Warm weather has belatedly visited Tyneside, very welcome apart from the fact that it has brought with it high pressure, which is headache-inducing for myself.

Which brings me to Newcastle United, the cause of the vast majority of my non-weather related headaches.

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High pressure has also built up where they are concerned in recent days, weeks, months and indeed years.

However, is the storm about to break and clear my head?

Well the weather will no doubt quickly break and ‘refreshing’ rain return but what about our football club.

I think most supporters have now been reduced to a near comatose state, beaten down by the lack of anything happening as the days and weeks creep by, so their football brains are suspended in time and waiting to be kickstarted again.

The next six days will surely define what will follow on over the course of next season.

There was a suggestion on The Mag recently that put forward a theory that transfers were possibly delayed because Mike Ashley might not want them to be included in the current financial year.

That financial year ends tonight.

The summer transfer window then opens after midnight, 63 days during which registration of players can be moved from one club to another. However, clubs have been able to do deals throughout June regardless, with simply the registration part of the process delayed unti 1 July.

For whatever reason, Newcastle United have not joined the 16 other Premier League clubs who have already signed close on 40 players already, with the likes of Liverpool and Bournemouth bringing in six each.

The reality is that these coming days must see a real buzz of activity, Newcastle United breaking cover and announcing the first signings of the summer transfer window.

Failure to do so will see Newcastle United club officials meeting supporters at the latest Fans Forum on the evening of Monday 6 July with basically nothing to tell them.

Vague assurances of transfer activity in the background will surely not cut it, the club would come out of that meeting looking ridiculous.

There must be some logic to the club belatedly agreeing to this Fans Forum meeting on this particular date. There must be the intention from Mike Ashley to do business by then, or else everything is really lost.

With news breaking yesterday that there had been a significant failure of fans to take up season tickets so far, we have a club that is on the edge of imploding. The vast majority of those who are committed to next season being in that position because of the direct debit long-term season ticket offers, which have to be cancelled midway through the season. Exactly how many of those supporters are looking forward to the new season?

Pre season training also starts tomorrow, followed by the first friendly at Gateshead a week on Friday and then the squad are off to America that weekend.

The thought that we could still be having these same conversations by the time that plane takes off, are just too depressing to contemplate, though we know from experience it’s more than possible.

summer transfer window

If the core of the plan is simply for Steve McClaren and his coaches to get more out of the existing players, then just how badly are we tottering on the edge of disaster?

Relying on Siem de Jong and Rolando Aarons staying fit and proving themselves good enough for the Premier League, is not a plan.

Neither is turning Obertan, Marveaux, Williamson, Taylor, Riviere, Anita, Ameobi, Elliot, Haidara, Dummett, Gouffran, Cabella into players good enough to finish in the top half of the table with.

Swansea and Southampton look to be making a habit of bringing in talented people to manage their clubs, but they are only able to do that, with the help of realistic investment in the transfer market.

There is no magic answer without being able to bring in better players than Newcastle United have at this moment in time.

McClaren might well be a decent coach but he didn’t make his name at Manchester United, helping Sir Alex Ferguson to win trophies, with poor to average players.

At Middlesbrough he was massively backed by Steve Gibson to bring them relative success, whilst at FC Twente he was also backed to bring the Dutch title to the club.

Whereas stuck with the same old England players he didn’t exactly improve the situation there, did he?

The new Newcastle Head Coach needs time, money and patience.

Time is rapidly ebbing away with only five and a half weeks left until the Premier League kicks off and not a penny has been spent yet.

All you have is the patience of the supporters which is wearing thinner by the day.

  • lameduck9

    You make some very good points and I echo your thoughts & fears, however as most fans agree, a large proportion of our current squad are simply not good enough yet it is not simply a matter of getting new players .  The procrastination in the transfer activity is also borne from the need  to off load those who (as you name) will never reach an acceptable standard. This isn’t a matter of selling to raise funds but selling to reduce wages paid to previous purchases who have failed to deliver.  Of course, now that many have tasted Prem wages they (and their agents) are not going to accept moves to clubs who will pay them much less and so we are left hamstrung with the failings of previous transfers.

    I’d like to think there was a master plan to release players who will never ‘cut it’ and write off any final payment, just to free up space & wages but I’d rather suggest that McClaren will be asked to fashion a silk purse from the sows ears of yester-year.

  • MilitantGeordie

    The fans forum will be cancelled because they will know going into that meeting without any signings in the bag will rile up and anger the fans and they will be on for a hiding to nothing. Our transfers coming in will be totally dependant on player sales as usual but we’ll all have to forget about the Mbiwa, Santon and Pardew money ( yes he even made a profit selling our manager), also Ben Arfa, Gutierrez and Taylor off the wages will be expected to be forgotten and none of them will be replaced.
    I tell you what though i am totally and utterly fed up and pissed off with feeling so angry and cynical about my football club. I cannot think of another sports club anywhere in the world that has an owner who treats the fans with such contempt and the only owner in the world that does not want the club to grow and compete for honours.
     Think back before Ashley about how other fans would see us Geordies. The words ‘ mad’ ‘ passionate’ ‘ loyal’ and ‘ loud ‘ would be used regularly. And now?
    ‘ cheap’ ‘ deluded’ ‘ laughing stock’ ‘ whingers’ ‘ fickle’ 
    For the first time in my life i’m ashamed of my club and unless there’s a splurge of quality signings before the season starts i’m going to do something i never dreamed i would do.. I’m going to bang some money down in the bookies on Newcastle to get relegated.

  • Willvenus1

    “The club would come out of that meeting looking ridiculous”. If the meeting goes ahead, and it’s a big if, the club are going into the meeting looking ridiculous. So what’s new??

  • NME85

    Totally and utterly delusional. NOBODY is coming.Anyone with any sense can see that a mile off. Fatty is lying to everyone yet again. Keep drinking the kool-aid buddy I’m afraid.

  • zemtex

    We have until the last day of the transfer window for the club to turn around. Don’t get these arbitrary deadlines – there was an article on here last week saying if we didn’t sign anyone in a week  we were DOOMED. It doesn’t matter if we sign them tomorrow or on deadline day, as long as they come. If they don’t come… then we are f*cked.

  • Chemical Dave

    Divnt understand these articles bemoaning the lack of signings. He’ll sign some players because he knows he has to, none if those incoming will be signed because it will benefit nufc but because it will benefit SD. He will take a punt on the usual rag tag bunch of out of contract players and those he hopes to make a profit on. Easy to come to this conclusion as that’s what he’s always done and and if he’s still here in five years that’s what he’ll still be doing and the same fans will still be saying “give it time” etc.

  • LeazesEnder

    Chemical Dave Of course players will be coming in….  the filtering system that operates through the leagues, means that the best players are looking for the best clubs and the best deals….

    …. its not our turn to choose from the remainder yet….  thats the remainder who have given up hope and ambition… 

    Third drawer players….. bigged up by the Chronicle boys will sell a few more season tickets

  • lupamac

    LeazesEnder Chemical Dave

  • Andgeo

    “It’s is the embarrassment, humiliation and pain of having your football club destroyed by the lies, deceit and greed of one clueless fool who knows absolutely nothing about running a football club. Thank you Mike Ashley”

  • Andgeo

    And mike Williamson was playing hopscotch with the lasses!

  • Andgeo

    There is already massive savings off the wage bill and he has pocketed money in the transfer market too. He should be set for another £50m profit this season at which point he will pay himself off and put the club up for sale. Asset stripped! The new owner will have to completely rebuild the club from top to bottom.

  • Andgeo

    It’s basically a case of cost cutting year on year until it would need investment to avoid certain relegation, at which point he will sell. It’s a question of how long he can get away with it, or how long we will let him!

  • Tadger

    Had to laugh really as Wolfsburg did a Charnley in the other direction, Bas is worth say 12 mill we offer 7 so they say 25 or so. I expect the same will happen with all of the targets so not much hope really. Just shows an accountant is running the show coupled with no ambition will we see risk taking and acting on the turn to get who we WANT and NEED so man the pumps the ship may be sinking around December

  • Jarra MIck

    Well said militant but do you have any faith in those people that the club have hand picked to make up the fans forum to actually make a fuss. They are so grateful for the opportunity to sit with Charnley and Bobby concur that they will just nod their heads when they are told to. Lickspittles the lot of them.

  • lameduck9

    Jarra MIck  I agree – what we need to do is to organise one true fans body, set with a proper constitution and rules of membership.  From this we can then present the club with an elected body of representatives that real fans have chosen and not some gerrymandered group of nodding dogs and see if they will agree to meet us. Of course, a true representation can meet with whomever they want; press bodies, council members, trade leaders, past players etc, who together can have their voices heard and discuss the future of NUFC for the whole city;  they won’t be beholden to the fake charity bestowed on them by Charnley et al.

    This fans body representation should have articulate people to speak & offer argument, not just a group of ‘Ashley Out’ protesters tho it is exactly them that should help form the core and direction.  The club expect small groups of banner waving, pseudo-olitical chanting ‘fans’ but with a more formal and. dare I say business-like body, we will circumvent their company speak ideals and play them at their own game. Only then will NUFC fans have a credible voice that UK & world press will recognise and not just label us as ‘whingers’ ‘ fickle’ ‘deluded’ or ‘cheap’.