The exact figures have been released of what the TV revenue for each Premier League club was last season.

The total for Newcastle United and the other 19 clubs is made up of five different amounts.

Newcastle’s total banked was £77,835,102 which was divided into:

£4,392,630 – Central Commercial (Cash from Premier League sponsors etc – same amount for each club)

£27,757,371 – Overseas TV (This amount is equal share for each club)

£21,968,793 – Domestic TV (This figure is equal share for each club)

£7,469,388 – Merit Money (£1,244,898 for each place you are up the league so NUFC 6 x £1,244,898)

£16,246,920 – Facility Fees (£8,775,160 to all clubs for the first 10 live matches (even if play less than 10 live ones), then £747,176 for each one after that)

Table thanks to the Daily Mail (though they managed to somehow place Stoke before Newcastle, even though ‘we’ hammered them by £2,372!)


What the bottom line is for Newcastle, is that being live on TV more times (20) than all but the top five money earners, made a huge difference of roughly seven or eight on the clubs we finished in amongst.

On the other hand, if Newcastle had finished say seventh (where Southampton did), it would have meant just short of ten million extra and put NUFC less than a million behind Spurs and only twelve million behind top earners Chelsea.

The fact Newcastle are on live TV more than the likes of Tottenham shows just what the potential could be if Mike Ashley ran the club with ambition on and off the pitch. Plus the success on the pitch then becomes largely self-financing, as in if we’d been 7th instead of 15th there would have been almost £10m more to play with this coming season.

  • fireflyuk

    Nice to know how much Ashley will be banking.

  • nufcmag777

    Carver lost Ashley £6.235 mill due to taking us from 10th to 15th and he is still going to be at the club when McClaren is wheeled out.Ashley is and has surrounded himself with football morons and the relegation bullet will hit again-it’s only when.Nufc R.I.P.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    “shows just what the potential could be if Ashley ran the club with ambition……” did you not listen to his end of season speech “staying until we win something”, surely that shows ambition or maybe like me you read between the lines and think, “I know we’ll not win anything but I’m here until the TV money dries up” ps as an after thought that 6.235m that Carver cost with our plummet down the league would have easily paid any compen due to the current “training staff” and went a long way to paying a compotent coach/manager and his own staff that would have steered us to safety quite easily, just a thought like