Steve McClaren has been talking about the ‘style of play’ he will be introducing to Newcastle United.

The newly appointed Head Coach says that he is looking to bring in the benefits of what he learnt in his years coaching abroad, to St James Park.

McClaren saying he did it at Derby last season and believes it can be translated to the Premier League.

Derby received a lot of good press for both their results and quality of football in the first half of last season, before the dramatic collapse as the campaign went on.

Steve McClaren’s team eventually finished 8th in the table but scored an impressive 85 goals, whilst conceding 56.

On 13 different occasions Derby scored three or more in a league game, compared to Newcastle’s feeble goal return of 40 (63 conceded) and only four times did United score three or more in the league.

Steve McClaren:

“I thought it was very important when coming back into English football to bring in what I had learnt from abroad. We did it with Derby in the Championship, it can be done in the Premier League as well.

“I want to play with style but most important is the attitude, the kind of attitude that we saw in the last game here (West Ham) – it was fantastic.”


“That kind of attitude every week, every game, together with good football – exciting, attacking, scoring goals…and you have to win football matches.

“The objectives are top eight and to win something, so therefore you have to have a good attacking team with good attitude, and we are hoping to build that.”

Interesting that Steve McClaren picks up on attitude as the most important factor.

No surprise either that the new Head Coach wants to concentrate on the positives and points to how great the attitude was on that final match of the season against the Hammers.

Of course for the Newcastle fans who suffered throughout last season, the absence of the right attitude in most games was the thing that angered supporters the most.

Whilst we all know we aren’t watching a team of world beaters, there is no way that that this set of players should have produced the longest run of consecutive league defeats in Newcastle United history.

As much as bringing in new players, if Steve McClaren can get the current ones performing with the right attitude, it will go a long way towards the club bouncing back from last season.


  • Big Al 1967

    Have to be honest and have watched Derby a few times last season and found them to be slow and predictable going forward and terrible at defending. Sound familiar?

  • hettonmag

    Just a warning Mac we have what  you would call hoofers at this club, that’s players who can not pass the ball. So until  you get rid of this dross you will  be nutting  the wall,  time will tell whether you manage this.

  • CarlaHolmes

    Derby up until Fulham away in February looked unstoppable, after that a shambles. Defence let them down every match after that.

  • shadsdad

    A few new signings and that philosophy and surely things have to improve?