A great article on here yesterday showing that around a third of season tickets unsold – only for claims to follow this morning that there are 3 Newcastle bids already in for players.

Well there’s a coincidence.

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The newspaper breaking this story about Newcastle waiting to hear about these three offers for players is the Chronicle.

By sheer coincidence they have chosen not to follow up on the fans boycotting season tickets story, whereas The Telegraph, The Mail and many others have.

Instead we get the following this morning from our local press (Chronicle):

‘It is understood United have now tabled at least three bids for new players. One of those is for Schalke defender Joel Matip.”

You have to assume that either the journalist (Mark Douglas) is simply making this story up, which I don’t.

Or else, he is being fed this information by the club, which I do.

The question being, what is the point of it. Why put this story out there?

I’m not questioning why the journalist/newspaper would cover the story, if the club tell them a transfer story then it would be daft of them not to use it.

It is more about pondering why Newcastle United would choose to do this.

If they are chasing players then great, just get on and do it and get them signed up. That is the news we want to hear, not what appears to be vague claims that look simply to be trying to placate the growing unrest amongst supporters.

This is the problem when you end up with the shambles of last season, then Mike Ashley going public and claiming the club wouldn’t allow itself to end up in that same position again, then proceed to do nothing visible as yet to help sort the problem, despite there now being only five and a half weeks until the new season.

newcastle bids

If there are great things going on behind the scenes then that’s great.

However, when these stories are planted in the club friendly press it has the opposite affect to what is intended.

Until credible signings start to happen then any rumours pushed by the club are going to be seen as what they are, attempts to deflect from the lack of action and ambition shown by Mike Ashley.

No doubt the story tomorrow will be that there are five Newcastle bids in for players….

  • Porciestreet

    Bids in don’t mean nowt at all. Give the fat thief nothing till he sings the Blaydon Races.

  • prestondave

    Smoke and mirrors. The drama continues and nothing positive happening. Fatty will leave it till the very last minute then panic buy some dross players(s) that would fit ok into a League 1 team. Nothing changes under the sloths rule.

  • LeazesEnder

    Mark Douglas and Lee Ryder aren’t United fans…..  Ryders Chum Luke Edwards was the first to break the story in the ‘Nationals’…. its looking like the Chronicle is becoming a complete irrelevance to both the club and its long suffering fans.

    Its impossible to shame Ryder into speaking up, as he communicates with fans less than Ashley…. completely ignores concerns until its too late….. no wonder he has a permanent posse taking pot shots at every utterance….every day….

  • Porciestreet

    LeazesEnder Aye, at least  gibbo was a proper Black-nWhite. Ido miss the Pink.

  • magpiefifer

    ‘Actions speak louder than words’ and ‘talk is cheap’ both spring to mind – especially with the shower running our club.
    The Chron journos have no credibility where the fans are concerned – they have had so many opportunities to give incisive,damning coverage of the goings-on at Ashley’s circus!
    Nothing changed then!?

  • BartonoftheBrow

    Another Bishop comic story lapped up by the trinity mirror group,have no respect in the EC,Penfold had better get his finger out of his behind or its going to be a poisonous start to the season.
    Tubbs out!! HWTF

  • Hez

    I can’t believe people have actually spent their own money on a season ticket next year. If I had to go just buy the odd ticket, how could you pay to sit through that rubbish every week knowing the ethics and morals of the owner

  • Oldgit

    Nice to see that my sacrifice in not renewing my season ticket is appreciated, although to be fair it was not much to sacrifice with the standard of football I had to watch. I despise the owner and lee charnley. There is not a another club in the premiership that has to put up with the contempt that this club has shown to their supporters . The total lack of communication, the secrecy. The behind closed doors attitude. The proven lies told. The whole club stinks and I for one has chosen not to renew. I previously gave the club the ultimatum of wanting to see some decent players signed by the 5th July or my money will be going on a month long cruise. It’s in their court now. A doubt they will care. A lone voice perhaps but there are others who have not renewed. I salute you.

  • ArtyH

    Unbelievable that so many numpties have renewed! They will never learn, and continue to just suck it up.

  • jack1x

    Only three. ?.lol , of course there’s a link , in the courts it would be termed.as blackmail , I for one won’t be renewing anything. , until I see see at least three top.quality siginings across the line .And as far as great things going on behind the scenes , does that mean the tea urn is being overworked .We will always be kept in the dark that’s the nature of the beast with this regime , Urge all Newcastle supporters not to renew till they see even a modicum of progress and urgency

  • ArtyH

    Just my rule of thumb, dont believe anything you read in the papers or see on $ky sports until its verified by the club. Dont believe any speculation by your mate who claim they know. Its been proved time and again TFCB does his own thing, nothing will change that. When a player is wearing the stripes then you can allow your self to believe he has signed. At this moment in time I still think as supporters we are in for a big disappointment with respect to new signings. History states there may be new players coming through the doors, but the quality will be ordinary or sub standard. I would love to be wrong……..

  • LeazesEnder

    ArtyH …..You’re right……but can we believe board member Bob Moncur….  he wears a nice suit and some sort of hat on his head….. I can’t wait for the next weekly column by Bob….

  • LeazesEnder

    Porciestreet LeazesEnder You could buy the pink outside the ground on the final whistle…. mind they only reported the first half and put the final scores into the late news column at the edge…. it was faster than Rob Lee heading for the exit when it was his turn to buy a round…. and the ink was still wet.

  • ArtyH

    LeazesEnder ArtyH  Sadly no mate, its a shame as he was an icon many moons ago but has been absorbed into the cess pit we now know as OUR club. He is Ashley’s puppet, and like so many others cannot be believed. I think he is so deluded he may even believe what he is saying is true. Sad very sad.

  • KevinBrown11

    Your telling me that two thirds have renewed there ST, how gullible are they, we may well have tabled bids but going on past history well below what their respective clubs want, and that’s the same every summer couldn’t quite get them over the bloody line!!

  • Andgeo

    It doesn’t really matter how many bids you put in for players when mike ashley and co have an unrealistic valuation of players. This has become a bad reputation and has got to the point where the directors of other clubs laugh at our offers.
    They seem to be either bidding for players who don’t want to come or with players that would come are then offering 50% of what the selling club want.
    Even when a fee is not required we are offering less than everyone else on wages.
    Anyone would thing the fat scumbag was hard up!!

  • Andgeo

    The questions are; is it done intentionally to stir up a bit of speculation to sell tickets? Or do they simply not know what they are doing and are completely out of touch with the football world? We might presume the first as someone with that clout surely can’t be that stupid, but all the evidence suggests it is probably the latter. If ashley actually employed the right people to advise him, we might start to move in the right direction. But I’m well past giving him a chance to turn it around. Ashley out, and sued for damages!

  • mactoon

    Andgeo  That is spot on. Remember the Keegan deal for Hypia? it was all arranged by Keegan he told the board (Llambias I think) to do the deal then he got a call from the players agent telling him the deal was off as they had offered almost half of the amount agreed with Keegan. The model is flawed and will lead to the downfall of te club unless they open their eyes

  • ArtyH

    Andgeo  IMHO its both, by his own admission he knows nothing about football, so to have any idea of a players worth he needs advice. When he gets the advice he clearly pays no notice to it and plays his own game and on past performance puts his own bid in, or its put in on his behalf. What is the point of having advisors if you take no notice of their advice? Its an ever decreasing circle which is strangling the club, we need to break free of this tyrannical setup.

  • KevinBrown11

    Totally agree with you, I for one didn’t believe that staged speech he gave, he’s a pathological liar and doesn’t know when he is telling a lie or the truth, the thing is he’s banking on gullible fans to renew ST’s I for one will not be renewing, Ashley out.

  • wor monga

    What story is there about fans boycotting season tickets?…it’s
    nothing more unusual than supporters using some common financial sense, and deciding
    not to commit themselves to shelling out in advance for another full season like
    the last one…

    …most likely the vast majority are just waiting to see what
    signings are made before putting money down…or wanting to see how the team will
    perform under Maclaren…or even just deciding which games they want to attend on
    the day…  

    …Believe it or not that’s how a lot of clubs have to manage
    in this day and age!!!

  • DownUnderMag

    The Chronicle has completely gone to the Ashley camp, they are now nothing more than a PR spokesperson for the rot at the club!
    Having said that, even if the bids are real, as we’ve seen in the past there is a big difference between BIDDING and meeting the player or the clubs expectations.  No doubt we will be hearing shortly how the clubs hiked the price, had unrealistic expectations or the players agent got greedy and strung them along to wait for other clubs to show an interest.  I don’t want to hear about bidding for players, I want to hear about us SIGNING players.

  • mactoon

    wor monga  Clubs usually state around a 6% drop in season ticket sales at the time of writing. NUFC has a 30% fall. Do the math

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    So, No Sergio Ramos then ?

  • wor monga

    mactoon       Not necessary to do any maths…

    …supporters are deciding not to
    pay out for a full season in advance, and are waiting to see what happens in
    the transfer window before they commit their hard earned cash…

    …that’s not a
    boycott…it’s simply a case of using good financial sense, before deciding which
    way they will attend games this season!!.

  • JohnyH

    I don’t care who they sign now, I’m not going back till the FCB is gone.
    I don’t believe any of this crap anyway, they’ve been waiting for someone to come in for Sissoko, Krull and Perez. Then they’d give us a load of guff about them wanting away.
    So without the self financing transfer kitty, McClaren can’t bring players in.
    It’s a f…….g joke.

  • magpie9

    They could have bid for Messi & all the Barcelona team but their chances are the same for getting any bid for a quality player accepted, ZERO! No team will accept half price for players & no players will play for peanuts

  • Alsteads

    KevinBrown11 Your right fella. I can’t believe they have managed to sell that amount. Still plenty go mugs that will go though so we’ll have another season where the club is torn in two with no soul. We have to be favourites to go down surely??

  • Jezza_NUFC

    JohnyH  Spot on.

  • CraigMoore

    DownUnderMag “they are now nothing more than a PR spokesperson for the rot at the club!”
    Well of course; they were allowed back in. It’s very interesting seeing how they swing from anti-Ashley to pro-Ashley depending entirely on whether or not they’re allowed in SJP or not.
    Or maybe they just got sick and paid the presser entrance fee…

  • CraigMoore

    wor monga mactoon I think you’ll find that not renewing (twice extended, remember) absolutely can be considered a boycott. For some reason, I don’t think people are really all that interested in throwing away their years of loyalty points to “wait and see”.

  • Jarra MIck

    Apparently fatty has bought the rights to blaydon races and has banned every one from singing it or even humming the tune, worra Cnut!

  • Exhiled Geordie

    I think its commendable that the True Fans are NOT renewing their season tickets. I think the Chronicle are just spouting what the Management want them to say. I thank its annoying and disrespectful to keep showing the Fat Face of MyCashley on most or their stories. The Fans of NUFC have to work very hard to pay for their season tickets and, I would think a lot have to borrow the money to pay. Its a sad day to sit and watch this happen to OUR beloved Club.

  • Exhiled Geordie

    Get your Old strips out lads with the Brown Ale logo on the front and boycott the Wonga S—e, from the Entertainers years.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Exhiled Geordie  MyCashley ha ha, I like that one.

  • lupamac

    Michael Maximus Moose ArtyH  just seen him at Newcastle airport with a Sports Direct bag and Lord Lucan

  • geordieallan

    whats needed is Honesty-clarity-action,the seats would soon fill up with a couple of decent signings and more to follow the more players theysign the quicker the seats would fill because we love the club if not the board

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    geordieallan Honesty? From Fatman? Where have you been for the last 8 years mate!!
    “We love the club if not the board” You working for SD or a Mackem on a wind up?