As I have mentioned previously, we have had family season tickets a long time, relatively anyway, more than 20 years.

They are in the best position in the stadium, not Platinum Club or Bar 1892 or anything overly expensive like that, and as such I am reluctant to give them up.

The main reason for this is my Mam.

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Her Grandad won the FA cup (admittedly not with Newcastle United) and she is mad keen on football, a Newcastle fan through and through despite her family ties.

She absolutely loves coming into town to meet me and head to the match, she just wants to watch some football and spend time with her son, she is also a pensioner.  For her, deciding to renew her season ticket was a hard choice, they are expensive and we haven’t exactly enjoyed the football of late, but it’s a day out and time with me that make it worthwhile for her.

So, after much gnashing of teeth, she sent off her form to renew her pensioner ticket.

A few days later, she received a telephone call from the NUFC box office to tell her that there had been a misprint and her season ticket would be another £100 thank you very much.

If it had been me on the phone I would have given them hell, it’s appalling to print one price on a form and then charge another.  She isn’t me though and was basically bullied into coughing up.

It’s another example of poor customer service from NUFC.  A good company would have apologised and kept the price as was printed, then given the person responsible for making the mistake a good bollocking.

A really good company who recognise an opportunity, would have given a full refund AND the season ticket, which would have brought about some great publicity and I would be writing an article about the good nature of the club and how we should give them credit for recognising their mistakes.

As it is, they have just added to their poor image.

Has anybody else had this problem?

Do you think NUFC did the right thing?

What would you do?

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  • toon tony

    If you’re happy to pay anything into fattys pocket then why complain about another £100.

  • RexN

    Save the money and take her out for lunch on a few Saturdays, either that or keep feeding a parasitic club owner who has dumped on your, your friends and family for the last 8 years. What’s the dilemma?

  • North East corner

    Just bought a carpet yesterday for the spare bedroom the displayed price £6-99 sq. m. After placing the order the salesman informed us that that carpet was actually listed on the computer as £8-99 sq. m. Without any haggling he gave us the carpet at the cheaper displayed price. If NUFC insist on treating us as customers instead of supporters they should honour the printed price. As Mick57 states it may be infringing your consumer rights. In any case £100 to improve your customer relations is chicken feed to this lot. What a sad state OUR club is in

  • NottsToon

    In all seriousness, I can see that the Saturday match is a highlight for you and your family so why not go support Gateshead instead. Get in touch with some real local football rather than feeding Fattys advertising machine.

  • PaulNewsome

    If the mistake wasn’t “clear” ie like someone selling a new Ferrari for £1500 instead of £150,000 or whatever, you might have a claim for a refund. Get in touch with your local trading standards office for advice. If a few people have experienced it and it seems like it could be systematic, that would be very bad.

  • Andgeo

    Let’s just say for example once a week for the past 30 years you have been going to the same fish and chip shop. Over the years the ownership of the ‘chippy’ had changed from time to time, and there have been times when you have tried other chippies but they are just not the same! Anyway over the past 8 years you have noticed the quality of the fish and chips getting steadily worse, the portions are getting smaller, the batters very greasy and there are lots of black bits on the chips. What makes it worse is that despite your continuous expressions of dissatisfaction the owner simply could not care less and just doesn’t listen, and every one at work thinks your stupid coz you still keep going even though it is making you physically sick.
    What would you do???
    Just don’t renew!!

  • snodgrass2

    North East corner He had too. The law says shop must stand by the price displayed. Surely same rule applies if your mum received a written price otherwise every retailer/ supplier could charge anything they like.

  • gazchampion

    I’d tell ’em where to shove it… not that I’d  buy/renew anyway!

  • snodgrass2

    Have you noticed he’s left the board now. This is so he can wipe his hands and say “nothing to do with me”” when nothing changes at the club over the coming months

  • rednoc07

    Hang fire peeps,cheery pick your games

  • rednoc07

    Waxing lyrical

  • rednoc07

    Fatty arbucle

  • rednoc07

    Ashwyp dos’nt need punters, sky dosh is the limit

  • v0ices

    rednoc07 of course he does why else come out with statements for the gulable the rubbish some people say to justify torturing themselves with shite football on display and to help ashley destroy the club is incredible.

  • Michael Teasdale

    Do not renew.
    Not because of this but because it’s the only way to get rid of the parasite that is killing NUFC.

  • Andgeo

    Why would anybody want to waste all of that money? How many games last season were actually worth it? I would say 1 and a half games, being the final game and the second half against arsenal. But is that worth throwing away hundreds of pounds and sitting through 26 hours of completely disgraceful football? The answer is NO do not renew your season ticket. Go on a game by game basis and find something better to do with your money. For example you could use it towards an extra fortnight all inclusive family holiday abroad, surely you could have more fun using the money like that than sitting through game after game of mike Ashley’s crap. If you can’t find a better way to use that money, then that really is a shame. Wake up!!!!

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Gave mine up 3 yrs ago i wont be going anytime soon under this Rabble

  • Jezza_NUFC

    I would have reported them to trading standards. It is illegal to advertise a product at one price then charge a higher price when a customer makes a purchase. Absolutely typical of Ashley all the same. Absolute disgrace.

  • ilullissat

    Until fans stop going in huge numbers nothing will change.Its in the hands of the fans now what happens at this football club.Its no good looking at what your mate or friend is doing,the fans need to take their own individual position and if that position is to go,come what may,then then fans become part of the problem

  • ilullissat

    When I went in the 60s,70s and 80s everyone that I went with paid on the turnstile.Nobody I knew had a season ticket

  • ilullissat

    If someone punched you in the face and you went back to be punched again and again you are a sado-masochist and would probably be certified.So why do fans continuosly do it by turning.If you want change YOU need to change

  • Deltic13

    I’m unsure if these fans who turn a blind eye to Ashleys regime and the fans who continue to turn up yet complain are gullible or just f*cking thick.
    Or both…….

  • geordie4567

    Of course he does, if nobody went to the match that would totally wipe out the clubs profits

  • prestondave

    Youve already answered your own question throughout your blog. Dont renew unless you enjoy being treat like a mug.

  • ilullissat

    I bet the tickets were printed in a Chinese sweatshop with a price on,to be changed when the go up for sale,like on the Tv exposee about SD,but instead of discounting the ticket price,hes increased it

  • grahame49

    Ive got my season ticket for next season,as in the 70s 80s 90s and 00s the people who know and have known me guestion my sanity to be polite. Ive been at St James park with less than 10000 and if that is in Newcastle’s future I’ll still go. So for all of you who abuse fans who go, continue and fire away,

  • gazchampion

    ilullissat Agree mate, the Toon Army, as a means of objection, need to do something ‘en mass’ and refuse in their tens of thousands to pay for this 5h1te that’s being served up at SJP!
    Unfortunately, I can’t see a massive fans revolution at SJP because so many will just go, just because they’ve always done it! 

    You can see Ashley just rubbin’ his hands…. money, luvly jubbly!
    Massive revolution by the Toon Army is the ONLY way we will get rid  of him!

  • Fozzyworld

    Two things. Firstly I agree with Jezza. Get some legal advice re the trading standards issue. Could be a great way to get them negative publicity. Secondly do what your mother wants. She’s far more important than all of these Barrack Room Lawyers. You might combine the two tell the press what they have done to her there will probably be a good story in it for them then the club might have a re-think.

  • prestondave

    grahame49 You go and enjoy it . Not sure why you invited people to have a go at you for going though.?

  • Phildene

    He still owns the place so has everything to do with him irrespective of not being on the board-think he was only on the board a year or so anyway.

  • grahame49

    Ive got abuse on here before,

  • prestondave

    grahame49 Think you missed my point. Im with the Boycott brigade but why antagonise people by inviting them to abuse you ?