Steve McClaren has held talks with Newcastle United according to Sky Sports.

They say that their information is that the former England boss met club officials early this week before heading off on holiday.

Elsewhere it was also widely reported previously that John Carver had met Managing Director Lee Charnley on Tuesday, to ‘clarify’ his position.

The majority of opinion appears to be that Steve McClaren will have agreed to take the job at that first meeting, then John Carver having the conversation as to where he does or doesn’t fit into this potential new framework.

However, anybody who has followed Newcastle United for more than two minutes will still wonder exactly what will happen.

Another scenario is of course that Steve McClaren has gone away to think about whether or not to join the St James’ Park circus.

The fact he allegedly turned down Newcastle twice previously (which in reality appears to be that he turned down the opportunity to TALK to United on those two occasions) doesn’t suggest he will be taking the job without at least some assurances.

Hopefully McClaren will be ensuring he has the backing in terms of freedom to tackle the job in his own way, rather than assurances on how long and lucrative his contract will/would be.

A major say on transfers, freedom to choose his own coaching staff and assurances of realistic spending in the transfer market will hopefully be just the tip of the NUFC iceberg.

With only 65 days until the Premier League season kicks off and 27 days before pre-season training begins, you have to worry exactly how prepared United will be to face the new campaign, with or without a new manager/head coach and new signings.

  • Geoff Themagpie Robinson

    McBrolly is on a family holiday till next week

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Aye, this reporting malarkey can’t get a single story straight.

    What I would like to know is – isn’t tapping up a manager under contract still illegal? Wouldn’t NUFC therefore have had to seek Derby’s permission (and been given it) in order to approach him several times?

    None of this adds up or makes sense.

  • A lex

    McClaren is no longer an up and coming manager. He’s got a drawer with a fair few t-shirts in already…..and found that most of them didn’t fit. Nobody will give him another chance to prove himself, so he’s got nowhere else to go. A perfect win-win situation for Ashley and NUFC.

  • Paul Patterson

    I don’t have an issue with McClaren, really I don’t. If he is our level (the level the club have stooped to during Ashley’s reign then fine. If he is the best we can get until Ashley sells up then fine. We may even challenge for Europe or win a league cup. He did it with unfashionable smoggies.

    My issue is if whoever is appointed will get significant funding, not have the best players pulled out from the managers feet and players being dropped in from Graham Carr.

    If this is going to be the so called new dawn since Ashley’s tv addressing then we haven’t ‘bolted the horse’ onto the cart the right way I’m afraid . .

  • mrkgw

    News this morning that Cabaye is to snub interest from Villa as he has his heart set on a move to Palace. Simply staggering.

  • foggy

    Sickandtiredstill  Nowt’s made any sense at the toon for the last eight years

  • foggy

    mrkgw  He’d be joining a more ambitious club

  • mrkgw

    Its a shocker. Really is. I have to say that I went off the player big time when he refused to play for us but to have his heart set on a move to Palace when he had previously bleated on about joining Arsenal and such like. Serves him right, it will undoubtedly end in tears next season.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    1957 Wasn’t one of the reasons for his sacking that they felt “his head was turned’? 

    Either way, Charnley has been proven to a complete liar here. His search began and ended with McClaren, which is about the whole jist of this saga.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Don’t rush the appointment ,Pardew only left in January ,there’s plenty time ,why pay wages ,when you can wait until the day before the season starts ?

  • Hughie

    Already several people slagging off McLaren. He would be a great appointment for us–a million miles more sensible than Vieira for example. Mclaren is about the best we could hope for at present. Won the League Cup, won the Eredivisie and reached a UEFA final and other semi finals. Knows the north east and English footy inside out.  So lets hope the Carver situation is not getting in the way!! We need a new era and the failings of the last few years are attributable in part to the poor coaching staff. Clear Carver and co. out!!  Has Charnley seen the light–doubt it!!

  • Rob H Wilson


  • tino o

    If there is any truth in what the slug said of his lap dog been left to find a new manager charnleys position needs looking at. Six [email protected] months to come up with only mclaren is a joke. I want that job sit on my ass get paid thousands twiddle my thumbs the lazy [email protected]!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Hughie “about the best we could hope for”?

    Spoken like a true supporter.

  • Rowla

    Sickandtiredstill Hughie
    The days of “daring to dream” as KK once said for NUFC supporters have been trampled into the dirt by the parasite. “About the best we could hope for” is good enough

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Rowla Sickandtiredstill Hughie It sure as hell isn’t.

  • stevennufc

    Hughie third best supported club in the country…….and Mclarens the best we can hope for!!!!!!!………nee hope then eh?

  • Rowla

    Sickandtiredstill Rowla Hughie
    Well, you’ve got some campaigning to do then lad. We all do

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Spot the similarity – Ashley is using the Dark Side of the Force!

  • Demented_Man

    On a lighter note, does that picture of Wally remind anyone of Frankie Howerd in one of his “oooh missus” poses, as in “Don’t titter missus, we ARE investing during the summer!”

  • Hughie

    tino o agree –Charnley should have had the boot by now. It is his appalling incompetence and lack of experience  that has led to the near relegation scenario. With Ashley holding the purse strings I am amazed Charnley is still in office.  Don’t knock Mclaren though–yet– we could have had Carver or worse still Vieira who has not experienced the pressures at this level. Those who hark back to Keegan all the time are on another planet–and in terms of sustaining the club, that brief era got us nowhere and nearly bankrupted the place. We will know by kick off if Ashley was lying. Not one signing yet–nearly 2 weeks gone.

  • tino o

    Stinks of mediocrity we deserve better! ! Delve into mclaren record in England boro was 11 years ago won a cup none of the top teams were interested in against weakened teams. His recent history is what we should be looking at and it isn’t good there are better managers about if they had of made the effort nothing changes with Ashley and Co. How long before we’re looking for a new manager again because the wrong choice has been made. Mike Ashley is the master of bad decisions

  • A lex

    Don’t know about Twente but here he had Steve Gibson – one of the most ambitious and generous chairman around. Ashley couldn’t lace Gibson’s shoes in knowing how to run a football club aiming upwards

  • LeazesEnder

    Carvers role as coach is independent of the new ‘head coach’…. that is the structure!

    No more chucking the baby out with the bathwater…. unfortunately the club (Ashley) has deemed people such as Carver and Charnley as good servants….

    …. the problems are independently sourced of each other.

  • DownUnderMag

    Sadly, unless the likes of Carver, Beardsley and others on the coaching staff are shown the door and a new set of methods and ideas brought in, nothing will change.  Sure the new manager may come in and get the tactics spot on, Ashley may even back them like we all hope (but sadly don’t expect) will happen.  But we will continue to see good potential wasted in the academy, star players facing injury after injury and constant lack of ideas coming through the club as a whole. At least if we could rely on an upturn in set pieces and some sort of improvement in free kicks taking it would be a start I guess….

  • A lex

    We’re not getting a new Manager, we’re getting a nrw Head coach. Ideas and methods will change but McClarens ideas don’t enthuse me one bit because they’ve not enthusef Derby or anyone else.

  • Hughie

    tino o agree again but give McLaren a chance. This is his biggest challenge apart from  England- Forest were virtually a basket case and Derby nothing special. Personally I would have liked Karanka or Garde, but there again they have no PL experience, which is an entirely unique pressure.

  • tino o

    I don’t care who manages us as long as we improve and show progress I just don’t think he is the man to do it. We don’t have any input in who is right to manage so if it’s him I would like him to prove us wrong but personally I don’t see it. We will most probably be back here in the near future. And you’re right about this being his biggest challenge look who he will have to work under

  • Brownale69

    After 8 years another loser appointed? Ok hewres the rub: renewed S/Tickets/50k turn up many with the new tat strip/sup crap beer watch tripe football in silence. Then complain on radio TV and web sites.
    Now tell me whats changed? AND will anything be different?

  • Hughie

    Brownale69 who would you like to have seen then—assuming Mclaren is appointed? Which “top” head coach would come to a non CL club in a strait jacket? We are stuck with Ashley so get used to it, and remember that in the time I’ve been watching them –since the 50’s– the club has not, in my view had anyone for over half a century other than the exceptional Bobby Robson, or Dalglish who could be described as a “top” head coach/manager. Mclaren has a far better record  than most frankly, so give him a chance–he wasn’t a loser with Twente, or Middlesbrough, so have some hope.  Wait to see if Charnley– who, since his MD appointment, is a disaster and should have been sacked– and the overrated Carr sign anyone decent–that will be a better yardstick of the club’s ambition and Ashley’s sincerity?