Tuesday brought yet another day of head shaking from Newcastle fans, with the news that Patrick Vieira would not be United’s next Manager/Head Coach.

With nothing definitive from the club, as usual, it was left to the various media outlets to each give their ‘exclusive’ as to why the man who’d zoomed into odds on favouritism, wasn’t arriving on Tyneside.

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There were any number of reasons/excuses via the usual claimed sources/sauces, but the most popular were:

Patrick Vieira wouldn’t take the job because he’d have little or no say on which players would be bought and sold.


The whole Patrick Vieira episode was yet more pointless spin from Mike Ashley’s PR people, designed to try and make it look as though something ‘good’ might at last be happening…come and take advantage of the extended 10 June season ticket deadline.

Either way it isn’t good for Newcastle fans.

What it does though surely clarify once and for all, is that the supporters are being taken for mugs.

If it’s true that Patrick Vieira has knocked Newcastle back, then it confirms just what a joke we have become under Mike Ashley, with the ‘model’ he has put in place being something that no self-respecting credible prospective Manager would touch.

Alternatively, it tells us that simply Mike Ashley continues to treat the fans with contempt, putting in such effort via PR stunts to try and make it appear the club is being run on a professional basis, trying to attract the level of person who could oversee the recovery of Newcastle United. Rather than just giving the right platform (freedom to do the job and financial backing) that would have the right people queuing up at St James’ Park.

  • Andgeo


  • Cuse

    This Vieira thing has got way out of hand.

    The options you present are perfectly credible. But you’ve forgotten to include another, just as credible option.

    Vieira used the NUFC situation to get attention from his current employers.

    There’s also a massive “…if…” slap bang in the middle of your opinion. IF Vieira knocked NUFC back.

    Here’s some more ifs.

    IF Vieira was never actually interested.
    IF Vieira used his PR people to gain leverage
    IF NUFC never actually talked to Vieira
    IF NUFC decided Vieira didn’t have enough experience for a tough job based on him never having coached above U21 level
    IF Vieira asked for £200m and the removal of the wage cap
    IF Vieira didn’t want to move to the North East and wanted to commute from the North West, just like Mickey Owen

    I’m as p*ssed off with the current situation as anyone. But the myth that’s sprung up in little under a week about the supposed genius that is Patrick Vieira is incredible.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Quite simply it tells us that FatMan is happy to show himself as a greedy liar on TV.
    No doubt he thinks if his performance on Sky got one more idiot to renew their season ticket then it’s worthwhile.
    I had thought that he would spin out the Good news” until after the renewal deadline was over but it seems he could not even be arsed to do that!
    What follows now; hmm let me guess. Charnley to buy a right load of cheap knackers then flog off any decent players he can. McClown and Carver to ensure we go down in an utterly gutless fashion.
    Oh aye; FatMan to buy a 10% holding in Greggs so he can get a shareholder discount on his Pie orders.

  • Andgeo


  • Paul Patterson

    The biggest hurdle to overcome when getting a new manager, is this sackless model thats in place.

  • LeazesEnder

    Charnley is the squad builder, and it is obvious that this silly little man is clueless when it comes to football, 

    He left gaping holes in positions, he didn’t provide back up for injury, suspension and lack of form, he over estimated the capabilities and quality of the squad players,  he isn’t a football orientated guy, he’s responsible to one man and hides from everyone else.

    Charnley should;d have been sacked on the last day of the season, yet here he is fending off football people of the quality of Vierira…

    ….This is going to be a repeat performance!

  • jack1x

    One answer , and only answer BOYCOTT

  • David Wright1

    Firstly,Mike Ashley & co have now proved they have no ambition,if they had appointed Veira ,97% fans voted for from a poll they could have built the bridges they have broken with the fans,
    Second,they would have showed the statement that MA came out with on sky was meaningful .
    Third,the problem they now have is a massive downturn in support and the same model as last season going forward.
    We are still in a mess,in fact we are still a club going nowhere,they had the chance to repair the cart with a new horse but have decided to opt for the old knacker.,,,!!!

  • Albert27

    Absolutely sick. No hope. Either one of two clowns will b in charge with the same poor squad and some bargain additions minus jonas. I hate them.

  • Gallowgate82

    I am really surprised by the fan reaction to this news….. Vieira was never in contention for the job simply because no manager with any backbone will accept the terms and conditions that come with the job of being head coach at NUFC. Only the desperate or unemployed will even consider the job.
    As long as Mike Ashley owns the club it will remain this way and if you have followed NUFC for any length of time you should not be shocked by the news that Mike Ashley is in this for profit and for the promotion of Sports Direct.com.

  • Brian Standen

    This whole episode says absolutely everything, whether Vierra was ever interested is something we will never know, but for a few hours most fans were excited , as a player he was a winner , competitive, hated losing, won almost everything in the game sound like anyonE
    The is no doubt he would have demanded full control of transfers, as well as being given a large pot of cash to go get who he wanted
    Alas it was all just pie in the sky and it looks like we will end up with perennial loser Steve Maclaren, it’s enough to make even me reconsider my season ticket position

  • David Wright1

    Video for steptoe and son tune▶ 2:29
    8 May 2009 – Uploaded by VinylFun
    ‘Steptoe & Son’ TV Theme – RON GRAINER ORCHESTRA – 1962 45rpm …. Great tune …

  • DZA187

    Any good manager will want full control and we need to go back to this setup really.

  • Bianchi Boy

    Brian Standen

    “as a player he was a winner,competitive,hated losing, won almost everything in the game sound like anyone?” Yeah, he sounds like Roy Keane.

    And what a managerial giant he turned out to be…

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Wouldn’t you think that some reporter/player/blogger/tweeter somewhere has a good enough relationship with Vieira and could simply ask him if there was any truth in all of this?

    All we seem to know for sure is someone started betting on him. Bookies responded with quickly reducing odds – media picked up on that and hey presto a story is born.

    Vieira sure as hell doesn’t need to be associated with this Club in order to promote himself regardless of what anyone thinks in a conspiratorial way. Bayern wanted him earlier this year and with his CV and standing any right minded Club would want to make use of his services and contacts.

    What I have witnessed is how media spin a story out of nothing. Vieira’s comments about his coaching course with the Welsh FA had the names of City & NUFC inserted in order to make the story appear different to what he actually said (and one article writer here on The Mag did the same).

    So, some say he has never even been approached. Some say there was ‘contact’ and nothing more. Some say that he didn’t like the ‘model’. Vieira himself has said absolutely nowt and as far as I can work out he’s in Wales still finishing his course which ends this week.

    Hard therefore to believe anything right now. But surely if Carver or McClaren get the job then pretty much this whole ‘process’ has been a crock of shyte. No process at all in fact. 

    The only ‘model’ this Club has is how to survive in the PL without costing the owner a single penny more of his own money. If there was any real ambition here, that wouldn’t be a plan exercised by the ex club Secretary and the head scout who are certainly as far removed from being world leading, world beating, football figures as you could find.

  • Belfast Toon

    I’ve been banging on it was a PR stunt to sell tickets since the story broke. To think there was an 80 man list in January and then suddenly Viera pops out of nowhere. Complete bull and yet I don’t see any journalists picking up on this.

    Maybe Ashley will put himself forward for the FIFA job, sure that’s only for the money too since football doesnt seem to matter.

  • dude 1

    The fat controller is a toss pot and a joke just like his shops and is full of crap just don’t fall for the crap that is coming out of the football club lads and lasses

  • toonfifer


    Thats why its a nailed on certainty and has been for ages that the new manager is

    Steve McCLOWN

  • prestondave

    Brian Standen Wahay Brian, I actually agree with you on this one. Please dont renew and hopefully others will follow suit. As I said in an earlier post it is all smoke and mirrors with Fatty and the sooner fans see through him the sooner we will be United in getting this cancer out of our club. He is taking the pee on a daily basis and we mean nothing at all to him.

  • partworntyres

    mclaren out! mclaren out!………

  • Brian Standen

    Actually sounded more like Kevin Keegan to me, but I take your point, that said he excited me considerably more than the ‘wally with the brolly’. If Steve Maclaren gets the job I am off to the golf course, unless someone can convince me otherwise, although I do t hold much hope of that!

  • partworntyres

    jack1x geoffrey?

  • Brian Standen

    Would take a damn lot for me not to renew, but absolutely Maclaren would break the camels back! Failed championship manager, it speaks volumes about Mike Ashley’s ambition, his empty words of less than 2 weeks ago are just that , empty words
    Skilled managers can get the best out of what they have with minimum investment, some of the names mentioned have done just that, however you could give Maclaren a billion and I doubt he could get us in the top half!
    Zero ambition and zero hope!

  • Fedup10

    Now Blatter is free ………. would be surprised if he didn’t join our board ………. seems to have all the right credentials (liar, corrupt and treats football fans with contempt!!!)

  • hettonmag

    Cuse  We as fans are just looking for hope mate that’s why most of us clung on to the Viera thing. Now everyone is on a downer (again)  because  Mclown and  Charver are the only  ones in the frame.

  • Bianchi Boy

    Brian Standen I’m not sure why Vieira got so many people so excited is my point. 

    It is almost a fact in English football that the best players don’t transition into the best managers.

    Mourinho – Translator to manager
    Wenger – Minor player
    Van Gaal – Never played for Ajax 1st team
    Pellegrini – Never played outside of Chile

    Yet let’s look at all those stellar playing careers:

    Mark Hughes – Sacked by Man City and QPR
    Steve Bruce – Sacked by the Mackems and relegated
    Roy Keane – Sacked everywhere

    Mclaren might be dull. But let’s stop fantasising that Vieira would have guaranteed we would be World beaters.

  • Bianchi Boy

    hettonmag Cuse I get that. I’m a fan too.

    I’m just baffled that the “hope” most clung to was for an untested manager with a huge ego and no track record…after that’s always worked so well in England, hasn’t it?

    I think the hope people wanted was for a big name.

    Stuff that. I want someone who can manage first and foremost.

  • TheBoneYard

    quoting speculative journalism with a whiff of cynicism then continue writing with your own speculations, wtf ?

  • Brian Standen

    You make an excellent point for sure, but my thought was at least someone like Vierra would possibly bring something fresh and possibly exciting, also perhaps a little ambition
    My point is someone previously mentioned like Remi Garde would be ideal, we have to break from the norm , the names you speak of above does produce a valid arguement for your point!
    Tell me though, who would your ideal candidate be, and also would it get someone like me who has been going since 1970 who WILL pack in if Maclaren gets the job to change my mind?
    And finally be realistic because Jose or Fergie are not going to accept

  • TonnekToon

    The thing that boils my water is that it looks like a Win Win situation for Carver . He’ll  either be Wally’s No. 2 or he’ll be elected Head Coach with Stonesy as his No.2 (God forbid ) It would  be the proverbial  straw for many , and make us an even bigger joke than we are at the moment . He should be no where near the Club . What a fr*****g Pantomime !

  • Trev Davey

    I’ll never go back into SJP or give the fat one one single penny more of my hard earned,until he shows me the colour of his money and that’s more than the 34M he has sitting in the bank. I actually got excited for about 48 hours, the first time for a long time at the thought of a new eara with a highly rated young coach and natural born winner, it was a great feeling while it lasted, but it’s back to normal again and a boycott for me until things change drastically. HTF

  • PaulNewsome

    There was never any actual evidence for this Vieira story anyway, It could be just completely made up like most of these things. All you have to do is say a “source” said something somewhere and Bob’s your uncle.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Bianchi Boy Brian Standen

    “It is almost a fact in English football that the best players don’t transition into the best managers.”

    So let’s get nice but dull McClaren? One League Cup 14 years ago and a Dutch Championship with L Suarez in his side (top goal scorer). 

    Aiming high.

  • fromtheheed

    Forget everything you read so far. We’ve been promised a top manager and signings galore.
    ” I want to win something if ever I do sell.
    Over the next months I’ll be offering 45% discount on all season tickets as long as you take them out for 8 years. I promised you success, you can trust me I’m a changed chairman “.
    Am I excited about McClaren taking the job, so much so that I will buy a Leicester City shirt and watch Match of the Day; that is of course if we a not the last featured game on showing 2 minutes of football.
    Can’t wait until the 2016 – 2017 season to hear Sir Mike Ashley speak on SKY for achieving a top 4 place.

  • Bianchi Boy

    Brian Standen I just think the fans are grasping at straws to be honest. I don’t mean to disagree with you, but to break from the norm doesn’t guarantee success. We’re a classic example of that!

    – Gullit was a break from the norm – exotic and exciting. A winner as a player…
    – Dalglish was a break from the norm – he’d won the league and recently and we couldn’t believe he was coming to our club…
    – Shearer was a break from the norm – An actual living legend who would inspire the Club away from the relegation zone…

    Garde is a complete unknown to me – and I guess to most NUFC fans as he’s only ever managed in France – so I’m confused as to why he is seen as “preferable” to Mclaren.

    Compare and contrast. Benitez has today been confirmed as CF Madrid’s manager. Now be really honest. If he was confirmed as NUFC’s manager 3 months ago the fans would be in uproar about a lack of ambition from the club. I think we’re living in a fantasy World called “we demand a manager who’s famous or never lost a job and we’ll not settle until we get one until he fails then we’ll attack Ashley again…”

    My ideal manager?

    I just want one. I’m one of these weird types who doesn’t attribute a great deal of importance to the manager 99% of the time. I think it’s more down to money and club structures.

    Mclaren will be OK I think. Whereas I think Vieira and Garde will be huge risks. 

    Out of the current crop, the only name that comes to mind is Paul Clement. Relatively untried but at least he’s been an assistant to a great manager in Ancelotti. But honestly, if its Mclaren, I’ll be satisfied. Really I would.

  • Bianchi Boy

    Sickandtiredstill Bianchi Boy Brian Standen Your logic doesn’t follow.

    If you accept that great players don’t necessarily make great managers, it doesn’t then follow that Mclaren is a bad move.

    You’re just ranting.

    I remember when the papers fabricated that Benitez was a possibility in February. We didn’t like that idea. Now he’s managing CF Madrid.

    Are they aiming low?

  • Morpethmag

    If Benitez had been as manager 3 months ago, I know of no one who would have been in uproar,,, I would have been over the moon, he’s won a trophy in the first season of every club he’s ben at, two leagues with Valencia, European cup with liverpool as well as UEFA cup and fa cup,
    DaGlish wasn’t breaking the norm, he had won two titles in England, gullit had done a decent job with Chelsea before abramoviches money,, the only on e was shearer and that was out of desperation.
    I would hate mcclaren, another yes man, that is why he was hired by England, if Viera, was good or bad, at least it was showing ambition,,hireing mcclaren is not, he is only here to pick up his wages and take the blame for Ashley’s total lack of respect for NUFC and its fans.
    FFS HE TURNED US DOWN TWICE and WAS SACKED BY DERBY,, wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

  • MidlandsMag

    Bianchi Boy Sickandtiredstill Brian Standen

  • Toonloony 1971

    So lets say Mc Claren gets the job and somehow manages to get a decent squad of players, would you all be against him then???
    We have nobody who will buy the club, all the “Ashely out” protests are pointless as nobody will replace him so we are stuck!! I say support who we get and pray we win something, then Ashley will sell the club and hopefully we will have this mythical Geordie billionaire oil sheik!!!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    fromtheheed Hear it all before in differing ways. Here’s a potted history:-

    2009 – Llambias – After breaking his silence since being appointed to the Toon board in June, Llambias also revealed:
    :: HOW the current board have regretted the huge mistakes they’ve made;

    :: WHY fans will now be given a voice at St James’s;
    :: HOW the director of football model — with Dennis Wise STILL on board — will put the club in great shape for years to come;
    :: WHY Ashley will splash the cash in the summer.

    2010 – Llambias – “In five years’ time I would hope we would be challenging for everything,”

    2012, Llambias – United have a grand five-year plan, with this season’s aim to finish in the top 10 followed by the top eight next season and then beyond.
    “We would love to be in the Champions League, the extra £30m would help us get where we would like to be. We like to see things grow.”

    2015 Charnley – 
    * “I am confident that with our dedicated, hardworking and loyal employees, together with http://www.nufc.co.uk/articles/20140407/lee-charnley-appointed-managing-director_2281670_3754161# and his backroom staff, we will progress the Club, both on and off the field over the coming years.”

    * “I think we do communicate but we need to find a better way to communicate…….If I’m saying ‘Only talk about team selection and the games’ there needs to be another voice. I think the information has been out there, through the fan’s forum and through the statements, but it’s how we get it out there that needs to improve.”

    * “as an organisation, one of our strengths is how we react and the support we give people when things aren’t going particularly well”

    * “It’s http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-not-hurry-name-8404501 It is a proper structured process which I believe will in the end give us the best individual for the job.”

    Ashley, May 2015 –  “And when I say win something, if we ever get in a position where we get a Champions League place, that also qualifies as winning something.” (see Llambias, 2010!)

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Bianchi Boy Sickandtiredstill Brian Standen I was hardly ranting.

    So, what is your point exactly? McClaren was neither a great (not even good) player and is no earth shaker in management.

    The bloke supposedly choosing him (Carr) has exactly the same pedigree in that respect.

    So does Carver. So did Pardew.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Bianchi Boy Brian Standen Is the irony not therefore lost on you that Clement went to Derby as McClaren’s replacement?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Toonloony 1971 McClaren will not decide who comes to the Club. 
    Carr and Charnley are the ones who make that decision. Perhaps you’ve missed that bit?

  • David Wright1

    NUFC s new pre match song
    Video for steptoe and son tune▶ 2:29
    8 May 2009 – Uploaded by VinylFun
    ‘Steptoe & Son’ TV Theme – RON GRAINER ORCHESTRA – 1962 45rpm …. Great tune …

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And of course we always have this reality – McClaren has the choice of being part of a three legged arrangement (4 if you include Carver) here, or alternatively he could join the Mackem’s as a traditional Manager with full control.

  • SGM

    Bianchi Boy Brian Standen   You can stick Souness in your list as well.

  • hettonmag

    Bianchi Boy Sickandtiredstill Brian Standen   Out of  80 to pick from  we have stumbled across  McLaren,  you seem to think that’s pretty good, time will tell  but it doesn’t  set my pulse racing that’s for sure.

  • v0ices

    Bianchi Boy Brian Standen brian clough great player and manager, bobby robson played for england. everyone can pull names out of the air.

  • Toonloony 1971

    Sickandtiredstill Toonloony 1971 I was saying IF and its a BIG IF!! Carr and Charnley do get him a good squad will he get the fans support????

  • ilullissat

    The ONLY and I repeat ONLY way is for the fans to stay AWAY in HUGE numbers.Nothing else will do and if the fans want to force a change they NEED TO DO IT

  • ilullissat

    David Wright1 At least Steptoe and Son was funny

  • ilullissat

    Fedup10 Even Blatter would feel like an amateur compared to this lot

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    Sickandtiredstill fromtheheed Makes you sick doesn’t it. We all know how Ashley runs our club and any fans who can’t are deluded. ALL fans need to get behind Ashleyout.com or we are doomed.

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    Ashley must be held accountable for what he said before the West Ham game. His lies are there for all to see. Was he just taking the p155 when he said he wouldn’t leave until he won something? How can this be achieved by a club being run by Tweedledum and Tweedledee? He has no intention of changing, why would he? He hates the fans and has done for years.

  • Demented_Man

    Toonloony 1971 Why on earth should the fans get behind him?  He turned down the job twice and is only considering it this time because he unexpectedly got the sack at Derby.  In other words, he’s coming in the absence of anything better.
    The ‘Ashley out’ protests are useless?  The ‘Blatter out’ campaign was useless as well, so it appeared.  How quickly things can change though.

  • Big Toon

    Viera had no intention of coming to Newcastle.  Have to laugh at some of the muppets who come on shouting let’s get Klopp,etc.  There are loads of players/managers who are available who simply do not want to live in Newcastle.  Jesus Diego Costa and his wife  are struggling to live in Chelsea.  The reason Newcastle United are a laughing stock is not just Ashley it is the fans who keep claiming we are a big club.  Not won a domestic trophy for 60 years.

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    Big Toon Newcastle are a big club………to the fans and that’s what matters. We don’t need trophies just a Club that we can be proud of. And as for the comment about players/managers not wanting to live in Newcastle, I don’t buy that. There are, however, lots of players/managers who are available who simply wouldn’t dream of working for a club run in a manner such as ours. ASHLEY OUT!

  • v0ices

    MikeAshleyAteMyHamster Big Toon 18th richest club in the world with ashley strangling the clubs finances and ambition suggests we are a big club indeed.

  • Toontoon09

    Complete guesswork !!!!!
    Just wasted 30secs of my life reading this bull !!

  • Jimmywayhay

    Well done Sunderland , your showing effort in trying to get a decent manager in , Newcastle want a cheap puppet to start one week before the season starts to save on close season wages and stop him having time to bring players in ! When did Pardew leave ? Not that long to get someone in ,then !

  • Alltomuch

    In five years or so McClaren has had more jobs than most of merseyside!
    Why? Because he is crap and is got rid of!! By smaller teams than ours as well ( less said about the brolly the better)
    Then again charnley, Ashley, caver and the more I see of carr, they are well suited
    Just wish they were somewhere else together.
    Why us!!!

  • MidlandsMag

    If support and prayers were all it took, we’d all be fighting for the top spot.

  • Porciestreet

    Toonloony 1971 CUCKOO…………………….!

  • markral

    Simple solution to this one folks…Do not renew your season tickets & Assley will start flapping…I am not with this clown in charge ..Had enough. We need to start the demos again AND LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toonloony 1971

    Demented_Man Toonloony 1971 How can you compare the Blatter out campaign with the Ashley out campaign?? One is an employee voted in by Fifa, the other OWNS the Club!! Whether you like it or not, unless someone with money rocks up and makes Mike Ashley an offer too good to refuse we are stuck with him!!
    Please dont take this that I am in favour of the current regime, I am just a realist and think it may be better to back McClaren and the team and see what happens rather than immediately turning on him.  
    Also, anyone know Richard Branson or the Duke of Westminster personally?? You never know, they may be Toon fans!!!!

  • Toonloony 1971

    Porciestreet Toonloony 1971 Cuckoo? Maybe……. Realistic? Yes

  • howay51

    NUFCinnocent the mag is the most negative platform I have ever been forced to endure . Pointless unfollowing as still gets retweeted to TL

  • howay51

    NUFCinnocent they have a nerve talking about pr spin. Everything ever mentioned about club gets their neg spin put on it.