What do you think the Newcastle United squad valuation is?

Did last season’s relegation struggle represent the real value of our players?

Did the team underperform or was that record breaking 8 defeats in a row run the sign of things to come?

Obviously there is no exact figure, as any player is sold for what somebody else is prepared to pay – a bit like putting your house up for sale.

However, the respected Transfermarkt website uses the same criteria for valuing every player at every club, from which we can see their valuation of the end of season squads for each Premier League club below.

squad valuation

As you can see the top six are predictable with Chelsea ahead of the rest.

However, you then see the progress and investment Southampton and Everton have made, respresented in their seventh and eighth positions.

Then we have Newcastle in ninth, with a squad value of £116.82m, which is £30m less than Everton and a massive £57m less than Southampton.

The likes of West Ham, Stoke, Villa, Palace and Swansea are all in the next group in terms of value, with all but Villa finishing above Newcastle last season in the Premier League.

After this summer’s transfer action it wll be interesting to revisit this and see what they put each club’s squad valuation at in September.

Interestingly, Sunderland’s squad valuation (£71.5m) is a massive £45m less than Newcastle’s, despite them outspending Newcastle over recent seasons in the transfer market.

  • Willvenus1

    Sunderland valued 45m less than Newcastle?? Surely the most important stat is the fact they beat us every time they play us

  • Roppa2

    Ninth position is, coincidently,  exactly where Cashley wants the club. One of his many mistakes was in thinking he could leave a massively under qualified person in position of Head coach, for 5 months. With McClaren he will be confident that the “Status Quo” will resume, and his advertising vehicle for his cheap sports chain does not go “down Down, deeper and down”.

  • v0ices


  • TonnekToon

    Roppa2  Haha , Its all “Heading Down The Dustpipe ” Mate .

  • LeazesEnder

    That my friends is the basis of Ashley’s demand for a tenth finish….. 

    ….Charnley equates value to position, and that’s all they will hope to achieve, It’ll be interesting to see if our value increases by the time the season kicks off….. 

    ….of course other factors come into play such as injuries suspensions and lack of form, we’re the leagues Champions in ‘PhysioRoom’ …. but Carver and Stone have gone ….  so we’ll see.

  • Andgeo

    I think fatty has given someone a back hander here because I can’t see any way our current squad could be worth in excess of £100m. My estimates are set out below:
    Krul £8m
    Janmaat £8m
    Haidara £3m
    Colocinni £1m
    Williamson £0.99
    Colback £4m
    Tiote £5m
    Sissoko £15m
    Cabella £7.5m
    Cisse £5m
    Perez £7.5m
    Darlow £3m
    Taylor £1.5m
    Dummet £2m
    Lascelles £2m
    Obertan £1.5m
    Goufran £0.99
    Abeid £2m
    De Jong £4m
    Rivière £2m
    That is £81,000,001.98 which puts us just above the mackems and well below the likes of stone and Swansea. Strangely this pretty much where we finished last season.

  • Steve1221

    But more importantly we finish above them in the league

  • Jimmywayhay

    Andgeo you really shouldn’t waste your time when the correct equation is…….
    NUFC/players =SHITE