Phew, that’s a relief, Newcastle have avoided appointing Real Madrid man Paul Clement to the vacant post of manager/head coach at St James’ Park.

Those suckers at Derby County really haven’t a clue.

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Only 7 days after sacking Steve McClaren who spectacularly failed to reach the play-offs after a dismal second half to the season, the Rams have appointed Clement.

They musn’t have a Scooby down there, don’t they know that you can’t rush these things if you’re going to get them right!!!

After 155 days without a permanent manager/head coach, Newcastle United are still getting friendly journalists to put out the message that supposed ‘meetings’ are planned with the likes of Steve McClaren and Patrick Vieira.

This is Steve McClaren who was sacked by Derby seven days ago and who turned Newcastle down with a few matches of the Premier League season left, after Derby had already concluded their season.

Whilst Patrick Vieira currently has a role in youth development at Manchester City and whose contract is up this summer and has never managed/coached before.

Meanwhile, Derby have picked up Real Madrid man Paul Clement, who over the last eight years has been assistant to Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid.

I honestly believe that the way Newcastle operate under Mike Ashley, I can understand that if United had approached him he would have knocked us back.

Even Steve McClaren who would have been no Newcastle fan’s choice in normal circumstances (if NUFC were properly run) didn’t want to commit last month, whether this out of work Championship manager could be persuaded now, we may find out shortly. Though defining ‘shortly’ where Newcastle United are concerned is a job in itself.

If Patrick Vieira is a serious option then I’m not writing him off but if you take away the fact he was a superb player, nobody can have a clue as to whether he will make it as a manager/head coach. Especially with the ridiculous way Newcastle are run and even mpre especially, if he or any otehr candidate is forced to take on Carver, Stone and the rest as their coaching staff.

When NUFC’s friendly journalists are still putting out stories, as though it is a sensible approach, claiming that the club are planning talks with people who are clearly available and/or out of work (plus claims Newcastle are going to get players such as Charlie Austin and Danny Ings…), you really have to think that this is just one big smokescreen to deflect from the facts that there are only 68 days before the season kicks off and no new players have been signed.

The fact that Mike Ashley has moved the season ticket deadline back two weeks to 10 June says it all, trying to convince the gullible with leaks to the press but nothing really happening.

This is how Derby County have announced Paul Clement’s appointment, CEO Sam Rush saying:

“Paul Clement is one of the most in-demand coaches in world football and I am delighted he has agreed to join Derby County as our new Head Coach.

“He is the perfect appointment at the next stage of our development and we are looking forward to the coming season with a great deal of optimism.”

Whilst Paul Clement:

“This is a massive club with fantastic facilities and a superb fan base who deserve success.

“Having spoken with Sam Rush and the owners I firmly believe we share the same desires and ambitions and that is to once again make Derby County a Premier League club.”

  • Hughie

    Clement has never worked as a head coach– as we have just seen, assistants are often not the answer. We need someone with the necessary leadership experience to be able to handle the SJP pressure cooker. The step up to head honcho is huge– some can handle it and others can’t as has just been admirably demonstrated by heart on his sleeve John Carver. Hence doubts about Vieira. Great players often fail abysmally as managers– Gullit, Ardiles, Shearer — because the skills and pressures are totally different and they are immediately found wanting. The club needs a tried and tested experienced head coach/manager. Many will not want the job either because of the incompetent way the club is run, the financial constraints or the role which seems to lack clout. That is why there have been numerous refusals and why we are scraping the barrel with the likes of Vieira-great player -no experience.

  • We need someone who will stand up to Ashley and tell him straight what is needed in terms of player recruitment and the overall way the club is run.

  • WallaceWilson

    I see the mackems are being linked with Philip Cocu of PSV. No experience of the PL but he’s just won the Dutch League , has coached the national side and IMO would be an excellent appointment

  • SGM

    FFS John, try to see the positives. your piece might then be worth reading.

  • magpiefifer

    So we end up with McClaren do we!?

  • A lex

    NUFC Tips I think they ALL have stood up and told them what’s needed – that’s why the position remains empty!

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    In conjunction with Geordie John
    What a Horror Story

  • TonnekToon

    The Club is only showing the characteristics of the Slug who owns it .

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Michael Maximus Moose magpiefifer  Yes that would be good wouldn’t it. The Wally with the brolly, assisted by John The Daftest. We’ll probably be relegated by Christmas.

  • cheshire mag

    Apparently Vieira was being groomed for the Mcfc 1st team job and he was “cutting his teeth” with the U21’s. Everyone within MCFC rate s him very highly and his influence runs right through all of the MCFC Academy squads, however he has has some poor exults with his squad in the last 3 months. Just because his contract is up I wouldn’t assume that he is on the market.

  • magpie9

    The truth is they cant find anyone except Carver who would work under Ashley & his tight fisted  spiteful ways

  • fireflyuk

    “This is a massive club with fantastic facilities and a superb fan base who deserve success” and NUFC are……….