This cracking video of Newcastle v Sunderland from 1956 must be some of the best quality footage I have seen from back in the fifties.

The crowd shots are immense, a world away from football today – both in good and bad ways.

No segregation and claims that there were ‘only’ 61,474 fans at St James Park on 3 March 1956 are surely substantially less than the reality.

Younger fans get a glimpse of just how big the old covered Leazes End was, though you only get to see the outer reaches of it, you still get an idea of the scale of it.

Seeing the crowd surges like these behind the goal in the Gallowgate End will bring back memories for many.

Interesting to see the kit both teams are wearing, not a stripe in sight!

This was the team that lined up for Newcastle v Sunderland on 3 March 1956 for an FA Cup quarter final:

Ronnie Simpson

Alf McMichael

Ron Batty

Bill Paterson

Bob Stokoe

Jimmy Scoular

Bobby Mitchell

Jackie Milburn

Vic Keeble

Bill Curry

Reg Davies

Watch the great footage below and ignore the result, after winning the FA Cup three times withing four years, Newcastle ended up losing 2-0 to the mackems.

Don’t worry though, Sunderland lost to Birmingham in the semi-finals with then Manchester City beating the Brummies at Wembley.

Thanks to Pathe News for this great footage:

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  • TonnekToon

    HaHa, Well there yer gan  , nowt much has  changed over the years has it ?

  • Rabid Dog

    I love it – Simpson bouncing the ball out of goal….. Proper throwback that one like

  • LintonLad

    Indeed, lovely footage – but how did Jackie Milburn missed that sitter!  And why weren’t we playing in stripes?
    Spot the straw around the pitch; it was spread on the playing area to protect it from frost and snow.  Before the match it was heaped up on the perimeter.  I remember in the 60’s, as a little ‘un with my dad, getting passed to the front over everyone’s heads and sitting in the straw (together with dozens of other young ‘uns.  When we scored we would all throw straw in the air.  Happy days…..

  • MartinJW

    Thanks Graham. Tremendous footage.

  • nufcslf

    I think I saw a young fat Ash in amongst the Sunlund fans. Why would anybody post this on a toon site. Interesting, over to you Mike…

  • philk4

    Fantastic ! Note how there was MIXING of fans for the game ?