This morning, Newcastle United’s ‘Preferred media partner’ Sky Sports reported that they had been told by club sources/sauces that NUFC were welcoming offers for striker Papiss Cisse.

The broadcaster also though carrying quotes (see below) from Cisse saying that the 30 year old striker was going to be working hard to try and get into Newcastle’s team this coming season.

With the local press giving a lot of coverage recently to the club supposedly offering Charlie Austin the number nine shirt as an added attraction of a move to Tyneside, Papiss Cisse has now sent his own riposte to Charlie Austin and anybody else who thinks he is going to give up the famous shirt easily.

Using his Twitter account Papiss Cisse said on Tuesday afternoon:

‘I’m proud to be wearing the number 9 shirt and I’m looking forward to this season!’

My take on it is that Mike Ashley is very keen to sell Papiss Cisse this summer and indeed I think he would have tried a year ago if the striker hadn’t been injured.

I don’t think there is any way that the Newcastle owner will give 30 year old Papiss Cisse a contract extension.

So I think Ashley’s minions will be doing everything they can to ‘encourage’ the player to leave, from what Cisse has had to say I don’t think he is going to go quietly.

papiss cisse

Papiss Cisse Quotes from the Sky article earlier today:

“I am at Newcastle and I have one and a half years (left on my) contract. I am a Newcastle striker and I just think about my holiday, when I go back to Newcastle I will try to work hard and try to make the team.

“It’s good for Newcastle because he has been the England manager before. It is good to change something in the team.”

Spitting incident with Jonny Evans:

“I accept that is not football, football is to enjoy and I know I am a good person.

“That happens just in football and outside football you would never see that happen with me

  • harvowalker111003

    Some more good news today matip and bas dost won’t be joining this circus of a club can’t wait to see what shyte we actually sign as no decent professional will come here.

  • harvowalker111003 source?

  • NottsToon

    Quotes from Dost’s manager and the President of Schalke. Could be brinksmanship but that seems fairly unlikely.

  • NottsToon you don’t think brinksmanship in a potential football transfer is likely???

  • Wayne Clayton

    The same “preferred media partners” that said the Austin deal was done (apart from the price, he wants to stay in London, Chelski/Southampton/Swansea? are in for him). Flipping joke!

  • tommy tucker

    Charlie Austin was at a hospitality event with bet victor 6 days ago, after that event they reduced the odds to 1/1 on him joining west ham.

  • DownUnderMag

    Ashley has proved time and again with not only his retail business but also in his business dealings and general conduct that he doesn’t care about anyones feelings, will not change his approach no matter how unscrupulous and certainly won’t get sentimental about anything.  His treatment of some of our players as possessions is there for all to see, is it any wonder why they don’t lose any sleep when they can move clubs for more money?!?!

  • delashio

    You’ve got to be 100% negative on here otherwise no one likes it. Did you not know that? How DARE you speak as though you have a bit of optimism!! Get out of toon!

  • NotFatFreddy


    ‘Brinksmanship’ is he a CH or a CF?  Never heard of him.

  • delashio tell me about it mate. It seems if someone can make a negative out of absolutely anything they will.

  • v0ices

    NotFatFreddy NottsToon wo wont manage to get him over the line

  • NotFatFreddy

    v0ices NotFatFreddy NottsToon 

    Shame, was looking forward to having ‘Brinkmanship’ on the back of my pink Wonga 100% verified polyester toon away top.
    Might just go for ‘Walterwiththeumbrella’ instead, unless of course we sign ‘Foluwashola  Ameobi’…once again.

  • delashio

    This is probabily a good time to sell cisse as its the last chance to get any sort of return on the fee we paid. Given his poor form over the last couple of seasons and severe lack of goals along with having arguably the worst first touch in the premier league and hardly ever being available for selection due to suspension or injury we would be best off letting him go and letting one of our young lads have his opportunity.

  • delashio

    Exactly. It works both ways. Players use clubs as much as clubs use players so i dont see what your problem is?

  • DownUnderMag

    delashio i’m saying that some of the fans who complain about our players being mercenaries need to look at how they are treat themselves before pointing the finger of blame solely at the player, thats all.

  • delashio

    Yeah i agree. Players and clubs are as bad as eachother and people are stupid for thinking any different. Players’ number 1 priority are themselves and their familys and any director, chairman or managers’ is the club. Thats how it should be.