Steve McClaren has inadvertently summed up the problems of Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.

Referring to the challenge ahead at the club, the new United Head Coach has declared that ‘If you stand still you go backwards’.

McClaren says that it is essential that players are brought in who have the right character to succeed at St James Park, individuals who can handle the pressure.

So many times we have seen players come into Newcastle United who don’t thrive on playing in front of fifty thousand every week at home matches.

On the other hand we have seen great players who clearly get a kick out of playing for NUFC, as well as not so talented players who also rise to the occasion playing in front of our fans.

Both Sir Bobby Robson and Kevin Keegan seemed to have a knack of choosing the type of players who did enjoy playing on Tyneside.

Players such as Craig Bellamy, Laurent Robert, Robert Lee, Les Ferdinand and many others.

Steve McClaren speaking to the Daily Mirror:

“There is expectation here and 52,000 fans demand a performance, to do that we need characters and I have had a long chat with Graham Carr – top of the formula in terms of recruitment is character, everything starts with that.

“I have worked abroad and with foreign players, I had foreigners at Middlesbrough. It doesn’t matter where they are from if they have character – that’s what we have to recruit.“

A unique club:

“We can’t stand still in football, we can’t just say we will make these players better. If you stand still you go backwards.

“It is a unique club and sometimes good players go to a big club and the shirt is too big for them, they can’t deliver.”

  • RichMilburn

    Uhm, no Steve if you stand still you stay in the same place and get left behind if everyone else is moving forwards. What you said is nonsensical.

  • Toonbadger

    Snails pace as per, get some players across the line FFS

  • Happyharrys2011

    We’ll have a look at what we are doing right now. STANDING STILL. The lies have started already. Season tickets extended again all I can smell is BS.

  • foggy

    More horse crap from our new head coach, afraid the honeymoon is almost over mr mcclaren !
    Get some quality players signed and give us crap and take us for suckers.
    We’ve had more than a belly full and we won’t take crap from you.