Welcome to our daily rubbish Newcastle transfer news service, featuring all the players Newcastle United are ‘buying'(including proposed loan deals) this summer.

We will update you each day and try to keep you abreast of all these exciting transfers that aren’t going to happen (as well as the handful that hopefully will…).

We have trawled back throughthe media reports of recent weeks and ‘only’ came up with 60 players Newcastle United are supposedly interested in.

With 75 days until the transfer window closes, here are the 60 different players Newcastle have so far been linked with.

To try and keep some kind of order, the players are listed in alphabetical order by surname, then first/other names, the club they are/were at when Newcastle were linked with them, then finally the club they have ended up signing for (if any).

Please let us know of any that we have missed out as we go along and especially if you notice if any on the list actually sign for a club and we haven’t added that information.

‘Happy’ reading:

Abdennour Aymen (Monaco) Defender

Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick (Borussia Dortmund) Striker

Austin Charlie (QPR) Striker

Ayew Andre (Marseille) Winger ***SIGNED FOR SWANSEA 10 JUNE

Bacca Carlos (Sevilla) Striker

Ba Demba (Besiktas) Striker

Bamford Patrick (Chelsea) Striker

Beck Andreas (Hoffenheim) Defender

Berahino Saido (West Brom) Striker

Berisha Veton (Viking) Striker

Bolasie Yannick (Crystal Palace) Winger

Byram Sam (Leeds) Defender

Cabaye Yohan (PSG) Midfielder

Carroll Andy (West Ham) Striker

Chester James (Hull) Defender

Cissako Yarouba (Monaco) Defender

Cleverley Tom(Manchester United) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR EVERTON 5 JUNE

Concha David (Racing Santander) Winger

Cousins Jordan (Charlton) Midfielder

Deeney Troy (Watford) Striker

Denayer Jason (Manchester City) Defender

Dost Bas (Wolfsburg) Striker

Dunk Lewis (Brighton) Defender

Elmohamady Ahmed (Hull) Winger

Fer Leroy (QPR) Midfielder

Fox Morgan (Charlton) Defender

Furlong Darnell (QPR) Defender

Gameiro Kevin (Sevilla) Striker

Gignac Andre-Pierre (Marseille) Striker ***SIGNED FOR TIGRES UANL 18 JUNE

Ginnelly Josh (Shrewsbury) Winger

Gomez Joe (Charlton) Defender

Heaton Tom (Burnley) Goalkeeper

Hernandez Abel (Hull) Striker

Hughes Will (Derby) Midfielder

Ighalo Odion (Watford) Striker

Ince Tom (Hull) Winger

Ings Danny (Burnley) Striker ***SIGNED FOR LIVERPOOL 8 JUNE

Juanmi (Malaga) Striker ***SIGNED FOR SOUTHAMPTON 17 JUNE

Konate Moussa (FC Sion) Striker

Lingard Jesse (Manchester United) Midfielder

Mbemba Chancel (Anderlecht) Defender

McClean James (Wigan) Winger

Mings Tyrone (Ipswich) Defender

Mitrovic Aleksandar (Anderlecht) Striker

N’Doye Dame (Hull) Striker

Promes Quincy (Spartak Moscow) Winger

Ramirez Sandro (Barcelona) Striker

Remy Loic (Chelsea) Striker

Richards Micah (Manchester City) ***SIGNED FOR ASTON VILLA 17 JUNE

Rhodes Jordan (Blackburn) Striker

Sakho Diafra (West Ham) Striker

Sam Sidney (Shalke) Striker

Sanson Morgan (Montpellier) Midfielder

Schar Fabian (Basel) Defender

Sepe Luigi (Napoli) Goalkeeper

Thauvin Florian (Marseille) Winger

Van Ginkel Marco (Chelsea) Midfielder

Wass Daniel (Evian) Midfielder

Wijnaldum Georginio (PSV) Midfielder

Wilson James (Manchester United) Striker

  • LeazesEnder

    Zenden, Boudewijn …. Coach?

    This is the way that Players agents advertise their availability…..and Newspapers fill otherwise empty pages during the summer… rather too readily if you ask me!

    People lap it up….. and get disappointed….. especially at the clubs who have no ambition, when you see lesser mortals, those well down the list holding a shirt for the camera.

    Still the Chronicle can always manage to say its a ‘Coup’ for the club, and that bloke you’ve never heard of is really a £12 million pound acquisition…. they don’t tell you how they arrive at the figure by adding in the wages for the next five years and the agents fee too.

    Douglas Hall always gets his man the Chronicle used to shout…. He also got us Charnley and Ashley.

    75 days to go me hearties!

  • NotFatFreddy

    Have decided on a budget for my son’s sweets though he was hoping for a mega budget to buy ‘aztecs’, ‘spangles’ ‘opal fruits’ and ‘marathons’ and ‘Walls Heart’ lollies.  It will be 25p.

    He is of course devastated, but apparently there are a lot of ‘penny’ bargains still to be had.  I am of course still living in the early 70’s.  How did we ever buy ‘Super Mac’ and break the transfer record.  Having just watched him play in the friendly against Benfica I am excited about the Liverpool home game and dreamt he’ll score a hatrick.

    2015 we are owned by a billionaire but have no chance of ever breaking any transfer record. All the premiership clubs have money this season, so whatever our budget, it will still be the same as Villa and Swansea and Palace, and less than WHU etc.  So there you go, NUFC are further adrift of the top clubs than we were in the early 70’s when we usually finished around 12th and won 3 away games!  But at least Mr McLaren has some idea about the penny bargains in the championship, maybe he might find one that will become a gem rather than some average dud Johnny foreigner.  The problem with the Premiership now is that even the small clubs have money to spend, and some of them are in LONDON or on the south coast-nice for Johnny Foreigner,

  • mrkgw

    I think the key for Charnley was to move swiftly in order to instil supporter confidence. He has thus far, failed to deliver that and as a result, confidence is dipping further. Ashley speaking to us helped, as did that result against West Ham. We had optimism for the first time in ages. But is would seem, that its more of the same with the club bartering to save cash leaving the Swanseas of the world to steal in. Shocking.

  • mrkgw

    Your penultimate line is key – the Halls sold us out and down the river.

  • Jimmywayhay

    The longer they dally the price will go up for average panic buys ,but who would want to come if they are only one star name signed ?

  • 1957

    I suspect that the Chronicle are responsible for most of that list. Everyday they report that their ‘sources’ have told them NUFC are interested/in contact with/negotiating with some player, agent or club. They clearly work on the assumption that If they put enough names out there someone on the list will sign an they can splash the “we told you first headline”. By printing this unsubstantiated drivel they are as guilty as the club in terms of misleading supporters and should be treated with the same contempt.
    In simple terms don’t believe any transfer rumours until you see the picture/video of the player signing his contract.
    I might be wrong but did James McClean thankfully move clubs this week.

  • SGM

    You cant really blame NUFC for implementing a “Preferred media” policy now, Can you?

  • toonterrier

    NotFatFreddy When the fat man opens his new stores you’ll be able to get spangles and opal fruits made in Thailand. Obviously they will be rubbish but tell your son that now he’s getting older his taste buds are changing but the sweets like the football club are out of this world.

  • Barnesay

    Ironically it was the Halls and Shepherds who sold us down the river having creamed millions from the club down the years. The next bloke in has taken nowt out of the club and gets all the grief. Having a lifetime in commercial finance I see the irony here, though as a fan I wish they’d hurry up and get some new blood in and stop counting the pennies. If we really want £10m for Cisse then we should just cough up the £12m for Austin or at least sweeten it with a couple of younsters thrown on loan or better still Wiliamson as part ex

  • toonterrier

    So nothing has changed over the last few years. Its called time wasting with the main purpose of keeping the supporters in the dark and then like previous seasons we will bring in the cast offs rejects and the cheapies then our new man will come out and say how happy he is with the squad and will be pushing for a place in Europe and he would lie to thank Mr Ashley for being so generous with his money.  We’re doomed .

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM You can’t seem to find a reason to blame them for anything.

    ‘Preferred’ simply means those willing to pay and sign a contract to that effect. Ashley all over.,

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Barnesay Took nothing out? Every penny he has spent here has been transferred to a Club debt! 

    8 years of wall to wall worldwide advertising. A retail deal which God only knows how bad that is for Club revenue. 25 million in net profit on player sales during his ownership – yet we only ever spend ‘what we earn’.

    That’s the bloody irony, pal.

  • keeganRescueUs

    When referring to media reports regarding our transfer war chest bring only 25 million, rightly a lot of fans up in arms, then arguments ensued about the validity of the story (daily Mail apparently) . One idiot on here actually wrote that no journalist would run a story he didn’t believe to be true. Move that theory to transfer rumours and there shouldn’t be a sports journalist left in employment as virtually no transfer rumour ever comes to fruition. I know the Internet is a morons charter but for crying out loud if you’re so thick that you’re argument would hold less water than a thimble, please stop writing!!?

  • Demented_Man

    This was the list I was planning to do but didn’t because:
    1. I couldn’t be bothered;
    2. It’s too depressing anyway.
    The number of non-transfers will end up well into three figures.
    The interesting question is who exactly is doing the linking?

  • RaySte

    keeganRescueUs  So to use your example of transfer rumours, I’d expect TheMag to report the credible ones (Dost, Austin etc.) that are reported by other reputable sources, but I think it would stupid to post an article on us signing Messi because some bloke at the bus stop says we will. Is it really that idiotic to expect such basic standards of journalism?

  • v0ices

    Sickandtiredstill Barnesay dont forget assets such as land stripped from the club and passed to mash holdings.

  • TonnekToon

    You forgot Uncle Tom Cobbley , Graham . But the the wages he’s asking for are probably too high.

  • DZA187

    If we had signed the players all listed above, we would have a very strong squad to finish in the top 6 each season and good cup runs lol.

  • PeterS84

    Enough of the rumors, lets just have fact. The fact is we have no backroom staff in place although it was meant to be done by last Monday, the fact is we haven’t bought a single player and pre-season is getting closer each day. The fact is the squad wasn’t strong enough last season and its only been made weaker by releasing Jonas and Taylor. The fact is whilst Ashley owns the club we will only go backwards

  • Barnesay

    Weren’t you just moaning about the commercial revenue the club have been throwing away? Ironic eh?