New Head Coach Steve McClaren, says that Newcastle United can be one of the ten biggest clubs in Europe.

The United boss says that everybody in football knows that NUFC are a big club.

Talking to BBC Radio Newcastle, Steve McClaren also said that he didn’t come to St James Park earlier this season because of his loyalty to Derby County.

Steve McClaren speaking to BBC Radio Newcastle:

“Speak to anyone in football and they will say ‘Newcastle United, what a big club’.

“It can be in the top 10 in Europe, it has the ability to do that.”

Loyalty to Derby ?

“It was very difficult, I knew there was interest (from Newcastle last season).

“Was I interested? Of course I was, but in the end I owed a lot of loyalty to Derby, they took a chance on me.  In the end the decision was taken completely out of everybody’s hands by Lee Charnley (NUFC MD), who stuck with John Carver, and rightly so.”

Winning a trophy:

“That is the aim, it is the dream of everybody, we had that dream at Middlesbrough and we achieved it,

“We only achieved that by everyone being together, getting everybody in the right direction and winning things is a long process.”

Newcastle last season were once again one of the ten best supported teams in Europe.

Plus in the most recent Deloitte top twenty, Newcastle had the 19th highest turnover of any football club in the world, despite no European football and all the free advertising/promotion given to Mike Ashley’s retail empire.

  • Tony79

    Aye aalreet Steve calm doon mate calm doon.

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves, you;re under Mike Ashley now.  Good cup run or two would do me for now.

  • MilitantGeordie

    He’s right we could be one of the top teams in Europe. All you have to do is get Ashley to pay for proper coaching staff and release funds for real quality signings. Goodluck with that!

  • Billco

    It would be a positive move if the singing section was resurrected but Control freak Ashley would not take the risk of them turning on him.

  • Happyharrys2011

    We could be one of the top 5 in Europe if Jabba the Hutt did not own us!

  • Giimps

    We could be anything we want to be, Southhampton, Swansea and Stoke have proved that with decent coaches and a little outlay great rewards can be achieved.
    Granted, Stoke have been one of the highest spenders in the league for years and Swansea have paid big sums of money for some of their players Southhampton have only spent part of what they earned from player sales and use that money to rape the country of the best young talent to enable them to do that…but it works, buy young and low price and coach properly then sell for high amounts to Arsenal and Liverpool.
    We on the other hand are buying cheap, foreign imports, normally on the last year of their curren contracts, or have medical problems and we hope they prove themselves and we can sell for lots of money…that also works but there is no organic growth since once the players are sold, we wait 18 months to replace them…if at all……..hoping Shtevie boy can break that mould and coach our young lads into the 1st team, that with a few additions can see us winning the league within 1000000000 years and a cup within ????

  • toonterrier

    Yesterday he was talking about a top eight finish in the league and today its in the top ten in Europe. Starting to sound a bit like the puppet. Shut it until we see what players we bring in and then we’ll judge you after the first half a dozen games.

  • Giimps

    toonterrier Im hoping we can see some progress almost immediately, just playing to win games rather than going into games with dread will be a start, afterall, he IMHO is better at everything than Fraudew and Carvew apart from spin.
    Tactically astute, good motivator and has demonstrated ability in not headbutting players and offering out fans after defeats……al good traits for any head coach

  • prestondave

    McClaren is saying all the right things about how big we are/ could be. We already know this but where are the players that will take us to these places? . Smells like season ticket renewal time without the big spend yet. Will only believe it when the calibre of player is there for all to see.

  • gmtoon

    The only way to a top ten in Europe (even England would be a start) is by real investment.  Sometimes the club will have to buy some experienced players, not hope cheap imports who might  pay dividends.

    I can’t believe a self-made man with a net value of £3.5bn is so clueless. To get where he is has taken unbelievable business acumen, the character traits of a jackal and employing people on zero hour contracts. Look at Rangers, there he was, in for the kill like a vulture, gets a fantastic deal out of them for minimal outlay, new board complains takes them to court with the board paying the legal fees. He dismembered Dave Whelan (JJB) who had previously scoffed at him, all in a business sense of course. Whelan managed to sell it to someone else after being massacred.
    When the players are signed I’ll believe it. I don’t for one minute think he’ll really relax the purse strings and as he said he still wants max value for money.

  • Guy Kebell

    We used to be before our friend Mike took over!

  • delashio

    He’s not going anywhere so you would be better off having a

  • delashio

    Great to see a manager who knows what we could be. Im behind you all the way steve!