Remy Cabella will be back training at Newcastle next Wednesday and has no intention of leaving St James Park this summer.

That is the message from Hector Cabella, the French winger’s father.

Cabella senior was responding to claims from French newspaper La Provence that the Newcastle player had asked his agent to find him a new club.

The report going on to say that Champions League particpants Sevilla were Remy Cabella’s first choice but that Marseille had already indicated they were interested in taking the player, initially on a loan deal.

Hector Cabella though quoted in L’Equipe later today saying the following:

“My son is fine at Newcastle. He will resume at his club on 1 July (for start of pre season training).

“He has the ambition to have a great season for Euros 2016.

“We have no discussions with OM (Marseille) or anyone, he signed for six years (last summer) – not to leave after one season.”

Marseille were interested in buying the winger before Newcastle agreed a deal and they need a credible signing to appease the fans, as Dimitri Payet is expected to leave shortly with West Ham the most likely destination.

As for Remy Cabella, he struggled to adapt to the Premier League in his first season, in and out of the team he made 21 Premier League starts and produced only one goal and two assists.

Having just broken into the France squad and being part of the squad in Brazil, Cabella has been cast to one side by Didier Deschamps as he has struggled on Tyneside.

As his father indicated, like all the French players Remy Cabella is desperate to have a good season and be part of the Euros next summer in his native France.

If the French international does indeed stay at St James Park then let’s all hope he is in that French squad next summer, as that would mean for sure that he’d had a much improved club season for Newcastle this time around.

  • IainT0842

    Pity. Let’s be honest he’s nowhere near as good as we were lead to believe, and if he already wants to leave then his heart isn’t in it either.

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    Why would he leave while he is taking more than 60k a week & not offering anything for the club
    easy money .

  • nufcmag777

    Instead of writing him off too early lets back the lad to the hilt because i think there is a very good player who will get better if Ashley buys some decent players to go along side him.Call yourself fans-God help us-morons.

  • badgertoon

    Fresh start, second season and the added incentive of playing  In euros will drive Cabella on to a great season for toon!

  • Greekgeordie

    At 21, in a new country, much more competitive league, and most important in a strangling club, some people are totally blind to the real world when it comes to professional football.
    Stay by the lad, as most of us will do, and give him time to show his talent, you do not go to Brazil with the French national team if you are an average player.

  • nufcslf

    The fat man will make that decision anyway. I hope his decision making is as good as it was last season, because there is not a chance in hell of this shower being lucky enough to win a few matches on the trot at anytime in the season to keep them up. Going down, going down, going down, going down…

  • 1957

    Regardless of anyone’s opinion of Cabella, and he didn’t look a great prospect last season, we really don’t know if the problem lies with how he was treated by the greatest living English manager and the best coach in the Premier League or he just isn’t cut out for English football. Only time and McClaren’s input will tell and I would give him a chance until January. I suspect if the previous management were still in place he would definitely be going the way MYM though.
    There is an issue in this story with journalists from our esteemed local newspaper picking up stories from abroad, publishing them without checking them out and then publishing a story from another foreign paper an hour or so later that contradicts the first. A lazy way to fill the sport pages that shows contempt for readers, checking facts it seems is no longer a necessity for journalists and editors when printing a story.

  • DanH87

    Players like Cabella are why the club is truly f*cked. No understanding between manager and scouting. Along with Anita and Ayoze he is completely useless in the defensive style we’ve been playing under Pardew and Carver. Hopefully McClaren will play him properly and we’ll see some improvement.