Newcastle United quickly followed up today’s official confirmation of Steve McClaren as the new head coach, with one that named a new look board of directors.

Recent days had seen press reports stating that, for whatever reason, Mike Ashley was going to step down from the board of directors, which was already going to lose Finance Director John Irving, who is moving jobs to one at Newcastle Airport.

Both Ashley and Irving have indeed stepped down, which would have left only Lee Charnley, but legally you need a minimum of two directors.

The new look board of directors gives you the impression that they have named pretty much everybody left at the club who isn’t a player and then claimed it as some great triumph! Though apparently Peter Beardsley is gutted….

You have to be pretty naive to think that Ashley, Irving and Charnley ever met in any form that resembles a normal board of directors and it is anybody’s guess what this latest circus will achieve.

As always, Mike Ashley’s PR aim appears to be trying to convince everybody that they are doing things properly, instead of just getting on and doing precisely that.

The big gimmick they are promoting with the new board line-up is that it includes Head Coach Steve McClaren, as though this is some revolutionary thing that puts us ahead of our competitors.

The new four man board is Charnley, McClaren, Chief Scout Graham Carr and club ambassador Bobby Moncur.

A great player and captain for NUFC, sadly Moncur is now seen as a total joke by many fans, prepared to say anything in support of Mike Ashley to keep a position within the football club.

God forbid they brought in some top people onto the board of directors with experience at successful football clubs.

The official NUFC club statement:


Newcastle United today announced changes to its Board of Directors.

Head Coach Steve McClaren, Chief Scout Graham Carr and Club Ambassador Bob Moncur have today been appointed to the Board, joining Managing Director Lee Charnley.

Mike Ashley has relinquished his position on the board along with Finance Director John Irving who is leaving the club.

Newcastle United becomes the only club in the Premier League to have its Head Coach on its Board of Directors, a move which the club feels adds significant strength to it.

Managing Director Lee Charnley commented:

“This is a very positive step forward for the club and I am delighted that Steve, Graham and Bob will join me on the board.

“It was particularly important for us that the Head Coach also became a board member in order to gain a full understanding and appreciation for the club and its operations as a whole, not just the football side. In Steve we have an individual that embraced that responsibility.

“Graham and Bob’s passion for the club is beyond question and I believe given the collective skills, knowledge and experience, together, we are incredibly strong.

“Whilst, of course, we all have our individual primary duties, there is a huge common desire for the club as a whole to move forward and succeed.”

  • ncncnc

    another positive spin from the mag

  • Timptoon

    As Directors of a business with a turnover well in excess of £100million I wonder what Carr, Moncur and McLaren can do about getting some commercial revenue into the club.

  • prestondave

    Sounds to me he is setting shteve up for a fall. Shteve can now tell us directly why we can’t have certain players etc cos he has a hand in the activities on the board. Saves pen fold and fatty from defending themselves not that they ever did anyway. Shteve may have bitten off more than he can chew.

  • LeazesEnder

    Few people can have stooped so low as Bob Moncur,  will he be echoing Ashley’s mantra in the boardroom along with Charnley as he did with the Supporters Forum and his irregular weekly column for the Scouser boys at the Chronicle?

    The news blackout is still operating the way Ashley wants it, so I guess Moncur will have to jack that in or else be seen and heard to echo the thinking of the board…. and we cant have that can we?

    Well maybe we can…. his column is about as informative and sincere as the program introductory welcoming address.

    Uninteresting times ahead….

  • LeazesEnder

    Timptoon Could they get SD to pay for advertising…. backdated 8 years?

  • howaymebonnylads

    I don’t quite understand having the head coach (manager) on the board?  If things are not going well does he get a vote as to whether he should be sacked?

  • Nastynorm

    Wot a load of shite you write ! Beardsley gutted ! did he confide in you somehow I don’t think so, Do you actually know Pedro I very much doubt it, I do & he certainly wudnt have made a statement like that & definitely not to you, so stop trying to make more trouble for the club & get your facts right, ps I’m gutted as I’ve not been asked to join the board either !

  • Demented_Man

    prestondave Smart move. The new board members will be flattered at what seems a prmotion but will be regularly wheeled out to defend the regime while the real culprit goes back into hiding.

  • pengprm

    For crying out loud, get a grip and get behind the team you bunch of doom mongers. “Someone who has been succesful at a big club” Err McClaren was assistant manager and coach at Man Utd when they won 3 league titles, including the treble, won the league cup with Boro and also finished 2nd in Dutch league and won the title with Twente. But because his face dont fit, he’s rubbish because he didnt get Derby promoted. Thing is, if had of, we wouldnt have got him anyway as he would probably have had offers from all over. Best qualified coach we have had since Sir Bobby and idiots writing him off before a ball is kicked. Crying like babies because we didnt get Patrick Viera. Shape up and be real!

  • Gordonthetoony

    Bob Moncur is nothing more than an A$hley arse licker

  • ilullissat

    I picked up on Bob Moncur being a traitor years ago.In fact he should be called Bob”i concurr”meaning I will go along with anything if I am getting paid

  • ilullissat

    And what position do you hold in the football club and what is your Sodexo payroll number

  • Andgeo

    Given McClaren already has his work cut out on the training ground who will be negotiating transfers? I assume bob moncur won’t be involved! Charnley is a weak link and is not competent to negotiate transfers.

  • Alltomuch

    It will be the signings made from today onward which will say it all.
    Good coach or not we need some expreenced quality

  • Malcolm Colledge

    Moncur must have a bigger tongue than Pedro.

  • A lex

    “Board of Directors”, my backside. Nothing more than a group of like-minded individuals. In a business of this size, who among this bunch is Finance Director? Where on earth are our finances being managed from……..Shirebrook, by any chance?

  • Happyharrys2011

    Alex Ferguson won the trophies. Fc Twente is a no brainer. He had the biter in his side. Any team with suarez in it could win the league. Look at Liverpool in the premier league with him in. Look at them now. His second time at Twente he was pure $hit. England pure $hit, Derby pure $hit.
    He had a good chairman at smogsville that backed him to the hilt, and a bit of luck. So to sum it up he is $hit but had a bit of luck. Let’s not hope he has had all his luck eh?

  • Gordonthetoony

    Timptoon Absolutely nothing.

  • JohnyH

    Dead right it’s certainly not going to be chatty mans dad, penfold, schteeve or lower than a dwarfs testicles moncur
    You couldn’t script it.


    Have I missed something? What exactly has Pedro said that inclines that he is pissed off?. Listen not exactly a klopp of viera but it was inevitable that we would get McLaren. I actually believe given time he could make the club a decent side maybe not a top 4 but we are so far away from that at the moment any improvement is a bonus. Ok get the whole Bobby moncur thing but it’s got to be better than what we have already with the massive gap between the fans and the board. New season, New start maybe fingers crossed won’t be in a relegation battle end of the season.

  • Opiner1

    Happyharrys2011 Suarez didn’t play for Twente

  • v0ices

    Happyharrys2011 he was also a bit $hit at wolfsburg but sadly apart from keegans short stint he probably is the best appointment since Sir Bobby scary isnt it.

  • Brian Standen

    Odd times as we agree again, Ashley coming off the board is just that……. Hiding away again, he has done his once I a decade. Interview

  • LeazesEnder

    DAZFOS You missed the joke…

  • BillytheFish

    Interesting one this as anyone who knows Peter will confirm he has no interest in becoming head coach, manager or whatever, he just want to work at the club in some form or another……..And his man management skills are awful.

  • prestondave

    Brian Standen -Brian, we need to stop agreeing like this. People will start to talk and think youve been converted.

  • SGM

    Go on then JIm, Who would you put on the board?
    What I see is three football people and one businessman.
    Mcclaren has had success, Moncure has had success, and some say that Carr is pretty decent at his job
    (tho I wouldn’t) but for me that is a good choice of directors,
    However we will wait and see if they can produce the goods, until then I will continue to support, and oppose the protesters.

  • Philippines

    It seems strange to use ‘gutted’ as the headline where there is absolutely nothing attributed to Beardsley in the article.

    Typical garbage from this web site.

    It clearly would be a disaster for the folks that run this page if good things happened.

  • LeazesEnder

    Philippines …they won’t!

  • LeazesEnder

    SGM I’d put on a representative of NUST to make sure the board do what a board should, maximize the clubs income by stopping the free advertising.

  • LeazesEnder

    BillytheFish You are reading it literally you plonker!

  • toontom68

    Aye Pedro will be gutted alright! All that brown nosing hasnt done him enough good to get onto the board!
    The tea lady must be upset too….she’s about the only other club employee not on there!
    What an utter farce.

  • Americanmag

    Norman as ever the mag is first in the queue in doom mongering- I’m not absolutely convinced by their motives but hey ho it’s a forum for dissatisfaction gloom misery and past memories

  • Demented_Man

    SGM I would put on the board anyone who will not make excuses for Ashley’s slow strangulation of the club.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this four are up to it.

  • RaySte

    Philippines speculative, unsourced doggerel.

  • Porciestreet

    Notice that McClaren was co-opted to the board to” understand the further workings of the club” (financials and how to say yes to everything) and not  the club needing to further understand the footballing side of things. Synical maybe, but more of the same lieing and underhand practices as was.
    Ashley out ASAP.

  • Porciestreet

    howaymebonnylads When the day comes, as it must, there will be a 3-1 majority. Simples……….!

  • Porciestreet

    LeazesEnder  More information reading a bogroll.

  • Porciestreet

    prestondave I really do believe that the reason he is on the board is to stop him from being against it therefore keeping the waters calm…

  • Porciestreet

    LeazesEnder Timptoon Hmmmmmmmm..! Comedy warehouse…!

  • prestondave

    Porciestreet prestondave Maybe, but would you really go against your employer when the rules have been read out to you at your interview and you are desperate for the job.?

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder SGM Why? It makes no difference to the spending. Who from NUST would you put up, perhaps they should select the person who has pledged the most into the trust, which , if not actually zilch is very close to being zilch.

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder BillytheFish as opposed to filling in the gaps with made up rubbish? 

    Few people here seem to understand what a board of directors do or why they would be selected.

  • IntravenusMP

    ilullissat if you have to explain a joke it ain’t funny, if you think you have to explain what concur means, you need to read more books.

  • IntravenusMP

    pengprm Spot & on, The bed-sheet wavers wanted Carver & Stone out, they have gone, they wanted Pardew gone, he’ s left. We now have a coach who was castigated as England manager and went on to do rather well in Holland but has also had the odd blip (remind us of someone who has managed NUFC before?)

    A sensible appointment,  good to see board level representation for the football side. 

    We’ve cleared a lot of the old coaching staff, cleared the players that were not going to take us forward and now we need a centre forward, midfielder (preferably a wide man), a strong centre half and few future stars to come in.

    The only problem so far is losing Street whom i thought would make it.

  • IntravenusMP

    Happyharrys2011 He was rather excellent at Derby, took over from Clough jnr going nowhere and turned them in to the best passing side in the league (if not the country).

    To write his time off a Derby as bottom excrement is like writing off KK’s time at NUFC because we choked in 1996.

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder On that basis that he disagrees with you? Moncur is a very intelligent man who happens to have won the last significant trophy to turn up n the NUFC trophy room.

  • IntravenusMP

    Hmmm, If “Moncur is now seen as a total joke by many fans” I think it may be those fans that are making the rest of us fans look like a total joke to the rest of the country.

    Can we give the negativity a rest, we have a huge change at NUFC at board level down to the coaching staff. The professionals in the game think it’s a good move, the bed-sheet wavers say otherwise, who to believe?

  • Happyharrys2011

    I have to agree with you there. It’s was just like the keegan times for Derby. We were beating man u. 5-0 and finishing 2nd in the premier league.
    Derby nearly made the play offs and he got sacked.
    Yeah I see what your saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • longlastingmag

    It is so easy to be cynical but there are also many fans who do not regard Bobby Moncur as a joke

  • v0ices

    Happyharrys2011 its almost identical keegan competing with one of footballs greatest ever managers and mcclaren just losing out in the second tier of english football.

  • v0ices

    i was walking my dog a few weeks ago and met supermac out for a bikeride we had a bit of a chat about dogs and football one of his main points was how upsetting it is for fans to see some of the clubs stars  sell out to ashley. sad days indeed.

  • shadsdad

    longlastingmag Absolutely, this “joke” won us the Fairs Cup as an inspirational captain who welded together a team far greater than its individual parts!
    I was there, saw it and still remember the atmosphere and a team who gave everything.