McClaren, and that win percentage includes seasons as a manager in Denmark and Qatar.

As for Remi Garde, the chance of him become toon boss was likely lost when he witnessed at first hand the complete trouncing at the hands of Manchester City in February.

McClaren’s experience and what he achieved while manager of Middlesboro are impressive. Yes there were rainy patches through his career, particularly the time he spent as England Manager – the rainiest of which even his famous brolly couldn’t keep him dry, but as a whole his club career has been positive.

Another observation that people have loved to make, are the similarities between the potential arrival of McClaren, and the appointment of Alan Pardew back in 2010.

A manager sacked by a lower league club being brought in and nobody being able to understand why. But McClaren comes with some glowing endorsements the likes of which Pardew will never receive; including Ballon D’or winner Michael Owen, who said Steve McClaren was “Right up there” in terms of coaches he’s worked with.

The truth is that if McClaren was to come in, and emulate some of his achievements from his earlier career, he will be a hero in Newcastle.

Whether he can or cannot do it is the question, but his CV is long enough, and positive enough to be given the chance.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Take a look at Watford’s almost immediate appointment of Quique Flores today. No 6 month fannying around for them despite not having the ‘seriously well connected’ Graham Carr.

    His CV is way better than McClaren’s and goes to prove that no real effort or ambition has been shown once again by this stinking regime.

  • Corkyjohn

    Ambition mate….something we lack

  • RexN

    Which achievements, 1 top 10 finish in 5 Premier League seasons?

  • LintonLad

    McClaren is Charnleys appointment, and Charnley answers to Ashley; as MD he will have gone for the “safe pair of hands” option, not a brave, but risky choice.
    Let’s give him a chance; at Christmas he was doing well at Derby, the rams were purring.  
    If he can get them to score from a corner, I’ll welcome him!

  • Toonarden

    McClaren – uninspiring, unsuccessful manager who got fired in the Championship.
    McClaren – the Wally with the Brolly – a joke as England Manager.
    McClaren – thinks he’s being clever doing stupid Dutch accents in an interview.
    McClaren – turns down Newcastle twice then wants the job when he is sacked from his club.
    McClaren – happy to work with a totally useless coaching team.
    McClaren – obviously satisfied with Ashley’s structure of working.
    McClaren – the future. 
    God help us!!

  • A lex

    Two names for people to think about : Mike Ashley & Steve Gibson.

    One owner was very ambitious and bank-rolled his manager as much as he could.

    Which one is the correct answer? Answers on a postcard to Lee Charnley, NE1.

  • Chemical Dave

    Mike Ashley is an expert at buying time and this article sums up why he’s been able to spend 8 years here.

  • Steve1221

    Sacked by two Saudi clubs before lasting 11 games at Getafe in the past couple of years, no thanks.

  • radgiegadgie

    McClaren is a professional coach/manager with reasonable credentials and a fair amount of experience.  He is at the end of the day, qualified to manager a premier league club, in total contrast to Carver.  Arguably, in contrast to Vieira, Garde and amny “fancied” others.

    The problem is as the article identifies, he’s uninspiring.  There will no thrills, no spills and nothing but a mediocre coach trying to squeeze as many points out of a mediocre team as possible.

    I think most fans would accept a few points less but for something new and exciting.  I think we would accept the risk for someone like Vieira but not the risk of someone like Carver.

  • Toonarden

    LintonLad By lad – you’re easy pleased. You are just what Ashley is looking for.

  • Timptoon

    Mick Clarke, you’re clutching at straws when you’re citing praise from the Greedyman. Owen was awarded the Ballon D’Or when he was 22 and lived off the laurels for the  rest of his parasitic career. He cost Newcastle £1million pounds a goal and this has had a profound effect on our transfer policy ever since. 
    Owen’s endorsement should be heard as a dire warning of another man past his best, looking for one last payday on the back of a League Cup win achieved more than a decade ago.

  • kuromori

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I think McClaren is a decent coach but not a good manager. Tactics and man management leave a lot to be desired and he plays negative, safety-first football.
    Yes, he deserves a chance, but I fail to see what makes him any different from Kinnear or Pardew.
    So far, his main qualifications seem to be cheap, available, English, buddies with Carr, desperate and not Carver.
    Forgive me if I temper my enthusiasm for now. If he turns us down, who’s next? Curbishley?

  • LintonLad

    Toonarden LintonLad I have to admit my expectations are pretty low!  But wouldn’t you love a CH who could clear a corner – or put one in at the other end?  
    Simple pleasures…..

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Steve1221 One actually, Al Ain (still won them a Cup). He was at Al Ahli two seasons and won two Cups.

    He went back to Getafe only in January of this year and resigned in February. Not sacked, but hey, don’t let facts confuse you.

    Won more than McClaren. Superior playing career than McClaren. Managed better clubs than McClaren.

    Point being, there are people like him out there and Carr/Charnley seem to have decided on McClaren and stuck to that since January.

  • cwtoon88

    At Boro Mclaren relied on Luck and negativity a lot of the time and played terrible football with some talented players in the team
    I remember another manager who most said if he achieved what he had done elsewhere we would be happy his name was Graeme Souness and that turned out well

  • Steve1221

    I said he lasted 11 games not that he was sacked,.
    McLaren has England, Wolfsburg, Twente and Middlesbourgh on his CV and has won the League Cup and the Eredivisie, Flores has a Portugese cup and a Europa League which I’d say makes them pretty even. Both have an overall win percentage of 45% and that’s without McLaren having time in the middle east to boost it up. But hey don’t let facts confuse you.
    Having said that I still think McLaren is an awful choice.

  • Porciestreet

    Sickandtiredstill Steve1221 Only cos he’s chatty mans dads mate..! wouldn’t go down well anywhere else.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Steve1221 It’s not a [email protected]@ing match . My point was how Flores was speedily appointed (an obvious plan in place ) and is a HC,

    We agree that McClaren is an awful choice, and that really was my point. There appears to have been no real competition given that Charnley/Carr have been after him since January.

    No plan for losing Pardew, no discernible plan (except McClaren) since.

  • GToon

    Whoever gets the job won’t have the backing other managers take for granted. The club literally starts off in about 15th place based on Ashley’s model for the future. Can’t believe anybody would want the job really.

  • Jarra MIck

    An endorsement from michael Owen! Christ on a bike to even mention that little Cnut’s name is a disgrace.

  • Very Terry


  • themilkman

    I fancy a BIG MAC   hahahahahahahahaha

  • themilkman

    I,m more worried about charnley ERM penfold,because at the last match against West Ham when Newcastle scored the two goals penfold just sat their in his seat completely unaware of what was going on. I think he misses his last boring job. Never mind mclaren charnley is the one who is totally devoid of any creativity .The man isn’t able to make a simple football decision.  If penfold was working anywhere else he would have been sacked for incompetence. I,m afraid he,s not fit for purpose.

  • themilkman

    These are the simple irafutable facts. 1.Ashley gets things done (he,s a billionaire) 2. Charnley (penfold) doesnt.

  • themilkman

    When Newcastle fans chant “you don’t, no what your doing” it should really be directed towards penfold. The guy unfortunately for Newcastle united does,nt have clue about football matters. Ultimately Ashley must take the blame for putting some one in the position they are not fit for purpose for.

  • foggy

    McClaren should do himself a favour a get shot of carver, stone and woodman. If he keeps these three dinosaurs then he’s on a hiding to nothing.
    If McClaren brought in his own team he’d get more respect from the fans.

  • Happyharrys2011

    What has happened people? how is this shower of $hit even up for debate. How low are everyone’s expectations? The fat kunt has finally worn everyone down. To even debate a second rate “coach” like this is how bad it’s all got.

  • Chemical Dave

    Poor old mike, he wants to finish top four but dastardly Charnley is scuppering his hopes by keep employing deadbeats, he must be so frustrated!

  • whickhamrobbie

    For whatever reason McClaren is seen as second rate but that is unfair as his CV shows experience at a variety of clubs with different levels of success/failure .Surely this is better than a big name who has no experience but just a big ego (DeCanio,Poyet,Keane,SHEARER.) .Remember coaches are coaches and some of them you never heard of before their successes and some of them never played at a decent level.
    Give the new guy whoever he is a break as the negativity surrounding our club is actually putting off some of the potential coaches/managers before they even assess the job .Mike is Mike he aint leaving any time soon so lets just make the best of it otherwise we could be the next Leeds,Wigan or Blackpool and look at the mess they are in.

  • whickhamrobbie

    Who would you have Then ? ,Get real We are mess and attracting managers is tough when you have all the big mouth idiots we have. You only mentioned his failures not his successes.

  • Hez

    So we are meant to be pleased to have got a manager in who was successful 7/8 years ago but since has flopped in his last 5 jobs barely lasting a year in each them, the last two being in failed `championship teams. We should back him but lets not hide from the fact he is an Ashley appointment to fit in with what he wants, desperate for a job. If he was so great he would be linked with a host of premier jobs but he never gets a mention for any when they come up, except us!

  • whickhamrobbie

    Sickandtiredstill  Quique Flores Who He ? .Believing the media again are we .Bet he knows all about our league ,Why is overseas always better than English its the same with players ,Their are better in the Championship div 1 . than the rubbish we have been bringing in Carr is a myth.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    whickhamrobbie Sickandtiredstill Plainly you have about as much football knowledge as you do intelligence.

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  • Demented_Man

    whickhamrobbie Come on.  He’s only going to Newcastle because there’s nowt else available.  Anyone who comes to NUFC and agrees with the associated restrictions is fair game in my opinion.

    A ginger Pardew.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    whickhamrobbie Toonarden Big mouth idiots? Oh right. But you wrote this previously –
    “what about the players affecting the fans does he not know the misery we are all going through and we are SICK OF IT .If the players and coaching staff (and owner) cant take the stick then ship out sharpish.”

    Nowt but a two facde hypcorite with the brains of a rocking horse.

  • whickhamrobbie

    Sickandtiredstill whickhamrobbie Toonarden 
    yes I am I suppose .I meant its time to move on we are sick but it has to change tack .He wont ship out as we wanted so we have to deal with it .

  • Pedrothegreat

    McClaren  is here, and when he is appointed he will be here to stay, so its either accept it or don’t renew your tickets or go to the matches. I have to be honest he was never top of my list. but he was never bottom. I can say now I would rather him than Vieira or some unproven French manager. Everyone he has worked with says he is a top coach, and he is tarnished by his unsuccessful England career more than anything. If Ashley keeps to his word and coughs up for some top quality players he can make it work, if he is given second rate signings and lack of investment he will look crap like any manger would. We need a Charlie Austin like signing to get us going and lots more to follow, and im sure if that happens McClaren wont seem all that bad half way through next season.

  • whickhamrobbie

    Pedrothegreat  that was my thoughts ,He isnt my first choice but if it is him as looks likely we must give him a chance and not hound him before he starts or it will be a disaster.

  • Demented_Man

    Pedrothegreat If Ashley “keeps to his word” he will ” continue to invest”, ie make a profit out of every transfer window.