The opening month of Premier League fixtures are ideal for Newcastle United.

Home to Southampton then away trips to Swansea and Manchester United, before back to Arsenal at St James Park.

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That will take us up to the end of August, into the international break, and the end of the summer transfer window.

The dates of the matches:

Newcastle v Southampton – 8 August (almost certain to change as the Saints play a Europa League match on 6 August)

Swansea v Newcastle – 15 August

Man Utd v Newcastle – 22 August

Newcastle v Arsenal – 29 Aug

Of course all four matches could end up moved by a day or two, with the Premier League revealing fans will find out about the first lot of live TV games by next Wednesday (24 June).

You might think what benefits there are in playing four of last season’s top eight in the opening month?

Well, it is true that Newcastle only collected one point (2-2 draw at Swansea) from twelve in the corresponding fixtures last season, but there is method to my madness.

Obviously you have to play everybody home and away sometime and to be honest I’d rather have this insurance of tough matches so early.

If the team pick up points then great, but if they struggle then you would have to hope that Mike Ashley will do a bit of late panic buying before the transfer window closes on 1 September, if he has left the squad short of numbers and quality yet again.

If we’d had a couple of easyish home matches against less fancied teams then it could have created false expectations of the team/squad.

With 51 days until the Premier League kicks off, we all hope that the funeral like silence so far from the club is hiding some dynamic transfer activity behind the scenes.

Belatedly the club have agreed to host the latest Fans Forum meeting in only 18 days time on Monday 6 July, so surely they must have plans for significant transfer action before then…

  • ArtyH

    I would not pin any hopes of us getting Austin or anyone like that as most info suggests we are looking at alternatives already, not a good sign, but where is the info coming from? I would certainly not believe any thing the Mirror puts in print, and as its a recognised source prefered by nufc it amkes it even more suspicious, a paper for propaganda it seems? There is just nothing positive coming out of our club at this time which is as usual very frustrating. One good thig like him or not McClaren is a better comunicator than the last one. IMHO it will be interesting to see who gets Austin and what the reaction is from SJP, I bet we were never in for him in the first place and it was all papar talk to boost s.t sales, we shall soon see. Just mega cheesed of at this time with our club.

  • TonnekToon

    ArtyH Yeah I agree, Its all emanating from the Propaganda ministry. Most of our targets are probably in the Russel Foster league .

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Looking at those fixtures, it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see us being pointless after for games.

  • geordie4567

    Last minute panic buying? You mean like he did after last season’s shocking start? Oh, wait…

  • Alsteads

    This is where we are hey…… Trying to second guess FCB hoping we get pumped in the first 4 games so he panic buys? This is before we even kick a ball pre season. So so sad for our great club.

  • Tadger

    There’s some merit to your logic, but the panic will be that they will only buy in January, remember these idiots went to the line last season due to there total non understanding of how a competitive business like a football club operates. To support a fast moving game you need fast decision making abilities something Charnley and his mates are devoid of.