Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting to see different results.

With that in mind, one can only assume that the back room staff at Newcastle United are in need of some treatment as it seems they are now turning their back on an alternative, potentially progressive manager, in favour of seemingly someone who fits more or less the same mould as those who have brought dismal, uninspiring and chiefly unsuccessful football to Tyneside in their last few seasons.

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The news that Patrick Vieira was to be interviewed for the possibly vacant managerial position at St James’s Park was music to the ears of most Newcastle fans, the former Arsenal and Juventus stalwart looked like a shining beacon of a hopeful future of exciting and competitive football.

However, in a move that paints Lee Charnley as a footballing troglodyte incapable of evolving into the modern era, it now seems as if Steve McClaren is the most likely candidate to be at the black and white helm next season and the sense of disappointment is palpable.

With many suggesting that Vieira’s interview was little more than a scare tactic used to create a sense of envy in McClaren, the club’s actual level of interest in Vieira remains fairly hazy.

However, Vieira was interested enough in the position to meet Charnley and Co, which suggests that there was a genuine desire on his part to take this club forward into the modern era of the sport, whilst giving it the hoof up the backside it desperately needs and it seems as if this was an opportunity missed by people hell-bent on hiring uninspiring leaders for their farcical, ill-functioning football fiasco.

Just as Mike Ashley seemed to be living up to promises he made in that now famous seemingly impromptu interview, the club are reverting back to its old ways.

Apparently forgetting the toils of the past few months and opting for the option which fits the club’s blueprint, the same blueprint that has seen the club dangle so perilously close to relegation far too many times.

It will be out of desperationift McClaren finds himself agreeing to the limited power that will be available to him at Newcastle.

Under no other footballing regime would a man with his recent track record be afforded the opportunity to step into one of the twenty money generating clubs in the world. To be tasked with solidifying it as a consistently competing team, whilst restoring its now fetid reputation.

This though is Newcastle United, where illogical ideas seem like golden propositions in the eyes of those in charge, if they fit in with their business motto – money before progress, wealth before success – which will ultimately decide who the board elects to hire, regardless of whoever else may be available or irrespective of what might be best for the club from a competitive point of view.

The club’s immovablestance on transfer and recruitment policy seem to have been a stumbling block in negotiations with Vieira, which comes as little surprise considering how poorly it has served previous managers.

It simply goes to show that these managerial interviews being conducted are little more than a contest to see who will jump the highest when asked by those in charge.

So we can assume that Claren brought his trampoline along to ensure that he leapt straight out of his desperate situation, into one of the safest managerial positions in football.

“We may have the cart, financially, but we now need to bolt the horse on” claimed Ashley in ‘that interview’, but a loyal carthorse is not what is needed at Newcastle right now.

For too long the club has languished near the bottom of the league, being led by beasts of burden with ideas and tactics that are incapable of pulling any weight in the premiership.

Newcastle need a champion thoroughbred with blinkers keeping it focused on moving forwards, to let the club climb on its back, charge off into the distance and leave the old decrepit cart behind to rot in its wake.

It seems as if that horse has ridden off into the sunset, leaving the club and its chances of a different and potentially exciting new era, to instead wait for the old steed to pick it up and trot unambitiously over the finish line, time and time again, into perpetuity, ad nauseum.

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  • TelBoyTelboy

    Its seems instead of the Horse we are to end up with a Mule !!!!

  • Marklp

    The list is getting smaller, what do people think of Lee Clarke?

  • LeazesEnder

    Marklp Great lad….. useless manager.

  • NUFC1892

    The depressing thing is that the majority of comments are negative about Steve McLaren before he has even got the job. It hardly bodes well if he is given the role to think that he will come in with people not wanting him. The job isn’t going to attract a lot of people because of everything that surrounds it so it might be a case of getting who we can.

    Whoever it is let’s get behind them & show us what they can do rather than prejudging.

  • TelBoyTelboy

    Put it this way , Derby sacked him and they are in the Championship so why do we want him !

    I tell you why because he is cheap and will toe the Ashley line.

  • Marklp

    NUFC1892  I don’t think he was everyone’s number one choice to start with but the Vieira saga give everyone hope of a real change for it to be taken away, so the frustration is understandable. I agree that who ever gets the job needs the fans to give him a chance, except Carver who has had his chance.

  • cesmag

    mclaren situation reminds me of souness leaving Blackburn in the sxxx to come to us!!

  • CaptainCaveman

    cesmag I’ll never forget how bad Blackburn were that season at St James’ only for us to go and take their manager.  What a coup.

  • Wallsendstu

    I thought we already had the carthorse in Penfold.

  • mrkgw

    Whilst most of us would have liked to see Vieira, McClaren is still a vast improvement on Carver.

  • Misguided Loyalty

    Has no one learned a lesson. When the chips were down and McClaren was offered the job with three games to go he turned it down. If he was not willing to come and fight then then why do we want a manager with that mentality and lack of passion. He could end up doing what Souness did, come in and then have the team perform in such away (3 – 0 at Man City away) so that he gets out of his contract early with a nice pay off. He doesn’t exactly excite anyone. Bad choice and it should be a resounding no. If Charnley is in charge of the next management choice and he picks McClaren then clear the guy is an idiot and should resign immediately as he knows nothing about football or us fans.

  • TonnekToon

    Better get used to that picture above Lads , It’s the “Fatty’s finger up my @rris” look

  • foggy

    Unfortunately  for us the horse that Ashley talked about is already on its way to the knackers yard.
    Whats even more scary is the prospect that the donkey carver will be incharge again once the new horse has been sacked.

  • Demented_Man

    Having already rejected the job twice, Steve McClaren will see Newcastle as a last resort.  Newcastle, on the other hand, will see him as the second-to-last resort, just in front of Carver.
    Not a promising beginning, is it?

  • fireflyuk

    There are two things which Ashley can be judged against: The quality of the manager recruited and more importantly, the quality of the signings. The first one isn’t looking promising.

  • ToonTone100

    You have to give the man a chance – not as inspiring a choice as Vieira would have been but he hasnt done anything wrong yet. Now that a manager is (almost ?) in place the proof of if MA’s change of tack was meant  … will or will not come to pass through the rest of the summer – i.e. the quality of the players bought / brought in. Thats when we will eventually see if he really meant his words … or is dillusional.
    I for one am looking forward to hearing about who comes in … with no real expectancy given past performance – only …. past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
    Time will tell.

  • TelBoyTelboy He wouldn’t be my first choice and I am slightly annoyed that we are giving him a 3rd chance after he turned us down twice prior to the end of the season but at the same time I think people are rather harshly totally dismissing him and his credentials.

    He was unlucky at Derby last season – had them playing some good football early on and they were slightly unlucky to end up missing out on promotion. Don’t think Derby sacked him because he was rubbish, more came down to the fact they were annoyed that his head was possibly turned by us which ultimately maybe cost them promotion.

    His coaching career is a bit of a mixed bag but I don’t think you work at clubs like Man United and manage England if you don’t have something about you and he isn’t the first and won’t be the last England manager not to succeed.

    Not saying he is the best manager in the world but people seem to be dismissing him as an awful option – certainly a better option than Carver and I would say an improvement on Pardew too.

    Would have his work cut out to win the fans over but as ever I would give him the opportunity to do that rather than just dismissing him from the outset.

  • SGM

    mrkgw  Didn’t you once say “Anyone’s better than Pardew?”

  • SGM

    NUFC1892  There are very few people in the real world who think that McLaren cant do the job.
    But everyone one here is convinced.

  • v0ices

    LeazesEnder Marklp still a improvment on carver

  • v0ices

    Roberts Grey Pants TelBoyTelboy slightly unlucky? the only team who played worse in the second half of the season were us.

  • v0ices

    SGM NUFC1892 sory most people are real not ashley fantasists

  • v0ices

    SGM mrkgw he probably meant any manager a football club would appoint not the cheap option ashley requires.

  • v0ices

    ToonTone100 why do you have to give him a chance?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Roberts Grey Pants TelBoyTelboy Carver was here under SBR, unless you missed that the ten thousand times he repeated it.

    Didn’t seem to do him any good whatsoever though – and McClaren is no Fergie either.

    You know, the point is here if you aim for mediocrity you tend to achieve it, at best. There’s nothing knew in this from Ashley and that is the point which has people’s backs up.

  • v0ices they missed out on the playoffs by 1 point based on the last round of fixtures – I would say that is slightly unlucky.

  • Sickandtiredstill Didn’t say he was a Fergie by any stretch and obviously a stint as a coach at a top club doesn’t guarantee anything but Fergie wouldn’t have employed him if he didn’t have some kind of abilities as a coach.
    Carver has shown that he isn’t a manager but at least McClaren has some experience and done well at a couple of clubs.

    Don’t get me wrong I would love to see us go for someone better but at the same time the point I am making is I don’t think he would be as bad an appointment as some people are making out.

    Just find it funny that a lot of people that don’t want McClaren wanted Vieira who has as much managerial experience and credentials as Carver.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Roberts Grey Pants Sickandtiredstill Clement has none either, but he’s Derby’s replacement for McClaren. 

    Championship Club go for new blood with coaching experience with Chelsea, PSG and Real (as well as others) and we take the guy they fire (most likely). 

    As for missing out on the play off’s by 1 point, Derby finished 8th which sounds a little different does it not?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM NUFC1892 Plainly the Derby Board didn’t think that any longer. 

    They replaced him with Paul Clement who also hasn’t managed a Club yet. That’s making your own luck, yet we apparently want their cast off.

  • toonfifer

    Sometimes the negativity on this site drives me crazy, to have Toon Fans asking why we have to give our potential new manager a chance is just wrong.

    Yes we are all anti Ashley but deep down we support OUR club which is NUFC.

    McClaren worked for a lot of years under Fergie and has then won league titles and cups in both England and Holland. While in Holland he brought in and coached Tiote into being the player he was when we first brought him in, not the shell of a player he has become under Pardew. He also worked with Charlie Austin at QPR and a great young kid in Will Hughes at Derby both of whom we should sign as soon as possible.

    Lets get rid of the dead wood and bring in 6+ new players like Veretout to replace Sissoko, Ayew instead of Gouffran, two big new Centre Backs and two strikers Austin+1. Get De Jong on the park and look forward to next season.

    The Fat Man’s going nowhere so stay away if you want but for me I’ll be there every week shouting my support for the team in black and white on the pitch. We’ve had crap owners for the last 100 years and as my old mam used to say “you’re a long time dead” so have a few beers in the Strawberry and enjoy a day out with your mates at the match.

    It won’t make me popular on here but I love watching the Toon way too much to stay away..although I understand some of you who don’t want to go and would never criticise your right to do things the way you want.

  • wor monga

    From the comments I see on this site it looks as though the
    McClaren out campaign is ramping up before he even accepts the poisoned chalice…

    true we all liked the idea of Vieira taking over and the promise of excitement
    ahead, but nobody knows what conditions he expected or even if he was ever
    really interested in the job…or just forcing the hand of another club, but as his
    first time in charge of a PL club he should accept that some restrictions would have
    to be in place.

    McClaren is a decent enough coach, and we’d have been happy
    enough to see him come here in January…Derby gave him a new 3yr contract, but
    the uncertainty unsettled his team and they lost ground…He’d have been more
    stupid than he looks to step in with relegation for us looking certain then, ending up  back
    in the Championship with a worse team than the one he’d just left!!..

    …If it’s going to be McClaren…then Ashley needs to get
    spending,and get some quality players in…and we need to give the coach a chance to rebuild…and do the job.

  • wor monga

    toonfifer      …I wish I’d wrote that!!!

  • toonfifer

    v0ices ToonTone100 Why do you think he should be condemned before he even starts?? What good does that do NUFC

  • toonfifer

    wor monga toonfifer You can copy and paste it too another article mate I don’t mind……………LOL

  • Tynewalker

    Seeing these comments it seems to me that it will only take the first crisis before McClaren will be treated the same as Pardew.
    Any new manager has to be given a chance to make it work. We all know the circumstances he will be working under. Some will say he should’nt take the job knowing the circumstances but then we would be left with Carver.
    Does anyone want the embarrassment that would bring about.

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    I’m still not convinced that Shhteve will get/take the job. He’s shown signs of having a backbone in the past and we all know how welcome that’ll be at Sports Direct Utd. You don’t have to be a spineless yes man to work here but it helps!

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    wor monga Maybe McClaren could do a job if he was supported in the transfer market but as with any manager/head coach coming in this will not be the case. If we have a net spend of over £20 million this summer I’ll eat my hat.

  • Andgeo

    Carver is gonna get it.

  • Andgeo

    Fatty would need to spend £20m before he got anywhere near a net spend, bearing in mind the transfer business so for this season. Don’t forget he made £10m plus off m’biwa, santon and pardew and has cleared at least £5m off the wage bill when you throw in the other players released i.e. Ben arfa and guitierez.
    This man is a complete liar and anyone renewing their season ticket is a mug.
    What exactly is a net spend? Spending more in this window than what you bring in? Or investing the clubs surplus income in the team??
    If it’s the latter then we need the £50m from last year plus the £70m for this year plus the profit he has made from player trading during this period. That’s a conservative £120m!
    Hey, let’s chuck in a fair return for free advertising at say £100m for the 8 years we have had to enjure this oaf.
    That’s £220m.
    Here’s a thought give us our club back and Fcuk right off and we can call it squits.
    Ashley out!!!

  • Andgeo

    Toonfifer, you are right in saying ashley is going nowhere, but completely wrong in assuming that he will invest in a new manager or the team. We have needed two proper centre halfs for years, but we will start the season with Taylor, colo, Williamson and lascelles. No change, no investment, no net spend. He is taking the [email protected]@ and mugs still believe him. Go and support Gateshead.

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    toonfifer It’s not the appointment of McClaren per say that fans are against, it’s what it symbolises. It shows that Ashley’s attitude towards the running of the club has not changed. Instead of appointing a young manager with exciting ideas who could take the club forward we bring in a man who has just been sacked from a Championship club when he couldn’t even get one of the most expensive squads in the division into the play-offs. Another has been who, like Carver and Pardew before him would do whatever Ashley tells him to do as he know’s that no club at a similar level would hire them. We need fresh ideas and a new direction. Sadly it all seems like more of the same. It’s been 8 years FFS! and nothing has changed.

  • tino o

    Let’s hope so he is the best around we wouldn’t want to settle for second best! !! God help us!

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    Andgeo I wasn’t even thinking about previous sales, more the fact that if we do manage to bring in 5/6 players this summer it’ll be balanced by selling 2 or more of our ‘purples’. You are right, he could buy a whole new team and still be in the black.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Andgeo Net spend = gross spend minus the value of players sold. 

    Taken since Ashley’s ownership it works out as he is currently in profit to the tune of around 17.35 million + Santon, Mbiwa and anyone else who generates cash before June 30th. Last summers signings are included in that number.

    Close to 25 million excess on net spend therefore at the present time.

  • stepaylor

    Do they not realise this is an entertainment industry?

    Why would an account be good at running an entertainment business? Has the world gone mad, when you have a chance to turn everything around and hire someone with some excitement and fresh ideas we get something else that is definitely not entertaining. Do they like doing the opposite of what fans want?

  • stepaylor

    Very well written article by the way Ryan

  • DavidDrape

    i am not saying mclaren is the best for the job but maybe he is the most suitable one available who is willing to work under the ashley model of doing things. yes no doubt he will be given some leeway no doubt and he has his reputation at stake so he has a lot to lose in that respect.  all i know is that after england he spent 12 months travelling around the world looking at clubs, coaching methods etc. ( i missed him by 1 day on a vista to PSV) No doubt, he already has massive amounts of technical knowledge, after all you don’t become a coach at manchester united without having a talent but as we know like roy keane and many others can he man manage and motivate? If he gets the job then one good thing may come out of it and he gets a commitment form ashley to put 4-6 million per annum in running the academy the way it should be run which in turn will hopefully, create some players (to be sold on NOT)

  • Timptoon

    toonfifer Bet you look good in your Wonga shirt.

  • RaySte

    Seeing Viera in the running for the toon job was the first time I’ve felt that flutter of excitement over Newcastle in a long time (except maybe Sissoko scoring against West Ham, but that was more relief). I’m gutted to see the reports that he’s probably not getting the job. I don’t really trust the papers and such, but the bookies know what’s going on and they’ve got him at longer odds than Carver now, with McClaren odds on. I am gutted by the prospect of McClaren managing us. It’s going to be years more of boring,  dreary football… the hope is gone. FFS I’d rather have kept Pardew than McClaren and I hated him. Is anyone excited by the prospect of McClaren??

  • mirandinha9

    I cannot believe that some people are trying to see positives in McClaren’s appointment. This is a bloke whose Derby team capitulated in 2015 and then others ask if perhaps he can motivate the Newcastle players. Well he couldn’t do it at Derby in an easier division. Let’s get a reality check, at best it will be mid table mediocrity and if fans are satisfied by that level, then all well and good. However, we are Newcastle United, all the anti-Cashley protestations are because we know that we should be better than that. Not winning leagues or perhaps cups, but, going for things as we did with the Keegan and Robson sides. That’s what we want, what this city needs and most importantly, what we deserve. When Pardew came, no one was inspired or excited by the appointment and what we got from that relationship was one of dullness, with some sporadic flashes of success (i.e 5th placed finish), however, it was overshadowed by cup exits, four time defeats by the Mackems and embarrassing moments from a man who head butted players and pushed referees. I cannot see McClaren’s appointment bringing anything better and that epitomises the current state of the club.

  • Timptoon

    The fact is we could get any manager in the world. We have the infrastructure and the fan base to attract the very best. Imagine having the opportunity to create a whole new NUFC? Any manager who took it on and won would become an absolute legend. Any owner who backed it would be revered. Senior staff would be honoured and players would be heroes.
    But it won’t happen because the chronically inept are in charge and they don’t have the decency to walk away. Because gormless morons in Wonga shirts are happy to put up with tat as long as they can drink their beers in the Strawberry. 
    I’d walk away but it has the fascination of a car crash. I’m not proud of it – and I’ll carry on dreaming of greatness – but I won’t give my affection to a club that has no affection for me.

  • toonfifer

    That’s why people don’t post on here, I put a reasoned argument and have to suffer crap comments like this, as I said stay away if you want it will be for a long time. Since when does going to the match make me a bad supporter, get over yourself!,

  • mirandinha9

    Timptoon, well said indeed. Pity another 45,000 haven’t got your level of sensibility.

  • toonfifer

    Therein lies how crazy this is, I support Nufc have done for 48 years and will do until I die, going to watch the club I love is what I do and I drive 280 miles to do it. I don’t want to support Gateshead or anyone else, and I hate Ashkey as much as anyone else.
    He isn’t going to sell, he makes £100 million per year from owning the club, stay away if you want, but I’d rather have a few beers in the Strawberry and go to the match, support the 11 players on the pitch and shout abuse at Ashley. I was one of the few who were there for an hour after the West Ham game giving it as much as I’ve got, making the papers and TV to highlight how bad things are. Certainly more vocal and seen and heard than those who stay away.

  • toonfifer

    So now supporting NUFC makes you a Gormless Moron, just because people have a different opinion to you does that give you the right to abuse people.
    If you actually took the time to visit the ground once in a while you might learn something, I’d also like to see you on the strawberry terrace telling the “gormless morons” what you really think. You might need to learn to fly first!!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    DavidDrape So, other than Twente the first time, what good did all that wandering do him? 

    Sacked from Wolfsburg after 6 months.
    Went to Forest and walked out after 10 games.

    1 year again at Twente and resigned (after 6  losses on the trot in his last 3 months)

    3 months at QPR as Rednapp’s Asst.

    Derby, failed at promotion twice, finishing 3rd and 8th. Win % slightly worse than Houghtons when we were down. Now sacked

    Dress it up how you want but it’s hardly a glorious story over the last 5 years.

  • GToon

    I think the point he is trying to make is that if the fans stay away and nobody turned up to see the games fatty would soon look elsewhere. Unfortunately people will still go so he won’t change. It’s just frustration really, not personal. I went with my lads for a birthday treat and there was a part of me that didn’t want to go. That’s a first in nearly 50 years.

  • GToon

    Your first sentence is something that most people overlook and let’s face it have to forget when you watch the lads these days. That fact lies at the door of Ashley, probably along with a delivery of pies from a shop.

  • GToon

    Your comments are fine but already we have a situation where a potentially exciting coach turns us down because he can’t have a say on player recruitment, like is the case in every other successful club. We seem to be aiming quite low with Carver and MaClaren. The days of us attracting decent managers or exciting players are long gone. And that isn’t because we didn’t sing hard enough or Cisse score enough goals. Again it’s all down to Ashley – the most successful businessman who never learns.

  • GToon

    I’m sorry you are offended. Your argument is fine, but are you happy with things at our club. I think that every time an opportunity presents itself to the club they always take the cheapest and worst choice. That’s all. And it goes back 8 years. Who would you have as manager? Laudrup? Vieira? Klopp? Somebody approaching the peak of their managerial skills or somebody who isn’t up to it (Carver) or somebody who appears to have had his chance (MaClaren)? I’d just like to believe in my club again. That’s all. Like most of the disgruntled supporters on here.

  • Sickandtiredstill You can say they finished 8th instead if you think it backs up your argument better but the fact is they still missed out on getting in there by a point.

  • DavidDrape

    Sickandtiredstill I can’t disagree with any of the above facts. Great points you make and in an ideal world he wouldn’t be my choice either, fear from it but he may be the best we can get at present/who will come to a club which most know is a mess. Just my perspective thats all.

  • DavidDrape

    Sickandtiredstill – maybe ashley wants him to concentrate on the development side and have a mid table team so he can sell on the potential above average players?

  • MartinJW

    I didn’t think Pardew was the worst manager around and I doubt McLaren is either. I doubt there is much to choose between them. However I bet that there is not a single person reading this who will be in anyway excited by the appointment of McLaren. His appoinment signifies no change in policy and by Autumn the McLaren Out banners will be being waved and the protests will get louder. He will be given no time by the fans as he is already tainted by being willing to work under the constraints applied by Ashley. It really is a new low when the club is prepared to appoint McLaren, after he has turned us down twice in the previous 6 months. However, good managers will simply not work under Ashley. We are no further forward than we were this time last year.

  • NottsToon

    Glenn Hoddle anyone?

  • MartinJW people keep saying that this shows no change in policy etc but unless I have missed something nobody ever said there was going to be a change in policy.

    Ashley’s statement (whether any of it can be believed or not is a different matter of course) never said anything about a change in policy.

    This new manager was always going to have to be someone that towed the line and was happy for transfers to be out of their hands. You just hope that a) for once we make enough good transfers and b) whoever that manager is can get more from the squad he has got than Pardew or Carver did.

    I don’t think McClaren is an exciting option but coaching credentials wise I think he could do ok in terms of what happens on the pitch.

    There was no way the board were going to appoint any kind of maverick – anyone that was expecting that is on another planet.

  • Drumbo



    Jesus Christ
    God All Mighty

    It doesn’t make any difference who is in charge -they would be [email protected] over by our saviour uncle Mike and his brown nose elves.

    Newcastle United motto – quarto fundo facere
    (fourth bottom will do)

  • MartinJW

    Prior to the West Ham game Ashley said that because of the financial position of the club, we were in a position to spend and ‘punch above our weight.’ Whatever we have been doing over the last 8 years, we have not been punching above our weight as a club. He also stated that he would only go, once we had won a trophy/qualified for the CL which in my eyes at least implies some sort of commitment to try and do either, which would be again a welcome change in policy.

  • GToon

    Yep, an excellent coach but I don’t think he would fancy being ap norff. And I think he’s another one of those annoying managers who want an input on transfers! I think it’s just a 2 horse race unfortunately.

  • desree

    did we seriously think that after almost getting us relegated Charnley is in a position to challenge ashleys blue print. no way would he pay money to bring in an inexperienced coach.

  • desree

    there are at least a few gormless morons go to the match though.

  • DavidDrape

    NottsToon if he is desperate for minimum 1mil per season plus. including a reward for finishing in top 10. it depends how desperate he is for a salary these days or has he banked enough from past career? he is the type of respected person who will be able to attract a certain degree of player to play for him i suppose.

  • NottsToon

    I’d take him over the ex-smoggy just because I think his football would be better.

  • DavidDrape

    mirandinha9 if he comes then time will tell? he must be good at something the FA employed him as national team manager – we will find out soon enough but he may not be what i personally want but if he comes then we i will wait and see what happens of course what strings are attached (by the big man) will also be included in my future judgements as well…sorry for being positive as see previous posts/history and its usually all negative and very critical of nufc and ashley

  • TheBoneYard

    so i advertised for a joiner to build me a bespoke dining table saying i would supply 4 lengths of 4 x 2, a junior hacksaw, some panel pins and a mallot………..I could not believe the idiots who applied for the job !

  • TheBoneYard

    NottsToon his stats are slightly worse than wollybrolly, but i would speculate the football would be better to watch.

  • adrianfarlow

    what are you playing at – its not very nice to the loyal fans – how about appointing alan shearer with brian little as his deputy- are the management of nufc just stupid

  • foggy

    MartinJW  Ashley was telling porkies