Another disgraceful day for Newcastle United as Mike Ashley bans the media from meeting the new manager at the Steve McClaren Press Conference.

Those of you with a few years on the clock will remember the memorable press conferences such as Kevin Keegan stepping from behind a screen to audible gasps of surprise from the massed ranks of the media.

Or Sir Bobby Robson at last returning back home to breathe new life into Newcastle United, the former Barcelona boss quizzed by the various journalists as to how he was going to tackle the huge job in front of him.

Steve McClaren?

He will be meeting Sky Sports and the Daily Mirror, with no doubt a tightly controlled agenda as to what is asked and what is published/televised.

Welcome to the great brave new world promised by Mike Ashley.

Vive La Difference!!!!

With Steve McClaren’s private audience taking place sometime today, this is how other journalists covering Newcastle United have greeted the news.

David Coverdale – North-East Football reporter for The Sun

“Steve McClaren gagged from speaking to any media outlet other than @SkySportsNewsHQ and @DailyMirror – #nufc’s preferred media partners…”

Luke Edwards – The Telegraph

“A little peculiar if #nufc only allowed Steve McClaren to speak to media organisations they deemed to be “friendly” today. Surely not?!”

George Caulkin – The Times

“Hugely disappointing & frustrating that #Nufc shunning opportunity of a fresh start. Disgraceful one paper is agreeing to preferred access.”

Meanwhile….This is what Simon Bird (The Daily Mirror’s North East football reporter) had to say about ‘cosy preferred media partners’ in July 2014:

“Ashley offered “access packages” last season. Wants cosy relationship with preferred media partner to avoid criticism & help Sports Direct.”

  • Belfast Toon

    A leopard can’t change it spots after all ………….. same old, same old ….

  • Consett Mag

    And the local rags? Will they be there? After all, they’ve been well behaved.

  • mrkgw

    Dear me. It just gets worse. How pathetic.

  • LeazesEnder

    The Chronicle were going live for the big event…. I bet that’s put a damper on their party….

  • Robbie1977

    I couldn’t really give a stuff about journalists on Twitter to be honest. All quotes will appear on sky sports website and sky sports news. That’s good enough for me.

  • Steven Faichen

    Well he looks shocked !

  • Demented_Man

    “McClaren’s credibility shot already,” exclaims Adrian Durham on Talk Sport.

  • Alsteads

    Obviously the FCB has done a deal with Sky. Something along the lines of don’t show these little fxxk wit Geordies protesting against my baby sxxt direct and I’ll give you exclusives!! Does anyone actually read the mirror??
    He really is vile

  • North East corner

    Well I hope Steve McClaren and his new coaching staff can bring NUFC supporters some self respect by the performances on the football field during the coming season. Unfortunately the shower we have running the club on the non playing side namely Ashley, Charnley and the PR department will continue to prove an embarrassment to all right thinking toon supporters who hold the good name of football in general dear to their hearts. I really despair of these people who bring the disdain of other football supporters on our club by their mean spirited actions.

  • KevinBrown11

    How to stop a party!! Ashley style, typical of the man,

  • whickhamrobbie

    Just watched the local TV live from S J P what a comical farce only Newcastle and their awful PR could balls this one up. Doomed from the start.

  • Keith Fleming


  • Happyharrys2011 nodding dog!!!!!!! Jabba the hutt!!!!!!!

  • Happyharrys2011

    What a shower of $hit these lot are. He has turned us down about ten times to listen to his smug comments.
    Believe nothing he says either. Just check out what Steve Gibson said about him.
    “If Steve mclaren told me the grass was green, I would go outside and look”
    He is full of $hit just like Jabba!!!!!

  • SGM

    Nothing changes on here either, the quality of the comments in response to the piece above is straight from the primary school playground.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Absolute crap.  Newcastle have put McClaren on the back foot from day one and I’m surprised he agreed to it. Virtually the entire daily press bar the Mirror were barred so I fully expect anything , no matter how small, will be reported in a derogatory way. A$hley & Charnley have only themselves to blame. Shower of numpties.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Looks like all the crawling got them nowhere

  • ilullissat

    There will come a time in the future when people will look back and say”why the fxck did we put up with this clown/idiot running our club.Im sure of that

  • ilullissat

    A NUFC lacky?

  • DownUnderMag

    Ashley’s fear of the media has only come about because of self-inflicted stupid decisions.  This isn’t a major deal, hey released a statement, but it was a perfect opportunity for the club to show the new way forward.  The only reason they could possibly have to not have an open press conference for a new manager appointment is if they don’t want awkward questions about how things have been run, want to avoid unrehearsed responses that may not put the positive spin on things or they have something to hide.

    Let’s not blow things out of proportion before the guy even has a chance to manage his first game, this just represented a chance for the club to show it’s new and improved philosophy…  Judge him on results and the fat mans backing, but let’s not start a witch hunt over reading into anything we can to be negative.

  • v0ices

    ilullissat probably not a sports direct lackey would have said quotes on ashleys website were good enough for him.

  • Dubaiexpat

    Whilst I agree this was an opportunity missed to build bridges I personally couldn’t care less who gets an invite to the party. People even suggesting McClaren shoul’ve said something – like he’s going to be concerned with which journo he’s talking too.

  • LeazesEnder

    A press unveiling where you ban the press
    A fans forum where you ban the fans
    A five course lunch without any food
    A shopping spree without any money
    A piggy bank without any coins
    A mantelpiece made out of chocolate
    A bucket with a hole in it
    A club without a heart

  • SGM

    LeazesEnder  A supporter without any support.

  • anicoll5

    Marcotti more North Korea than North Shields !

  • em_sandy

    Marcotti SachinNakrani NUFCTheMag what? that’s terrible.

  • SeriousWannes

    Marcotti Nothing tops reality. xD

  • timbhoy

    Marcotti Should the “prefered media partners” not have told them to ram it? #solidarity

  • Marcotti

    timbhoy Live by the sword, die by the sword…

  • SpiggyTope

    Marcotti i guess it also means that the Newcastle fan, wanting a non bias report on the previous day’s match, isn’t going to find it easy.

  • jonfor59

    Marcotti Not that are in need of good PR

  • Marcotti

    SpiggyTope Thankfully there are blogs and folks can still watch the games + make up their own minds.

  • GoonerPandit

    Marcotti is Cech Moving to Arsenal? Any other Possible Arsenal signatures?

  • SpiggyTope

    Marcotti sure and consequently Ashley’s bizarre decisions are driving the fan base away from mainstream reporting in support of the club

  • 1_Smart_1

    AdrianCTweets Who cares?

  • AdrianCTweets

    1_Smart_1 Newcastle fans, probably!

  • 1_Smart_1

    AdrianCTweets Nope

  • garside500

    The only people bothered about the media ban are the journalists.  Watching them get themselves all worked up on twitter is actually quite funny.  Maybe this is karma for years of shite peddling and story telling.  Although I’m not particularly happy about Ashley making an arse of himself again and dragging our name through the mud, I’m actually struggling to workout how it affects me in any way, shape or form.

  • AdrianCTweets

    1_Smart_1 The media arguably make a bigger deal out of it, but still not a good sign that they’re attempting to control news about club

  • MrBenBoon

    Marcotti NUFCTheMag I’m sure they don’t really care about the outcome Gabriele

  • kungfumonkeyboy

    Agreed if this was about freedom of the press they would have walked away en-mass when the club started banning people for writing things the club didnt like. The level of self importance the written press have despite their dying media is staggering

  • SimunChrOlsen

    Marcotti I might be naive but can’t help feeling it’s poor by ‘the preferred newspaper partner’ not to boycott. Can’t do journalism anyway

  • AdrianCTweets

    1_Smart_1 Fans should be given enough info to get the full story and make up their own minds. Won’t happen with this type of move

  • Marcotti

    SimunChrOlsen I think the local reporter SimonBird_ got a lot of stick for it. Tough when you’re following orders.

  • 1_Smart_1

    AdrianCTweets If that was the case yes but the media put their own spin on it and twist it to sell papers

  • garside500

    kungfumonkeyboy The only things worth reading really are the opinion pieces by George Caulkin and the True Faith articles by Michael Martin, neither need access to Mike Williamson after a game to continue their good work.  The Chronicle is pathetic from top to bottom and I don’t see that changing if they were granted access to the club.  All the scoops come from Luke Edwards and he’s been banned for years.

  • SimunChrOlsen

    Marcotti SimonBird_ Definitely. Wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. Strange situation all around.

  • Marcotti

    SimunChrOlsen SimonBird_ Don’t know the guy, but know his colleagues in NE (some of whom I know him) respect him a lot. (And, of course…

  • Marcotti

    SimunChrOlsen SimonBird_ …I know Kinnear thinks he’s a c***). Can only guess this was dropped on him by big bosses.

  • SimunChrOlsen

    Marcotti SimonBird_ I wonder what kind of restrictions he’s working under. Do we know?

  • Marcotti

    SimunChrOlsen SimonBird_ No idea. I think he tweeted that there was no “copy approval” + he was free to ask anything.

  • Stavclrk

    Marcotti why don’t all except the chosen 2 simply just publish the results from St James Park?

  • misternerdblack

    Marcotti darn, I didn’t want anyone to know this.. I’m a “preferred media partner”. Secrets out, I guess.

  • Eric_Graffer

    misternerdblack Marcotti hahahahagagagaf

  • Ngbede

    misternerdblack Marcotti LOL! score!