On Monday we brought you the news that season ticket sales at Newcastle United were ‘less than healthy’.

The article produced much debate and has been picked up by the mainstream press; covered by The Telegraph, The Mail and Talksport amongst many others.

Despite Mike Ashley’s end of season speech apparently promising changes for the better at Newcastle United and twice shifting the season ticket renewal deadline back, by almost a month in total, it appears to have had zero affect on encouraging fans to buy season tickets.

Even though the season tickets are now on general sale, an investigation by Chris Holt showed that of 24,154 seats, only 17,228 of them had been bought up as season tickets – with 6,926 (28.67%) remaining unsold.

season ticket sales

This information gleaned from the official club website itself, which has a stadium plan allowing prospective season ticket holders to see up to date information of which seats are available to buy as season tickets.

(Not all areas of the stadium can be accessed on the website plan, with the whole of level 7 (which includes the 8,000 capacity family enclosure) amongst those that can’t be viewed.)

By Monday, Chris Holt had came up with the following totals, after going through around two thirds of the accessible areas of the 52,000 capacity St James Park.

season ticket sales

Whether fans are actively boycotting as a statement of intent, or just basically  fed up with watching a sub-standard Newcastle United devoid of ambition, the end result is still the same – thousands and thousands of unsold season tickets.

The question being – would the picture look any better for Mike Ashley once the rest of the sold/unsold seats were counted up?

All the accessible areas have now (Tuesday) been viewed by Chris and totalled up, giving us these final figures:

season ticket sales

The extra ten thousand seats viewed since yesterday’s figures have given a remarkably consistent result, with still 71% of the new overall total showing as being bought as season tickets and 29% unsold.

This leaving 9,855 unsold season tickets out of a total of 34,044 seats.

However, there is then an extra sting in the tail in these figures for Mike Ashley, as during his investigation Chris Holt discovered that seats which hadn’t been renewed in January/February (long-term season ticket offer deadline) or those up for renewal in May (extended to 19 June), were still showing as sold despite the season ticket holder not renewing.

(If it is your seat that you haven’t renewed, you can find out via your own unique log-in to the website ticket section if it has been taken by somebody else yet, or whether it is still available for you to buy if you change your mind).

After asking for supporters to come forward via Twitter, many other fans confirmed that this was also the case for them. Their non-renewed season tickets were showing as sold on the club’s stadium plan despite not having been bought up by anybody else.

So what that basically means of course, is that the 29% (9,855 out of 34,044) who haven’t renewed, is a false figure. That is just a starting point with hundreds, if not thousands, to add to the unsold total.

As a starting point we can look at a minimum of 10,000 season tickets of the 34,000 that haven’t been bought up.

Of the other 18,000 seats in the ground, you have that 8,000 capacity family enclosure which I would find hard to believe is anywhere near sold out, especially after what the kids had to watch last season.

Also within those extra 18,000 places are the 3,200 available for away fans.

First game of the season against Southampton, you have to assume a minimum of 2,000 of those away seats not being taken and so extra ones available to Newcastle fans.

Potentially a crowd of under 40,000 to kick the season off against The Saints?

However, it is in Mike Ashley’s own hands to rectify this, he has to convince supporters that the club are going to show ambition by putting realistic investment into the squad.

Without it, many fans will quite rightly keep their money in their pockets and not commit to a season ticket or even go match by match.

It is very difficult, and depressing, to believe that this is the same club which once had a 15,000 waiting list for season tickets back in the days of Kevin Keegan.

Mike Ashley has squeezed the life and aspirations out of the Newcastle United fanbase, yet at the drop of a hat he can breathe life back into the corpse.

In January 2013 he was forced into buying five players because of the pressing fear of releagtion, so let us hope that fears of his Sports Direct advertising appearing alongside thousands of empty seats, plus fewer televised live matches, will provide similar ‘encouragement’.

(Thanks to Chris Holt for compiling this invaluable data on season ticket sales. You can visit Chris’ blog HERE, plus you can follow him on Twitter @MikeAshleyLies)

***By sheer coincidence….the club have this (Tuesday) afternoon started promoting the great value that season tickets represent, publishing this article on their website, including the following line:

‘Season tickets for the 2015/16 campaign are now on full general sale and all areas of St. James’ Park have availability, including the popular East Stand and Family Enclosure.’

  • Malcolm Colledge


  • Demented_Man

    This has also been taken up by Talk Sport.  Regrettably, Adrian Durham has used it to question the loyalty of fans.

  • Oldgit

    Nice to see that my sacrifice in not renewing my season ticket is appreciated, although to be fair it was not much to sacrifice with the standard of football I had to watch. I despise the owner and lee charnley. There is not a another club in the premiership that has to put up with the contempt that this club has shown to their supporters . The total lack of communication, the secrecy. The behind closed doors attitude. The proven lies told. The whole club stinks and I for one has chosen not to renew. I previously gave the club the ultimatum of wanting to see some decent players signed by the 5th July or my money will be going on a month long cruise. It’s in their court now. A doubt they will care. A lone voice perhaps but there are others who have not renewed. I salute you.

  • jack1x

    I’ll never renew , until we satart to sign some quality players ,Nathan Dyed the latest second rate played who’s linked , it’s a joke , let’s hope everyone sticks it out and keeps their money in their pockets

  • Shipcote Willy

    A well researched and written piece. Chris is to be applauded and news of the situation reached Talksport today Excellent interview Mark counteracting the clubs claim that tickets are going as last year. They have no shame especially when it comes to misleading fans.

  • Jarra MIck

    I hate the bar stewards as much as the next man but I don’t think there is anything sinister in showing those who have yet to renew as sold. They are hoping these poor deluded fools will change their minds and with all the seats that are available they don’t want to huff anyone thinking about going back. Sadly I don’t think fatty will have to make many signings to win a lot of these folk back, he knows that, that’s why he isn’t in full panic mode yet. You can be sure he will toss a few scraps to us, the bare minimum you can be sure.

  • Shipcote Willy

    He always goes the opposite way to cultivate his controversial image and get fans ringing in

  • blackiegray

    How are the figures compared to the last two years? Is it normal to have a third unsold and have the remaining tickets purchased by the general public? Also, 15k waiting list, that was before the ground was expanded so you can’t really use that as a comparison.

  • Chemical Dave

    “Yet at the drop of a hat he can breathe life back into the corpse”. You really think so? Perhaps you think we’re as gullible as fat Mike? The appointment of a manager with a declining reputation sent a message to many people to expect more of the same…

  • Cornflake

    Well done to those who have had enough.  About time they send a message.  It’s not whose a better fan, but why put your hard earned dollars into something that really is giving little back to you.

  • mactoon

    blackiegray  The usual figure is around 6% unsold at the pre season stage, Newcastle has 30% unsold. do the math and get your head out of your ass

  • Mal44

    I think the point he’s making is that 3 or 4 quality signings would change the mood. I agree with him, but whether it will happen is another thing.

  • Porciestreet

    mactoon blackiegray Good on ya Mac………..!

  • Porciestreet

    That still leaves 40,000 sheep that still have to be convinced and it won’t be easy. Keep up the protests and the preasure will tell eventually.     HWTF.

  • GToon

    Seems like we will be playing poor football in a partially empty stadium. Can’t believe the clown will stand by and watch this happen. He wouldn’t do that for one of his shops would he? By the way I’ve also just done that exercise it says never do in the image above. Is that linked to our demise too?

  • LeazesEnder

    I know lots of people who have packed in their tickets since the club started going backwards under the previous regime

    I’d love to see the Chronicle do a poll… to go with their ubiquitous collection…. simple question….

    Since mike Ashley took over the club has your family cancelled season tickets

    A. Yes
    B. No

  • LeazesEnder

    GToon I don’t think it will be empty… there will still be full houses for the visit of the ambitious clubs…. and they are the only ones Sky cover with us.

  • LeazesEnder

    Chemical Dave …Yes despite the Chronicles assurances that the appointment of Steve would bring about a new era of attacking football…

  • 1957

    The media generally blame the supporters for where we are now not those responsible for the state of the club. They blame us for driving out the genius that was Pardew, some sympathised with Carver claiming we had unrealistic expectations of what he could do with a weak squad and we are told Ashley has been good for us (at least until they were excluded for not being preferred partners ) and we are simply ungrateful.

  • LeazesEnder

    blackiegray No it was when the ground was expanded….

  • DavidDrape

    Demented_Man 1st class kxxxhead Durham. like to listen to some sport on radio if working int eh garden just wish they would put the twit on the very late slot

  • Chemical Dave

    appreciate that Mal but I would be staggered if he were to go out and buy 3 or 4 PROVEN premier league players after his depressingly familiar punt on a bloke whose career is so in decline that he looks as bewildered as the rest of us as to why he was given not only the ‘head coach’s’ job but thrust into the boardroom too ! Brolly is a typical fatty appointment, a bloke clearly grateful for one last chance to salvage his career and therefore far easier to manipulate by the likes of harry potter and fat wendy.

  • Chemical Dave

    LeazesEnder Chemical Dave 
    I don’t read the chronicle mate and to be honest, I pray the paper will go out of business when fat boy quits town for it’s utterly traitorous support of Ashley’s lies and deceit.

  • GeorgeBainbridge

    Keep the faith Next season is our season a little more patience and we’ll do very well next season
    Toon Toon Black & White Armeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • blackiegray

    Wow, such hostility when asking a question. I was genuinely wondering what was normal as unless you compare what we’ve sold now to what we normally sell then it doesn’t have a lot of meaning. Thanks for the kind reply.

  • blackiegray

    Are you sure? Expansion was completed after Keegan left, above claims it was during Keegans era that there was a waiting list of 15k. Also, I’m sure you’re supposed to have called me a kunt or something when replying, that’s the done thing on here right? ;)

  • Andgeo

    Maybe this is why the fat man is not buying any players? Convenient excuse!!! Ashley out!

  • GToon

    Maybe. But factor in the be a member to buy a ticket ploy and perhaps even those games will have low crowds. And it’s not like we will win any of those games! Who wants to turn up to see us get hammered?

  • JohnyH

    The only way forward is without the FCB.
    The only means that we have at our disposal, as supporters, to achieve this is to withdraw our financial support.
    Look at this way; if you bought a car from a dealer and it turns out there’s no engine in it, you’d go ballistic, so why accept being ripped off your several hundred pounds of season ticket money, when he won’t put an engine in the team.
    We’re all being done over by the parasite. He’s taking in millions and failing to keep his part of the deal to the FA, the Premier League, but most of all to the supporters of our great club, by refusing to compete.
    Boycott is the only way now..

  • The Mag

    Chemical Dave Mal44 Think the point is that unlike previous regimes (McKeag etc), Mike Ashley has money available that is generated by the club that he has chosen to not invest in the team, with that policy continuing so far this summer. 
    Not to mention that he is fantastically rich on a personal basis and yet chooses to increase that personal wealth at the expense of the club via the free advertising for his retail empire as well as other fringe benefits.
    Spending whatever it takes to buy a decent centre-back and two quality strikers (or one and a creative midfielder/winger) would be great business on and off the pitch.
    Of course we need more than those three but at the moment it is difficult to see Ashley signing any player who will look a certainty to star in the Premier League.

  • fireflyuk

    GeorgeBainbridge When you say next season is our season does that mean we may finish 17th then?

  • fireflyuk

    Demented_Man Talk shite as its termed in my house. Amateur radio.

  • mactoon

    Apologies for my tone I misread your comment

  • Duke Fame

    The Mag Chemical Dave Mal44 I’m fairly sure we’ll see a couple of signings in the next 7 days and even the most blinkered ‘Ashley Out’ campaigner must appreciate that the likes of the Charlie Austin interest has more than one dimension be that QPR, other suitors, his wedding, his wife and family or simply the North East of England is a long way from home.  

    I suspect we will get the centre half, the striker, the wide-man we need. We may even get an Playboy bunny assault victim as a fill in at left back to bring through Hadaira. 

    However, the money now generated by the club is not vast, without trading players, it does not generate vast profits and for that reason we cannot just throw money around. We made £14m profit, that’s the spare amount available to invest from 2014 which already went on some good but unlucky buys. ‘Investing’ in players is only ‘investment’ if those players either achieve significant place monies beyond their cost or achieve a good resale price, otherwise the ‘investment’ fails and is simply cost. For that reason, there can be no Patrick Kluiverts, Michael Owens there has to be some level of logic to ‘investment’.

    That said, NUFC are in a good position and this  is the window to ‘invest’. We will not have to borrow to pay up, e will not have to pay in installments, we will not have to mortgage the TV money we can pay cash and perhaps only ourselves and Southampton can do that outside the top 5. 

    Finally, Ashley’s personal wealth is irrelevant. I own a tiny chunk of BT but the success or otherwise of BT has very little to do do with mine or any other shareholders wealth, the company relies on it’s own ability to generate funds to operate successfully.

  • v0ices

    GToon people who come to watch the top 5 not us.

  • Kazie23

    It should have been more than 10 000 tickets not being sold

  • AshfordDeanoP

    40k attendance for first game of the season will not happen – can’t see it in a million years!!

  • blackiegray

    No problem, appreciate the apology, thanks.

  • Porciestreet

    fireflyuk GeorgeBainbridge
    Next season never comes,….especially at the Toon.

  • Porciestreet

    v0ices GToon
    Still find it incredulous that after all the 5h!t we suffered last season, close to 40,000 have re-sisgned. Blind faith or blind stuidity. Not my choice to make. Ashley OOT…!

  • David Williams

    Whats more worring is they have sold any at all

  • David Wright1

    It’s pathetic to know why so many fans renewed there season tickets after the disrespect shown to them for the last 5 yrs,it beggars belief why they renewed or do they think anything will change?
    They are more gullible than big mike thought they were,so the joke is on them,don’t wish you hadn’t renewed half way through the season,you were told and you didn’t listen
    Big mike will love you for giving him the cash for nothing in return,he’s already quids in ,so make it even more,keep renewing ,numpties..!!!

  • Corkyjohn

    I honestly believe its now Charnleys incompetence as a chairman that has got us into this situation. Ashley can’t be that stupid to think fans would roll over just because of his pathetic tv appearance. The money has to be there for us to invest, regardless of the figure. Charnley is not a football man & is unbelievably out of his depth, another yes man who needs to be sacked for the club to progress even a little…