Steve McClaren believes that the most important point in his career, was when he was chosen to go to Manchester United as assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Winning league titles and other trophies was a common occurrence for the Newcastle Head Coach and the players he coached at Old Trafford.

Now Steve McClaren thinks he can bring that same winning environment and culture to St James Park.

The new NUFC boss says that the best piece of advice Sir Alex Ferguson gave to his assistant was ‘always be yourself’.

McClaren is certainly talking a good game after being appointed, going on to say that it is vital for the team to make the fans feel proud every week and to put a smile on their faces.

Steve McClaren talking to the official club website:

“I think the breakthrough for me was working at Manchester United, just seeing at the top level what it takes to win leagues, what it takes to win trophies.

“Always be yourself was the advice Sir Alex Ferguson gave me, just be yourself.”

Creating a winning culture:

“He told me to go out there and manage and develop players, create a winning attitude and create a winning environment and culture.

“I’ve experienced that and I want to use it to help people achieve that. To achieve the objectives that Mike Ashley wants to achieve and that is top eight and to win a trophy.”

Winning trophies:

“I have won a couple of trophies before and I want to win more. When you experience them not just as a club, but as a crowd, as a town, as a community – it is absolutely fantastic….and it’s great that this club wants to achieve those kind of things.

“We need to put a smile on the fans’ faces and make them feel proud every Saturday, every Tuesday, or whenever we play.”

Interesting to hear what Steve McClaren says about what a football club can do for the whole community when it is successful.

As fans we all dream/speculate as to just how mad it would be if the club did win something.

The clock is now ticking to see if Steve McClaren’s belief in the backing he will get from Mike Ashley will prove to be reality.

In exactly eight weeks time the new Premier League season kicks off.

As we speak, the new Head Coach still needs to appoint backroom staff and bring the players in who can transform lasts season’s near disaster into something that will lead to the success Steve McClaren that talks about.

Actually Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn’t be a bad chooice as an assistant to Steve McClaren….

  • Porciestreet

    Sorry to be a damp squib, but munure used to burn money……..Spot the difference..?

  • TonnekToon

    He worked with Sir Alex , the last one worked with Sir Bobby and still he never learned ‘owt . Agree with Porciestreet  M.U. would shovel money at players , as do Chelski and Citeh . Fattys probably ‘ lost ‘ the key to his Wallet so he’s not going to spend big . It’ll probably be the same old struggle to get players in .

  • wor monga

    Ferguson took 3yrs to gain his first trophy at Man U…the ‘89
    FA cup and since ’86 the press and fans had been howling for him to be replaced…will
    the Mag (and their writers) be as accommodating of McClaren…I doubt it…he’ll
    get 3 weeks …if he’s lucky!

  • v0ices

    wor monga 89-90 fa cup. football was different then english football was the poor cousin with most of the first division thinking they had a chance at a cup now we have our peverted league where the billionaire sponsored teams compete with the liverpool and manu worldwide followings to dominate the worlds richest league. it mostly took time in the past to assemble a team now a manager backed by the club can use the prems riches to transform a team in a much shorter time span. of course this is impossible at newcastle united due to the clubs aim being to increase the owners wealth and advertise sports direct.

  • toonterrier

    Did Sir Alex recommend some more Obertans  that Manu are trying to get rid of. Worked with the puppet and no doubt McLaren will bring him back into the team along with Ameobi as he was talking about wanting a team with more pace. The fact that they have no skill or end product wont matter

  • Alsteads

    Is what that prxck Georgie said not the basics of football? Maybe what would be on the bottom of the tin if you picked up a tin of ‘football management for sheep by prxck fergie?’

  • LeazesEnder

    Porciestreet Yes they raided other clubs academies too…. It wasn’t at all home grown as they some seem to think.

  • Budweizer

    Well written article

  • David Wright1

    It’s about time we as fans start to get positive and get behind the new manager and team he picks from the off,and see what materialises over the next couple of years.
    We are still in the premier league and have got rid of some deadwood coaches so are hopefully now in a much better position to kick on up.
    We should also refrain from the Mike Ashley out scenario as it makes us as fans look disrespectful and have too much bad feeling which isn’t good for the team.
    Let’s get back to days of keegan and see St James rock.