Patrick Vieira has stated that it’s essential he is given the right ‘tools’ before he takes any managerial job.

Currently at Manchester City and involved with youth development, there have been claims that Vieira will meet Newcastle United representatives this week, as NUFC are still without a manager 155 days after Alan Pardew walked out.

The Arsenal and France playing legend was finishing his coaching qualifications at a course in Wales last week and also said, that any prospective employer would need to give him the freedom to get on with the job in his own way, and not ‘try to put something in my head’.

It takes some leap of faith to  imagine the Newcastle United job specification including getting the right tools and the freedom to do the job as you see fit.

In fact, in January MD Lee Charnley repeated once again just how restrictive the job now entitled ‘Head Coach’ (rather than Manager) would be, with next to no say on choosing which players came in or left and the job simply being about coaching the players that are handed to them.

Quotes from Patrick Vieira via The Mirror:

“I am happy with the way I am developing as a manager and a young coach. It is about the vision and I have been here for three years from the B licence to the pro licence and I really know myself. I really know which kind of manager that I want to be.

“They (prospective new clubs such as Newcastle…) don’t try to put something in my head. It is about who I am as a person and how I see the game, how they can give me the tools to be a successful manager.”

Learning the Swansea way:

“Talking to (Swansea Manager Garry) Monk was really interesting because as an ex-player going into a managerial role, what is his first step? What was the message that he sent to the players? What was his first focus on?

“Those are the kind of details which are really important because one day we all want to go through that situation and if we can use other people’s experience to improve ourselves then, it is really good.”

(***Bit of an unfortunate use of the word ‘Tools’ when applied to what is at Newcastle United at the moment. As well as the more literal meaning, modern day slang also gives it this one…

One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-esteem. IE ‘That tool doesn’t even know he’s being used’.)

  • Hughie

    Quite–he hasn’t got the necessary experience. Hopefully this is just another media rumour.

  • Although he has at least as much experience as Kevin Keegan had , and he has done the pro coaching qualification which is more than KK had done , Kevin needed Arthur Cox as his qualified coach to take the job on . I hope this is a real story and consider him a better option than Carver or  McLaren.

  • prestondave

    Well, if he needs his own tools and needs to be his own man then he aint coming here. Would you.? Starting out in management like any job you want to prove you are good at what you do otherwise your career is blackened forever. Would you do that to yourself.? So, Charver it is then unless the fat one releases some of those manacles.

  • Paul Patterson

    He’s just talked himself out of the job then . .

  • SGM

    Do you and John Martin live together, and spend your free time counting days.?

  • Little Davey

    usual doom and gloom
    Surely something has to change or we are in for another season like the last few.
    I don’t believe the fat controller wants or needs that.
    Try to be optimistic until proven otherwise.
    I would like to hope PV will talk the regime around to his way of thinking and they will buy into his ideas.
    They are surely making a rod for themselves if they don’t, and go with Schteve or Cava.

  • NicholasDryden

    What a negative attitude. Viera would give everyone a massive lift

  • Jimmywayhay

    You can’t blame any club wanting a certain amount of control over transfers and the size of the fees involved ,it proves Ashley doesn’t trust any one with an open cheque book ,especially when it involves football , to many shady deals going on ,behind the scenes !

  • magpiefifer

    He would certainly get the ‘tools’ at SJP – Carver,Charnley and Ashley!!
    Sadly, any prospective manager of real potential/quality wouldn’t touch the current regime with a barge pole.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Wrong, Jim. You have inserted something into a quote which does not belong there.
    PV was talking about how he is learning with the Welsh FA – it has NOTHING to do with NUFC or any other Club. His own words without any additions can be read at this link.

  • buckleytim79

    Shocking article completely rubbish

  • amacdee

    This feels like an updated version of the Emperors new clothes.  Everyone clamouring for PV because he’s won lots of things in his career and knew how the game should be played. 
    Ardiles, Shearer and Gullit are all perfect examples of why that’s not a great blueprint for success.

  • mactoon

    Well he has stated he knows what kind of manager he wants to be, any club he agrees to manage shouldn’t tell him what to do and the club needs to give him the tools to be successful.

    If The Newcastle board agree to this and stand up to their promise it indicates a positive change in direction. If they won’t agree, we know nothing has changed.

    Unless Ashleys apparent change in approach set out in his interview extends to changing the role of the next head coach I can’t see them agreeing to PV’s wishes. If so, it’s a shame as he could be the perfect candidate for me.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    mactoon He hasn’t expressed any wishes! 
    His comments have been completely manipulated to refer to NUFC, or another Club, when all he was talking about was the Welsh FA and the coaching course he has been doing.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    amacdee What, and Big Sam, Pardew, Carver (and probably the Brolly) , Wise, Kinnear, Llambias and Charnley are a better blueprint?
    How about Mourinho? KK? Eddie Howe? Gary Monk? Plenty of other examples to counter argue here.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    He`ll get the Tools Ok
    Charnley & Geordie John
    2 of the biggest Tools in Football

  • TonnekToon

    He’d have the biggest set of Tools he’d ever work with . Happy days .

  • mactoon

    Sickandtiredstill mactoon  His comments weren’t aimed at any club, they were club agnostic and set out his vision of what he would want before he took up a role at any club. and to be fair the writer does say (prospective clubs such as Newcastle) so he isn’t saying they specifically refer to Newcastle

    I have applied his vision to NUFC as he will demand they are provided for him during any discussions between him and NUFC if they approach him to take over the role.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    mactoon Sickandtiredstill  Sorry like, you’re plain wrong. His actual comments were contained within the link I posted.

    They are completely about the coaching he is undertaking with the Welsh FA (along with Henry) and how that (and they) equips him, or will equip him, for the future.

    Those are the tools he is referring to.

    “It’s about the vision and the way the course is delivered,” said Vieira on why he’s among those listening intently to presentations given as part of the three-day conference. “I’ve been here for three years from the B licence to the Pro licence and I really know myself.

    “I really know which kind of manager I want to be. They don’t try to put something in my head. It’s about who I am as a person and how I see the game and how they can give me the tools to be a successful manager. It’s been a fantastic journey.”

  • mactoon

    Sickandtiredstill mactoon  yup i see your point but he still has a clear idea of ‘which kind of manager’ he wants to be and he will be spelling this out during any discussion with NUFC but I doubt they will agree

  • Sickandtiredstill

    mactoon Sickandtiredstill Well, Bayern wanted him earlier in the season to take on their development squad and be a future replacement for Gaurdiola.

    Anyone doubting his ability or ‘experience’ would do worse than considering the points in this blog article :-

  • amacdee

    [email protected] perfect counter argument if I was looking for one :-)
    What the PV loveys seem to forget that taking a risk on an untried manager is just that, A Risk. Does this club really need to take a punt on the next manager when we’ve had four and a half years of the last “Risk”

  • Sickandtiredstill

    amacdee Sickandtiredstill Understand that, but take a read of this and see if you still feel the same. It makes a good argument for him –

  • North East corner

    Must admit the thought of Patrick Vieira as head coach does quicken the pulses slightly seems that would be the fresh approach the club and team would need. Reading P V’s thoughts on managerial role and the role outlined by Charnley for our club I think there will be an insurmountable gap between the two. So reluctantly I am preparing myself for Steve Mac to be confirmed as head coach by the end of the week. Will he get a fair go at the job before we see any protest groups set up?

  • mactoon

    Sickandtiredstill amacdee  I’m really warming up to the idea of PV coming. I know his inexperience at senior management level makes him a risk but Bayern and Man City aren’t fools but I still feel Newcastle’s head coach role constraints are a big stumbling block.

  • delashio

    Of corse he wont. Hes getting slagged off already and hes not been offered the job yet.

  • delashio

    So unless we give viera the job nothings changet in your view. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • delashio

    Not really fair putting shearer in there and classing him as a manager after a handfull of games when we were already as good as down. Also im sure gullit won something managing chelsea which is more than most managers do but i might be wrong.

  • Hughie

    delashio no-one’s slagging him off, the point is that appointing an inexperienced manager at SJP has to date proved generally disastrous, and is a high risk strategy. If the media is to be believed there are four candidates, Vieira, Mclaren and two of Garde, Karanka or Laudrup.  Any of the last three would excite me more than Vieira or Mclaren.

  • delashio

    All ive seen is people slagging off mclaren so we will have to agree to disagree on that one. As for experience the other 3 you mention are far less experienced than him so you sort of contradict your point.

  • Hughie

    delashio I wouldn’t have much of a problem with McLaren–he would be a safer bet/lower risk appointment than Vieira. Sorry but what managerial /head coach experience does Vieira have– please enlighten me? The others have all been managers/head coaches and have had ultimate responsibility. As Carver showed it is a quantum leap up to the pinnacle.

  • delashio

    What are you on about?? I’ve never said vierra has got experience cos obviously he hasn’t. He hasn’t even got his badges yet for god sake. The lad who posted asked if steve mac would get a fair go at the job before any protest groups would get set up and all i said was no because he is getting slagged off already and he hasnt even been offered the job jet. For you to say you havent seen a post slagging him off i find totaly astounding! Like i said, mclaren actually has more experience than all the others mentioned. I really dont understand what you’re on about???

  • North East corner

    I’m certainly not slagging McLaren off I just thought it has more chance of being much of the same with his appointment than that of Vieira it’s just a personal view not claiming any expert knowledge. Whoever it is needs full backing from the board (Ashley) and the supporters or they will be dead in the water before they begin.

  • Hughie

    delashio your comments came through as a response to an earlier comment of mine and therefore I assumed you were referring to Vieira. Sorry. 
    Like you I would always give any new head coach/manager a chance, unlike some of the pillocks who slagged off Carver before he’d even started. I think McLaren may well turn out to be a very good option in terms of his experience, but his appointment wouldn’t excite me, whereas Garde, Laudrup or Karanka would

  • delashio

    Ah right hughie lol. Crossed wires. N.e corner i know what you mean. Vierra although no experience could bring something others cant and is a far more exciting prospect. We just have to wait and see i suppose. However it turns out you can guarentee it will have its ups and downs!

  • KevinBrown11

    You’re right he won the FA Cup with Chelsea

  • dav_art

    Sickandtiredstill mactoon  Well said Sick.  The headline, and article, is yet again misleading.

  • John Watson

    Well that’s that then…