Today’s reports of the size of the ‘war chest’ handed to Steve McClaren by Mike Ashley, won’t be what Newcastle fans will want to hear.

With many believing/hoping that Mike Ashley’s speech on the final day of the Premier League would be the catalyst for a major show of ambition this summer, they may have to rein back in those expectations if today’s reports prove correct.

Getting big coverage today across the newspapers is the story that Newcastle are now supposedly targeting striker Troy Deeney of promoted Watford.

This follows Steve McClaren meeting Lee Charnley and Graham Carr yesterday at the training ground for a ‘transfer summit’.

Amongst others, the Mail say that Steve McClaren has instructed Lee Charnley to put in a bid for Troy Deeney, a player he bid for twice within the last 12 months when he was at Derby.

The Mail further say that they understand that Steve McClaren has been told he has £25m to spend in this summer’s transfer martket, which if true, would then make it more than understandable why there appears to have been nothing actually happening with a move for Charlie Austin, as any successful bid would surely take up well over half of the new Head Coach’s ‘war chest’.

As well as the repeated stories revolving around Premier League strikers such as Austin, Berahino and Carroll, Newcastle are increasingly being named as interested in players who were appearing in the Championship last season, or overseas signings who represent allegedly better value, such as Bas Dost.

As well as Troy Deeney of Watford, Newcastle have been linked in recent days with players from Ipswich (Mings), Charlton (Gomez and Cousins), Brighton (Dunk) and Leeds (Byram).

In Deeney’s case, he turns 27 this month and as well as scoring at least 20 goals in each of the last three seasons in the Championship for Watford, he also captained them last season to promotion.

However, with their arrival in the Premier League you would doubt Watford are keen to cash in on their main goalscorer, especially when Walsall are reported to have a sell-on clause of 20% of any future fee, having sold the striker to Watford for £500,000 five years ago. However, Deeney may well see this as an opportunity for his last big move to set himself up, with Newcastle surely able to offer bigger wages than the promoted club.

war chest

As for the Mail’s report of a £25m war chest for Steve McClaren to spend, it probably wouldn’t come as the greatest shock to most of us.

Though of course I can understand many supporters being gutted if that is the limit of Mike Ashley’s ambitions, considering the full-on speech he gave less than a month ago about a more ambitious Newcastle United.

Whilst there was spending of over £30m last summer, that did come after 18 months of no players being bought, plus no players came in during the latest January window.

With Cabaye and Debuchy sold for a combined figure of around £30m last year pretty much covering last summer’s transfer activity, then spending the best part of two or three years £30m a year bonus TV money (compared to the previous contract) would have been most supporters’ starting point as to this summer’s spending power for McClaren and Newcastle United.

The last six months alone have seen Mike Ashley agree to sell Davide Santon and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, as well as manager Alan Pardew for an extra £3m compensation.

On top of this, big earners such as Hatem Ben Arfa and Jonas Gutierrez have been removed from the wage bill.

The money from Santon, Mapou and Pardew would surely contribute at least £10m to this reported £25m war chest, suggesting that very little has changed.

No doubt McClaren may have also been told he can also use any money he generates himself but then that leads to the same old problem, Newcastle can’t get rid of the many hopeless players they have accumulated in recent years, whilst selling the better players to generate cash simply means you are simply creating extra holes to fill.

We all hoped for swift action to reassure fans that the club were heading in the right direction again, but with the Premier League fixtures being released today, there is still no sign of much needed reinforcements coming in – despite it being only two weeks until the players start pre season training.

  • Conman

    Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Not until fcb leaves.
    All those taken in by the last day of the season fcb speech. Enjoy the season. It will be a long one.
    What a place to be. Boycott is very much still on the agenda.

  • jack1x

    25milluon what a joke , same old same old , not impressed , cheap and nasty , as far as I’m concerned they haven’t even spent Carroll money yet or all the other huge sums they’ve received , *Nothing has changed , and will never change as long as Ashley is there , with his latest yes man McLaren

  • A lex

    The only surprise would be if people were surprised at this amount.

  • Black Star 69

    Usual negative comments from The Mag. When will the delusional numpties admit we are not a big club never ever have been.  Won nothing domestically for 60 years.  No wonder we are the laughing stock of fans.

  • Deluded

    Black Star 69 People like you are a laughing stock to the real Newcastle supporters. We don’t think we’re a massive club just that we need to spend a lot more than £25 million this season. We need 2 centre backs and 2 strikers at least. How good will they be at circa £6 million each…Riviere standard? Then add in the other positions we need. Get a grip.

  • Deluded

    We all know we need to spend more than £25 million. Let’s just wait and see it’s the mail for f*** sake!

  • RichGibb

    A whole article about something the Daily ‘Fail’ has said?! Look, they were one of the many to recently say that Newcastle’s new manager would receive a £50 million ‘war-chest’, not so long ago.

    Paper make stuff up. They won’t know much more than us.

    Now, I’m not saying we WILL spend more. But I am saying lets not start freaking out at every single half-ars*d story that comes out of London.

  • Paul Patterson

    A solid centre half (Shawcross)- £8m
    Charlie Austin- £15m
    Another goal scorer (Bas Dost?)- £7m
    Lascelles- Free

    Even that, which is the MINIMUM, is more than £30m.
    I wouldn’t jump on this, as it’s a paper story, but if McClaren does indeed only get £25m then forget it . .

  • Happyharrys2011

    We aren’t a big club? Is the premier league the supposed biggest league I. The world we have the 3rd biggest support in the premier league. That is without being the 19 richest in the world. Yeah we haven’t won anything in a while granted, but how are we not a big club?

  • jack1x

    I never believed what Ashley said before the west ham game anyway , Even since then I’ve always adovocated a boycott for v Ming season , its the only way to ppossibly get rid of Ashley and the clowns he employs , I think there Will be many disappointed fans again this comimg season , but it’s time peolple really stuck together and tried to get this regime to sell up

  • lameduck9

    As The Mail are not one of the ‘chosen’ few media partners I can’t believe they have managed a scoop on the amount of money available – tbh I very much doubt anyone at the club will declare how much we have or have not got – if the amount is too low then the fans continue against Ashely, if he actually has given up a lot more then every selling club will hike up their prices.  Once again, typical media hype over nothing stories !

  • RichardGale1

    No shrewd businessman would reveal how much they have to spend, as that just inflates the price on every item you are looking to buy.

    I don’t think any football club actually reveals how much they have to spend, that would be stupidity.
    There has been no movement on Austin as he was on England duty, and then got married at the weekend, its not that we havn’t done anything about him, nobody has.

    Lets all just hang fire before we jump on this BS eh lads!?

  • Kevin Halliday

    The man is not fit to be the owner of one of the worlds big football clubs. Can’t even spend the profits in the bank already. Hope Steve can do the job, he can’t do any worse than the other dross Ebenezer has employed. One centre-back and a striker first please, then start improving and playing the academy players. If we have to work to a budget then coaches and our young’uns should be our priorities.

  • Andrew Swift

    Pay SD low wages and transfer fees get SD quality

  • AB233

    All your ‘news’ comes from the Mail now?

  • macandmarge

    Black Star 69

    But we should be …5th in the Table of years ago….10th richest Brit as our owner…over 50,000 gates…its utter incompetency and lack of ambition

  • GToon

    Since Ashley spoke he will have earned more than 25 million in interest. If it’s true that we only have 25 million and if it’s true them lot down the road have 50 million then that says it all for me. What we need is a much poorer owner who will put a lot more into the club. I don’t mind people like Hall and co making a profit because they certainly provided us with a team to be proud of and always backed the manager.

  • DZA187

    Paul Patterson I believe Shawcross will cost more in the region of 15 million, as the player just signed a new improved deal at stoke.

  • DZA187

    RichGibb when Kev was reappointed as manager the papers where saying he had a 100 million war chest to spend but ended up with Dennis wise lol

  • Paul Patterson

    DZA187 Paul Patterson  Possibly. But we must be able to persuade Shawcross to swap Stoke for us. If we can’t then we do have problems . .

  • blackiegray

    Deluded Black Star 69

    I think it is very doubtful that we will sign 2 strikers.  If we do I’m presuming you think they should be first team players and we play them meaning me move back to a 4-4-2.  A couple of reasons why I don’t think we’d do that is firstly we have on the books, Perez, Cisse, Riviere, Armstrong and De Jong who can play up front (De Jong could be centre mid but normally he plays off the front man and Cisse might be sold), Perez is a starter for me so bringing in another striker means either benching him or playing him on the wing and making De Jong play in midfield.  We don’t have the depth to rotate players so we wouldn’t be doing that.  Secondly I think the priority should be getting in a creative midfielder, there’s no one in the squad that can play a forward pass, Cisse did a fantastic job considering he had no one playing through balls or crosses.  Colback is great at breaking up play, Anita’s job is the same, as is Tiote’s.  Sissoko goes on runs, then walks back because he can’t be arsed chasing after the ball he’s just lost and our wingers are just whoever is fit.  I think we’ll bring in a striker if we sell Cisse but I would rather we sign a creative midfielder to give the ball to the strikers first.

  • DZA187

    Paul Patterson I am a big fan of Shawcross and he would be a good signing but Ashley is not willing to push the boat out on anyone, that’s what it looks like. 

    Even the local rag is saying that Ashley has given the thumbs up to spend big to penfold on Austin and Berahino but I don’t believe it. I am holding off about renewing till some major players have been signed, or just picking up a members card to choose which games I want to see from the stands.

  • SGM

    Is the Mail a bit bitter, me thinks

  • JohnyH

    The harsh reality is that we have not kept pace with the rest of the PL for several seasons now on recruitment. £100 million this window alone would maybe get us up there with the top teams for a period of time if well spent .
    That will never happen under Ashley.
    Makes any discussion about £25 million redundant really

  • GeorgeBainbridge

    Why don’t you try supporting the team instead of being negative – no one knows what the budget is just support and believe
    Next season is our season!!

  • blackiegray

    Happyharrys2011 Depends on your definition of a big club, that’s the age old argument.  Is a big club one thats well supported, one with a history of winning things and/or one that competes for titles every year? Richest club? Is it a big club compared to the country they are in or worldwide?  You could make arguments for Preston North End, Queens Park, Fenerbahce, Corinthians, Leeds, Man City etc. I know what you’re saying but it’s such an ambiguous phrase that can be argued so many ways.

  • NottsToon

    SGM You think? That’s the real story here.

  • amacdee

    GeorgeBainbridge As you say no one knows but with early target Micah Richards off to the Villa and Deeney targeted instead of proven PL striker you can draw your own conclusions.

  • Adelphi

    AB233  Obviously a complete U turn in club policy that the three or four individuals who actually know what is going on regarding recruitment and budgets are now passing that information to newspapers like the Mail.
    Should we applaud this new era of openness ?

  • NottsToon

    Regardless of the size of the “war chest”, after what so many inferred from Ashley’s words at the end of the season, after all the club stooges making such a big fuss about serious investment this summer and how excited the fans should be etc…. What do you think the reaction will be when these big names we’ve been linked with (Austin, Berahino, Dost) end up elsewhere and we end up with Championship players and foreign no marks?

    Next season looks like it has the potential to make last season seem like a pleasant memory already.

  • amacdee

    NottsToon Dont forget Notts you’ve got until Friday to renew ;-)

  • toon tony

    Looks like we’ll be bolting on a DONKEY to the FCB ‘s aforementioned cart. !!!!

  • Kazie23

    I would rather take Virgil Van dijk-£8million…Sven Van beek-£4million to form a good partnership with Van dijk….Wil hughes £12million…Tom ince-£5million /Riyad Mahrez who will cost about £7million….Charlie Austin-£13.5million
    But in a realistic point of view we probably going to end up with some championship players,Van ginkel and Bamford both on loan

  • pengprm

    The amount of fans whinging cos they want only big name signings. Pathetic the lot of you! Big names dont win football matches, good players do. We are not a top club and we cant afford to take big hits on big name flops like Falcao, Di Maria etc. Deeney, Dost etc, they are consistantly good players and anyone who thinks they are poor needs to look at stats more often before crying because Ashley wont spend fortunes on big names. If we had signed Falcao and Di Maria half of you moaners would have been buzzing yet both were rubbish and have cost Man Utd a fortune

  • Demented_Man

    NottsToon I can’t wait until the Daily Mirror’s next ‘done deal’ so I can have a good laugh at their pathetic efforts to make Newcastle look ambitious.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    I’ll be surprised they even spend £25 million. As always under Ashley I believe the size Newcastle’s transfer window budget will be determined by how much they can bring in from selling one or more of our “purples”.

  • Happyharrys2011

    I think it’s soo funny that they have been used like all our fans. Wonder how much they have paid for that coup? And I wonder how long they also keep paying for $hit info, just like us fans pay for $hit football. Ha ha lol.

  • Jimmywayhay

    I agree with what you say ,but Chelsea spend big and it pays off ,a happy medium is what’s required ,10 mill for Deeney or 12-15 mill for Austin who is younger and is slightly more proven .A large amount is required to be spent this season due to under spending for a number of seasons then a more balanced approach is required !

  • magpiefifer

    If the £25m is accurate how will McClaren get us into the top 8!?
    I think it’s more than feasible that £25m will be tops – so bottom 8 will be where we end up!!!!

  • jimblag

    pengprm Pretty dumb comment mate, who’s asking for big names? Austen isn’t exactly a big name, Just quality, high standard, proven players will do. I can’t think of anyone who thinks we should bid £30m+ for any one player.

  • jimblag

    amacdee GeorgeBainbridge Very true. But i never believe it when it’s reported we’ve got £50m so i won’t believe it just cos it says we’ve got £25m. Common sense does side with the latter though unfortunately.

  • jimblag

    RichardGale1 I hope you’re right.

  • Happyharrys2011

    War chest ha ha ha ha lol.
    Piggy bank more like!!!!

  • Willvenus1

    He made his speech to flog season tickets. He never had any intention of changing club policy and showing some true ambition. You FCB, get out of our club

  • Bleurgh

    Who said anything about Falcao you muppet. we have a small squad that needs bulking and also need to add quality, unless you’re extremely lucky 25 million won’t get you much in a market that is inflated due to the largest Premier League pay deal in history. Shane Long cost 12 million a year ago, Balotelli 16 mil, Abel Hernandez 10 mil.

  • magpiefifer

    jimblag pengprm  Agree Jimblag.We could do with Prem experience,which FatAsh won’t get for buttons – even though he thinks he can! Ashley out!

  • Jail for Ashley

    The great misconception, where did he mention more ambition and changing his ways in his ‘full on speech’ far from being full on it was a well rehearsed and poorly delivered pantomime in which the clever use of the words CHAMPIONS LEAGUE pricked people’s ears up. Punching above our weight is the weight he has decided we are, which we were told by his former puppet was not being able to compete with Swansea and Southampton. Anyone who took comfort from that speech I’m sorry to say has been duped. He is a born liar and has surrounded himself with those willing to lie for him.
    Get these slimy barstewsrds out.
    Ashley Out.

  • Paul Patterson

    Cracking comments people.
    I personally think that £15m would steal Austin and I’m sure £10m would get Shawcross. £25m would INSTANTLY enhance the side.
    All this messing about is silly. Just go after the two and then work from there. A couple of others would really sort the side out no end.
    Under this lot . .

  • Sickandtiredstill

    pengprm The last Championship signing turned out to be a real class act, didn’t he?

    Makes no odds what anyone has done in lower leagues and this Club is well past the point of taking more chances with unproven  players from anywhere. 

    Well, it should be, but of course it isn’t and the level of Ashley’s ‘ambition’ is once again going to be laid bare. 

    This is why many are against Schteeve – another one who willingly signed up to the process. It’s just going to be another season of the same.

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    Happyharrys2011 It is a war chest………………for a relegation battle lol

  • Sickandtiredstill

    GeorgeBainbridge Believe what? Ashley? 

    There lies the problem of our own so called support.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    jimblag amacdee GeorgeBainbridge and where do you believe 50 million will come from?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    MikeAshleyAteMyHamster Happyharrys2011 For a tidllywinks competition.

  • Deluded

    blackiegray I think it’s doubtful too but I was talking about what we need. RE the 2 strikers, one proven like an Austin and a younger one like a better Riviere for the future. Other than Cisse (who’ll only stay if we can’t sign an Austin type), The rest can’t really lead the line, especially over the season. Perez is a number 10 (where he played for Tenerife), as is Siem de Jong so straight away before two strikers come in they both can’t play there. Cabella can play 10 too. Riviere isn’t good enough, he should be sold. Armstrong is not ready for the Premier league, needs lower league football for a year or two.
    Siem de Jong is not a striker, I think he would make the good creative central midfielder you’re talking about we need to replace Cabaye but unfortunately he seems to be made out of sugar glass.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    DZA187 Paul Patterson The local rag couldn’t even get in the door when Schteeve was unveiled.

    They know about as much as we do.

  • GK75

    You just had too look at him at the final game. His acting is atrocious. Delayed reactions etc, the man has no passion for football. It always has and always will be about SD. Sooner you guys can cut that tumour out the better. Down with the creator of modern age slavery that is Mike Ashley.

  • dav_art

    So The Mag, who preached about not voting for David Cameron, now believes in an article in the Daily Mail about the amount of money Steve McClaren has to spend?


  • dav_art

    A lex  It came from the Daily Mail!

  • NottsToon

    Random Twitter “sauces” and bloggers claiming that Austin and Dost will be announced as a double signing at the end of the week along with the new back room team. Lolz.

  • Alsteads

    Can’t see how a quality centre half who if has another good season could maybe get a transfer to one of the so called big 4/5 clubs (even fergie said he was one that shouldn’t of left) and is playing in a settled organised team with an albeit smaller crowd/fans but not lacking in noise and atmosphere, playing in front of some tidy players especially that little ex barca player with a proven solid premiership manager supporting him would want to even contemplate coming to us. How our stock has fallen. We’d have more chance with Huth and that would take some convincing the player too!

  • NottsToon

    dav_art Weirdly, having read the article and all the comments, I can’t find a single person claiming to believe it. Many saying that they wouldn’t be surprised, but no-one saying that they believe it.

    You must read differently to me mate, either that or you accept inference as fact. Which would explain if you took any optimism from the owners statement.

  • blackiegray

    Deluded blackiegray HA, yes true, I think De Jong will end up playing Centre Mid but although he’s been here a year because he’s hardly played he’s still going to need to settle into the league, there’s a chance of course that he might hit the ground running, although saying that, if he does that he’ll probably break a leg.

    Perez I think will be playing CL football within 2 years, obviously not with us, he did well as a striker but with us last season we lumped the ball in the air to him so he didn’t stand a chance, if he played alongside another striker then I think he’d do very well.  Riviere is a funny one, he seems to do pretty well at holding up the ball and his link up play is good but in all the games he played I don’t think he hit a clean shot once and that’s not an exaggeration, some of that is down to confidence some down to poor technique, maybe this season if there isn’t as much pressure on him and with a decent coach he might be better.  Always hard to judge a player in his first season in a new league.

  • RaySte

    NottsToon dav_art Do you understand how journalism works? Obviously it is implicit that the author believes the story or why would they publish it? I don’t believe any publication is in the business of publishing things they don’t believe are true. It’s like the NewStatesman publishing an anti-austerity article then ending it with ‘but we don’t actually believe this’. Or imagine a fitness magazine publishing an article on how to lose weight that they don’t believe will work. Surely the first inference you can make when reading an article is that the writer believes it?

  • NottsToon

    RaySte NottsToon dav_art And I believe you will find that specific inference was given to The Mag, rather than the originating journalist in the comment I replied to.

    This piece is simply taking a story from a newspaper and reporting it here with no hint of whether “The Mag” believes it or not. You do understand that right?

    Also, I think you’ll find plenty of stories in newspapers which are printed based upon information received which the author may or may not believe. They report the news, not their opinion on the news.

    Do you believe that every war correspondent whole heartedly supports and believes in every war effort? I can point you in the direction of several books which would prove otherwise if you wish.

  • Andgeo

    Let’s face it, we are going absolutely nowhere as long as the club is owned by Ashley. Every season that passes NUFC get weaker, and fall further and further behind their rivals while the fat scum lines his pockets and gets wealthier and wealthier. There is only one thing that can save our club and that is getting rid of the fat lying scum. Ashley out!!

  • Dave Hindmarsh

    …..and we’re all supposed to be surprised by this. Same shite different season.

  • Well if it says it in the Mail then it has to be true…

  • desree

    we got rid of cable and got netflix instead, got sick of paying 50 quid so I could watch nufc in Australia.
    at the end of the day this is entertainment and ashley is serving us tosh. Please don’t renew season tickets. We are in the same bracket as qpr, watford and bournemouth. every team in the PL is strengthening whilst we continue to sell players and weaken the squad.
    Does anyone know if Charnley was bullied at school?

  • DownUnderMag

    There is always the fact that you don’t ever, EVER want to come out and say you have more to spend because that immediately adds a few million squid onto any fees being asked for.  I mean, Man City pay £35m for a £20m player because the selling club know they have money to burn.   I will await the actual spend before passing judgement, this is the Mail we are talking about….hardly the corner-stone of accurate journalism!

  • GK75

    Ashley will be watching these stories and laughing. He has done what he intended, creating division amongst fans while he slithers and slides around in the background collecting your hard earned cash. People really need to wake up as a leopard can’t change it’s spots. Hopefully his wife is as two faced as him and she screws the life out of him AGAIN

  • RaySte

    NottsToon RaySte dav_art No I don’t believe every war correspondent believes in the war effort, I believe every war correspondent believes what they report (so if they write an article criticising the war, I would assume that they believe what they write – that they don’t support the war. And if they wrote an article in support of the war I’d assume they’d support it). This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp – journalists believe what they report.

    I get that they’re echoing The Mail, but if they didn’t believe the reports, why report it themselves? I didn’t realise that any publication printed ideas that they KNEW to be wrong. You’d assume they just wouldn’t report them. Do you think New Scientist magazine publishes articles that says the world is 3000 years old, because they read that elsewhere? No, because obviously they wouldn’t report something they didn’t believe to have a shred of credence.

    So obviously it is fair to assume the author believes the claims put forward by The Mail. No serious journalist would ever post something they didn’t believe. Come on. That is surely common sense?

  • v0ices

    Jezza_NUFC a 25 million net spend would be by far ashleys biggest net spend since he took over.

  • CraigMoore

    Roberts Grey Pants It was in The Mirror – one of NUFCs “preferred media partners”.

  • NottsToon

    How the hell is someone who posts on the Mag a serious journalist you loon?

  • KevinBrown11

    I hope fans haven’t renewed season tickets, if they have more fool them, it’s a utter disgrace and insulting to boot, as I said after ashleys speech he’s a pathological liar, nothing changes different regime same old policy that never works,

  • KevinBrown11

    I hope so

  • Jezza_NUFC

    v0ices Jezza_NUFC  Correct I don’t even anticipate a gross spend of £25 million this summer no matter who they sell to fund transfer spending. I fully expect the net spend once again to be a big fat zero.

  • David Wright1

    well said Kevin
    I have abstained and pleased as it increasingly looks likely he MA was ramping on the last day of season,feel sorry for mcclaren however he hasn’t endeared himself with integrity to fans after turning us down twice,so like you I won’t be renewing.

  • CraigMoore a) this article says it was in the Mail b) even if it was in the Mirror too do you really think the club has disclosed a transfer budget amount to any paper, preferred or not??

  • Ashleyout

    Oh go on, renew your season tickets, Mike loves all the geordies who turn up every home match and he is a nice guy really and he promises not to laugh any more when the opposing team scores…

  • killyted

    give the club a chance,the window has just opened .Wor mike will keep his word and buy big,benny from crossroads

  • Peter Lamb

    More like piggy bank

  • GK75

    Boycott season tickets, his businesses including Tesco and get every Geordie to stand united against him. Low gates means less Sky air time which affects his balance sheet, thee only thing he cares about. Always remember his motto is through division I shall conquer. So Newcastle fans stay Newcastle UNITED and in time he’ll give in due to realising you can’t be manipulated any longer.

  • Wayne Clayton

    Yes that would be disappointing and wouldn’t be too surprising given his track record but has anybody read anything in any paper about how much Chel$ki or Man USA or Citeh are due to spend? Once again we are being singled out by the always-impartial press in an attempt to inflame the situation.