Malaga striker Juanmi has agreed a deal to sign for Southampton, despite interest from both Newcastle and West Ham, according to media both in Spain and in the UK.

The Mail is one of those and they say that the 22 year old Spanish international has agreed personal terms after the Saints agreed to meet his (relatively) bargain £5m release clause.

A skilful forward, Juanmi can also play behind the striker or out wide and has came through the ranks at Malaga, winning his first Spanish cap as a substitute against Holland in March.

This season has seen Juanmi really establish himself for the first time, featuring in 34 of Malaga’s 38 La Liga matches.

Starting 26 matches in total, the forward got better as the season went on, scoring his 8 league goals in his final 20 starts of the season.

Newcastle had been linked with the diminutive 5ft 6 striker a number of times in the past year, but now it looks as though the striker who has also picked up two winners medals in the Under 19s European Championships for Spain, is on his way to the south coast.


  • PeterS84

    Another one we couldn’t get over the line

  • ArtyH

    Not really bothered by this one slipping by but it’s a worrying trend repeating it’s self. No way will we sign anyone of any significant worth this year, just hope st holders do not renew and wait untilbhe has to buy then make up your mind, would hate to see you hood wicked again for the7th time in a row.

  • Elpeligro

    Hardly a world beater, scoring 8 in the Spanish league isn’t a big thing.

  • mrkgw

    Not too fussed over this one though, admittedly I havent seen nor heard of him. Would much prefer that we spent cash on bringing in Charlie Austin.

  • NottsToon

    People saying not bothered eh? Let’s do the favoured thing and “wait and see” what presents Uncle Mike delivers before we know how bothered we are.
    I have a feeling we might be seriously bothered shortly.

  • jack1x

    Bye Juanmi , another supposed target gone .more dithering , more penny pinching

  • SGM

    Do we need another dwarf?

  • tino o

    I think we’ve been here before nothing changes same transfer procedure with little intention of signing unless it’s cheap another long uninspiring season ahead I think

  • NottsToon

    Hmmmm…. Good point. Let me just call Messi, Maradona, Romario and Beardsley to check.

  • GToon

    What us folks need to keep in mind is who on earth would want to join NUFC? We are a dreadful club, owned by a dreadful individual with a moronic outlook on how to run a club. The only positive are the fans and even we have had enough this year. The tide is starting to turn against Mr Greedy and his mates. What amazes me is that he still doesn’t know how to package this particular product. I would like to think he views SJP as something more than a shop with an everything must go sign on it but since his little speech we have only seen people leaving apart from 6 months late appointment of a manager.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Whilst he is relatively unheard of and diminutive and may not be a big loss what bugs me is the word “interest”, while NUFC seem to always be considering, linked with or interested in other “big” clubs (Swansea, Soton etc.) go out and act

  • ArtyH

    NottsToon So would you prefer more likr Goofy or Chucky? Just saying never heard of the lad so not that bothered, but the likes of Austin et all who we are supposed to be interested in, does concern me as it showes commitment and the state of the clubs ambition not to mention backing up an implied promise to invest. Well I think we all know the ending to this story and its not good.  Same old same old, nothing changes.

  • NottsToon

    ArtyH NottsToon Yeh, not sure you got the point, and I don’t think I said or even implied that did I?

    Just wondering where this fantastic football knowledge to be “not bothered” comes from, especially being as Southampton have done quite well to spot good players that none of us had ever heard of either. 

    Amazingly I think some folks are actually expecting us to sign Austin, Berahino, Carrol and the Dutch fella. People just never seem to learn…

  • Willvenus1

    Let’s face it, we are totally uninspired by everything Charnley does so what hope do we have of any credible players falling for his patter and negotiation skills.

  • snodgrass2

    What amazes me is that we all get so excited and uptight about these names. Ashley and NUFC make no comments to ANYONE be it Parliamentary Committees, the City or anyone else. So where do the papers get these transfer names from? No one at NUFC is allowed to speak to the press let alone pass reliable information to them. May I suggest we all chill out prepare for the worst  and expect nothing ‘cos that’s what we are going to get. History has a habit of repeating itself.

  • DownUnderMag

    Do we honestly think we will or need to sign every player we are linked with in the tabloid press?  And are we really so naive to get huffy when a player we were tenuously linked with signs for another club?

    It’s worrying we are signing no-one, but i’m not going to lose sleep over us not signing every player that joins another team…

  • Happyharrys2011

    Although it is a bit scary that we haven’t signed anyone yet. Who linked us with this player, and where did that info come from?
    Every time someone that a random rag has linked us with signs elsewhere it, seems to be a big thing they have gone elsewhere. I hate Jabba and his pack of nodding dogs. But come on who is this player ? Another no namer from a club where ?

  • kuromori

    NottsToon ArtyH I don’t think many of us had heard of Ayoze Perez before he signed either.