Steve McClaren has declared he is only ‘Looking for the best’ when it comes to recruiting an assistant manager and other coaching staff, with his expectation that the backroom team will be in place early in the coming week to prepare for pre season training.

That pre season training starts in only 11 days times and in only 3 weeks time the squad fly off to America.

The BBC Sport website publishing these quotes from Steve McClaren the day before Sky Sports carried an interview with Steve Round.

When speaking to Sky today, Round revealed that in the last few days Steve McClaren had been in touch asking if he was interested in coming to work with him again at Newcastle.

Only for Steve Round to tell McClaren that he wasn’t interested, despite only having a part-time coaching role at Derby last season and no other imminent job on the horizon.

This latest knockback comes after both Phil Neville and Bolo Zenden had also made clear to Steve McClaren that they weren’t interested in coming to St James Park either.

McClaren talks about the difficulty of getting good people because they are ‘always working elsewhere’. However, it appears with all three of Neville, Zenden and Round, they aren’t exactly tied down to great jobs at the moment.

Worrying times in terms of Newcastle seemingly not being seen as an attractive destination even for ambitious coaches.

The quotes that the BBC Sport website carried are from an interview Steve McClaren has done with Radio Newcastle.

Steve McClaren:

“I’m looking for the best.

“It can be difficult because good people are always working elsewhere.

“No doubt though, I want my (coaching) team in by next week, with a good week to ten days to prepare.”

  • Jamiekgordon

    Looking for the best!
    Steve round turned us down….
    Steve mcClaren sacked from Derby but good enough for Newcastle United/Sportsdirect FC
    Clubs like Swansea, Southampton, West Ham etc have more ambition and pedigree than us now,,,,, EMBARRASSING CLUB

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Bring back Geordie John & stoney, nobody want the Shyte Job

  • Porciestreet

    Are you watching Mikey…………..? Is it not as plain as the nose on your face that you have succeeded in creating the most toxic football club IN THE WORLD With your lying miserable attitude to Newcastle United.
                                        Nobody wants to come in or to be anywhere near us due to your absolute lack of ambition.  It’s time you were gone.   Ashley Out .HWTF

  • A lex

    Maybe should grab Charnley’s list off his desk – surely one of the remaining 78 might fancy a job as Assistant / Cone putterouterer.

  • Toon Terrier

    McClaren himself turned us down twice so we shouldn’t be surprised that others are doing the same. That they are coaches who have worked with McClaren just serves to increase the embarrassment.
    In pre In pre Ashley days these positions were considered plum jobs, now many see the club as a poisoned chalice and a basket case to be avoided. You also have to wonder about the wage structure too when the last manager left for a substantial pay rise at Palace. If they can’t attract a decent coach what chance of decent players?

  • GToon

    Give it to the true Geordie.

  • TheBoneYard

    you wont get the best on zero hours contract you wally

  • Andgeo

    Bit like shopping in Harvey nicks with £20, waste of time.

  • nufcslf

    Looks like Charver’s in with a chance again, then.

  • Seventy2

    Neil Redfern

  • rob1980

    Not being negative want us to do well again but why do I get a terrible feeling cant even sign an assistant manager joke carver looks like your coming back oh yeah Austin not coming as well we are a laughing stock

  • Andgeo


  • Andgeo

    Lee Clark and Steve Watson.

  • nufcmag777

    McClaren would of been told that he will have to wait until July for his coaches just to save Ashley on wages and the same will go for players.

  • amiame123

    looks like there is a problem getting coaching staff as well as players. I am sure Carver would still come back even after all the flack, but I am sure he has more sense than that.,

  • Peaco

    The only coach that FatAsh would sanction paying for is the National Express. Utter disgrace.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    So, it’s safe to assume he had a list?

    We know so far it was –
    Neville – turned us down
    Zenden – turned us down
    Round – turned us down

    How far down the list will he need go before he get’s the ‘best’?

  • delashio

    Another negative spin when the man just said he basically just wants to employ someone of quality. Oh and you forgot to mention that round wants his next job to be s manager not a coach! You lot really are a bunch of depressive arsewipes.

  • Demented_Man

    delashio And is now unable to employ ‘someone of quality’ because everyone now knows what a crap club Newcastle is.

  • Jamiekgordon

    I’m sorry, you are completely right! We are being negative for no reason what so ever.
    I understand Mr Round has bigger ambitions but we all need to stick together and be POSITIVE…
    COME ON ARSEWIPES LETS BE POSITIVE, maybe Neville, Zenden and Round refused the jobs for positive reasons!!!!!! It could be Joe Kinnear

  • TonnekToon

    You might be looking for the best Steve , but i bet your Boss isn’t . He’ll want the cheapest as usual .

  • delashio

    Well obviously he is saying the best possible as i can hardly see him raiding barcelona for their coaching team, can you? If wor lass says she’s got me a good present for my birthday i wouldn’t start saying it was sh*t before id even seen what it was so give yoursekf a shake.

  • delashio

    Once again, round wants to be a manager not a coach. As for the other 2 i havdnt heard anything personally about them being offered the job so can’t comment on them.

  • GToon

    Ok your points are valid but how about the fact we just haven’t got anybody. Doesn’t that bother you. No signings, no coaching staff, nothing but plenty of departures. Just have a look at all of the other teams. Are they in a similar position? If not, why not? That’s the issue. Not just who’s turned us down.

  • delashio

    The transfer window closes at the end of august mate and thats when most players move so i will judge then and not 2 weeks after our new manager was appointed.

  • GToon

    Ok. But have a look at teams like Soton and Liverpool. They don’t seem to be hanging around. It’s as if they have an agenda or an ambition.

  • delashio

    And have had their managers in place since the last game of the season. What about west ham? Sunderland? Leicester? You just keep picking and choosing everything to prove a negative point and i’ll be realistic and give them time.

  • GToon

    The reason we haven’t had a manager in place is down to Ashley. I can wait but history would suggest NUFC will be left wanting again come the end of the transfer window. Ashley just doesn’t get it. I hate being negative about my club but I really can’t think of anything to be positive about. What do you suggest? Even the mackem home game is on my birthday weekend so that’s that ruined!

  • delashio

    Im not arguing about who’s fault it is that we haven’t had a manager in place, i’m just stating clear facts that we haven’t had so that will be one of the reasons we haven’t signed anyone yet unless you prefered it when the manager had no input at all? I certainly don’t though. Look if you want to be negative before you have a reason to yet thats up to you. Me though, there’s plenty of time left and big changes are happening which i understand don’t happen over night so im willing to wait till i pass judgment. So i’ll drink out my glass which is half full while you drink from yours that is half empty.

  • shadsdad

    Appoint me! I’ve just bought a pair of steel toe capped work boots and can bring just what the the team needs to the club!

  • magpie9

    Dont worry we will take 4th best now & if he turns it down we have supposedly 80 applicants who actually applied & it is taking more than 6 months to sort out the cheapest

  • Ballbearing

    Steve McLaren should be signing John Carver as his assistant. After all, isn’t he “the best head coach in the Premier League”?! Allegedly.

  • magpie9

    Ballbearing He also worked for S.B.R.