This week we have already brought you the breakdown of how all the TV revenue was shared between the twenty Premier League clubs last season.

That included details of each of the five pots of money each club accessed, there were the same for each, whilst two pots of money were shared in different amounts to each club.

The two areas where clubs received varying amounts were due to:

Performance – where each club finished in the Premier League.

Popularity – how many times a club featured live on TV.

The clever people at football finance experts @Sportingintel have done some calculations and came up with the two columns of figures below, one showing what each club would have got if the entire TV money was purely based on where you finished in the league, then also if the money was shared only based on how often your club was shown live on TV.

tv revenue

As you can see, the figures produce vastly different results for a club such as Newcastle United based on last season.

NUFC actually received £77.8m from the Premier League TV deal, but using only TV popularity or achievement you get:

TV popularity £104.2m

Achievement (place in PL) £59.8m

That’s a difference of £44.4m. The biggest disparity of any club in the Premier League.

What it tells me is that Newcastle United are the biggest underachievers.

TV companies use Newcastle United rather than clubs such Villa, Stoke, Sunderland, Hull because people are interested in the club.

Fans of other clubs might take an interest because they want us to get beat but the fact remains, TV companies only put you are on based on what viewing figures they think will be attracted. This of course also reflecting the size of Newcastle’s fanbase compared to the other clubs.

The Champions Chelsea were only on live TV five more times than Newcastle, yet relegated Hull and Burnley were on twelve times less.

Once again, this all points to the fact that if Newcastle United were ran in an ambitious way, then just as under Sir Bobby and Kevin Keegan, our club is the one that has the potential to organically potentially break through into that top group of clubs, without massive injections of outside cash.

It wouldn’t/couldn’t happen overnight but using the TV deals plus the extra revenue Newcastle are capable of earning above most other clubs, it should mean that United are top 7 or 8 every season and then build from there.


  • ncncnc

    and if the league was based on scrabble scores for the letters in the names then we would be doing a lot better than chelsea as well, but it isnt. whats the point of using made up statistics to try to prove a point?

  • Paul Patterson

    So in reality we have at least £59m to spend . .

  • Morpethmag

    What a heap of shite!!!., a pointless exercise,,,,,,,,

  • wor monga

    Do you really need to be told from these TV money receipts…

    …that the Toon are the biggest underachievers in the game…we’ve
    been the biggest underachieving club possibly in the footballing world since
    half way through the last century…in the days when the TV was only interested
    in covering the FA cup final…

    These figures are based on worldwide sales of the product to
    mass markets…China, India etc, etc…where the final score, time of goals, number
    of throw ins, and so on is of more interest than who’s playing for gambling

    …we figure because it’s known some goals will always happen
    in our games…usually scored by the opposition unfortunately!!!

  • Demented_Man

    It just shows what a popular circus NUFC is, as opposed to a proper football club with pride, ambition, integrity etc.

  • David Long

    why on everyone of your posts is there a mature ladies porn site?

  • Brownale69

    not paid any of the “loan off” then?

  • Andgeo

    Unfortunately our club is wholly owned by a complete FAT FCUKING BSATARD.
    Our club starts each season with 2 handicaps, compared to all other football clubs. 1) NUFC is used to subsidise Sports Direct. The free advertising and other swindles (mike ashley contracts) mean that the club has £30m or £40m less income than they otherwise would under honest ownership. 2) the club now lacks competent ownership and management at nearly all levels. To quote the Fat Cnut himself their job is to get the best “pahnd for pahnd value” out of his unjustifiably restricted budget. With compounding appalling bad decision making the club punches well below it’s weight. This will never improve as long as he is there and consequently there is only one solution. This needs to be forced upon them from the first game to the last. ASHLEY OUT!!

  • Andgeo

    It must be because you or someone in your household must look at it. Don’t mean to be rude there ‘no pun intended’ but delete your internet history and cookies and the problem should go away. For the time being anyway…..

  • Andgeo

    Not quite. It means we ‘should’ have £59m+ to invest in players but in reality we have £0 and the fat disgrace pockets the lot.

  • MilitantGeordie

    It’s amazing what a difference ten years make. Back then neutrals wanted to watch Newcastle to see fast attacking football and passion oozing from the stands. Now they watch to see how our cheap nasty little club gets humped and to laugh at the wonga brigade sitting in silence or the ‘ deluded ‘ protesters kicking off. Mike Ashley should write a book ‘ How to wreck a football club’ w**ker.

  • Andgeo

    Bit like the second half of our last 2 seasons then, a pointless exercise. Similarly, a bit like supporting newcastle, a pointless exercise other than to line the fat fcuckers already diamond encrusted pockets.