Rob Lee says that Mike Ashley will sell anything that moves and that the supporters have become used to seeing their best players sold season after season.

The NUFC legend can’t believe the difference that Mike Ashley has wrought compared to when Lee was playing at St James Park – going from signing a long list of quality players, including Alan Shearer, to now be simply seen as a selling club.

Writing on KICCA, Robert Lee thinks Papiss Cisse will be the latest to be sold off if anybody offers the right amount, with the biggest fear being that Mike Ashley will sell him and not replace the only regular goalscorer Newcastle United have.

Supporters having already seen the same happen with Demba Ba and Yohan Cabaye, neither of them having been replaced after 30 months and 18 months respectively.

Rob Lee:

“Newcastle United have gone from being one of the country’s big spending clubs to one that will sell anybody.

“When I was there, we signed star players – like Alan Shearer – now the club doesn’t seem to buy anybody. It’s transformed into one of the Premier League’s selling clubs.”

Newcastle haven’t signed anybody:

“The transfer window has been open for nearly three weeks and they haven’t signed one player. Let’s see what happens over the next sixty odd days.

“However, most Newcastle fans will not be expecting a lot. They’ve become used to watching their best players being sold off and not being replaced.”

rob lee

Papiss Cisse the latest:

 “Cisse is the latest player linked to move away from the club and I am sure he will be sold off if the right offer comes in for him.

“Although it will not be a total disaster if he does go, he is still the one player at the club who can score goals.”

Squad keeps getting weaker:

“The fans’ biggest fear is that Newcastle let Cisse go and then don’t replace him with anyone. That way the club and the squad just keeps getting weaker.

“It’s a real shame because the Newcastle fans really do love their club and they deserve a lot better than they are getting at the moment.”

  • TelBoyTelboy

    And the problem is there does not seem to-be any signings forth coming.

    I fear the 25 million only spend rumor is actually true and Charnley and the so called Board of Moncur and McClaren are just toeing the Ashley line to collect there big bonuses and are trying to get players again on the cheap.

  • 1957

    Nothing new just usual contribution from a Chronicle pundit telling us what supporters have known for the last few seasons.
    Rob however does have experience of someone running the club like this. Shepherd together with Dalglish dismantled Keegan’s team and replaced them with Rush, Barnes and Pearce and after Rob left Shepherd and Souness did the same to Robson’s side when we had the likes of Boumsong and Luque instead.
    The last 20 years at NUFC has been a succession of false dawns, sadly we have now moved into a permanent darkness and the light at the end of the tunnel hasn’t appeared yet.

  • magpiefifer

    Ashley would sell his mother!!!

  • desree

    when most clubs are spending 25m on one player I think anyone who interpreted ashleys politicians speach as a signal of us competing is mental. expect to see a a couple of donkeys to bolt on to the cart.
    at least we appear to be investing in decent coaches though.

  • stepaylor

    Its not ‘their’ club Rob

    And please respond to the tweet from

    What we need is a club that is truely ‘ours’ and a leader such as you and King Alan to get behind it. You can make it happen for us, please help us