Welcome to our daily rubbish Newcastle transfer news service, featuring all the players NUFC are ‘buying’ (including proposed loan deals) this summer.

We will update each day and try to keep you abreast of all these exciting transfers that aren’t going to happen (as well as the handful that hopefully will…).

Yesterday (Sunday) the running total moved up to 79 targets with 65 days remaining and now today it is 64 days left to go but still stuck on 79 transfer targets (Only 2 days until pre season begins and 11 days until the first friendly).

For the first time in living memory there are no new players who have had their names linked with Newcastle, the final insult – the media can’t even be bothered to make up a new transfer story involving NUFC!

I have looked everywhere today and all I found was regurgitated transfer tittle tattle from the previous days, weeks and months.

Amongst the alleged transfer targets today were old favourites Andy Carroll, Bas Dost, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Stewart Downing, Aymen Abdennour, Jesse Lingard and Charlie Austin.

Better luck tomorrow….

To try and keep some kind of order, the players are listed in alphabetical order by surname, then first/other names, the club they are/were at when Newcastle were linked with them, then finally the club they have ended up signing for (if any).

Please let us know of any that we have missed out as we go along and especially if you notice if any on the list actually sign for a club and we haven’t added that information.

Abdennour Aymen (Monaco) Defender

Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick (Borussia Dortmund) Striker

Austin Charlie (QPR) Striker

Ayew Andre (Marseille) Winger ***SIGNED FOR SWANSEA 10 JUNE

Bacca Carlos (Sevilla) Striker

Ba Demba (Besiktas) Striker

Bamford Patrick (Chelsea) Striker

Beck Andreas (Hoffenheim) Defender


Berahino Saido (West Brom) Striker

Berisha Veton (Viking) Striker

Bolasie Yannick (Crystal Palace) Winger

Byram Sam (Leeds) Defender

Cabaye Yohan (PSG) Midfielder

Carroll Andy (West Ham) Striker

newcastle transfer news

Chester James (Hull) Defender

Cissako Yarouba (Monaco) Defender

Cleverley Tom(Manchester United) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR EVERTON 5 JUNE

Cole Ashley (AS Roma) Defender

Concha David (Racing Santander) Winger

Cousins Jordan (Charlton) Midfielder

Dawson Craig (West Brom) Defender

Deeney Troy (Watford) Striker

Denayer Jason (Manchester City) Defender

Dost Bas (Wolfsburg) Striker

Downing Stewart (West Ham) Winger

Dunk Lewis (Brighton) Defender

Elmohamady Ahmed (Hull) Winger

Fer Leroy (QPR) Midfielder

newcastle transfer news

Fox Morgan (Charlton) Defender

Furlong Darnell (QPR) Defender

Gameiro Kevin (Sevilla) Striker

Gignac Andre-Pierre (Marseille) Striker ***SIGNED FOR TIGRES UANL 18 JUNE

Ginnelly Josh (Shrewsbury) Winger

Gomez Joe (Charlton) Defender ***SIGNED FOR LIVERPOOL 20 JUNE

Heaton Tom (Burnley) Goalkeeper

Hernandez Abel (Hull) Striker

Hughes Will (Derby) Midfielder

Ighalo Odion (Watford) Striker

Ince Tom (Hull) Winger

Ings Danny (Burnley) Striker ***SIGNED FOR LIVERPOOL 8 JUNE

Juanmi (Malaga) Striker ***SIGNED FOR SOUTHAMPTON 17 JUNE

Kante Ngolo (Caen) Midfielder

Keogh Richard (Derby) Defender

Konate Moussa (FC Sion) Striker

Konoplyanka Yehven (Dnipro) Winger

Krejci Ladislav (Sparta Prague) Winger

Lambert Rickie (Liverpool) Striker

Lingard Jesse (Manchester United) Midfielder

Matip Joel (Schalke) Defender

Mbemba Chancel (Anderlecht) Defender

McClean James (Wigan) Winger ***SIGNED FOR WEST BROM 22 JUNE

Mere Jorge (Sporting Gijon) Defender

Mings Tyrone (Ipswich) Defender ***SIGNED FOR BOURNEMOUTH 26 JUNE

Mitrovic Aleksandar (Anderlecht) Striker

N’Doye Dame (Hull) Striker

Pato Alexandre (Sao Paolo) Striker

Payet Dimitri (Marseille) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR WEST HAM 26 JUNE

Pedranza Alfonso (Villarreal) Winger

Promes Quincy (Spartak Moscow) Winger

Ramirez Sandro (Barcelona) Striker

Remy Loic (Chelsea) Striker

Richards Micah (Manchester City) ***SIGNED FOR ASTON VILLA 17 JUNE

Rhodes Jordan (Blackburn) Striker

Rolan Diego (Bordeaux) Striker

Sakho Diafra (West Ham) Striker

Sako Bakary (Wolves) Winger

Sam Sidney (Shalke) Striker

Sanson Morgan (Montpellier) Midfielder

Schar Fabian (Basel) Defender

Sepe Luigi (Napoli) Goalkeeper

Thauvin Florian (Marseille) Winger

Townsend Andros (Tottenham) Winger

Van Ginkel Marco (Chelsea) Midfielder

Veltman Joel (Ajax) Defender

Wass Daniel (Evian) Midfielder

Wijnaldum Georginio (PSV) Midfielder

Wilson James (Manchester United) Striker

  • Demented_Man

    Closing in on that magic 100.  Don’t spoil it, Newcastle, by actually signing a player.

  • DownUnderMag

    Beginning to think the lack of getting a proper manager in at the end of last season was a cunning ploy to give fatty more breathing room to NOT sign anyone as we needed the coaches sorted first. With how rubbish we were at the end of the season surely we needed a full pre-season with as many new signings as possible with only a few late additions to help us out?  Instead we are likely to be going into the opening game with little to no cohesion, if we get anyone in at all.  
    In typical form we will no doubt sign an injury prone player late on, throw him in with no pre-season and watch as he either flounders because of lack of fitness or just gets crocked and we waste an entire season on him.  Where have we heard this before…

  • Andgeo

    The only way is to get rid of ashley and charnley. There is the common sense approach that every other football club would take and the there is this lot. They will never get it right because they don’t know how to.

  • DownUnderMag

    Andgeo and they won’t appoint & defer to someone with more knowledge because it will involve the priority becoming more football related rather than financial profiteering.

  • prestondave

    Andgeo or dont want to as long as fattys wallet continues to bulge.

  • Porciestreet

    DownUnderMag Andgeo
    And the only reason we now have these four on the board is simply to buy their silence and conformity to the cause. No other possible reason….All yes-men and willing to sell their soul for a bundle of Donnay socks. 
    How the mighty have fallen…………..!   HWTF.

  • TonnekToon

    One thing we know for certain now , Fatty’s shot his bolt. there’s no way he can pull his little end of season stunt again , fool me once etc.  I can’t wait to hear all the excuses .