When Steve McClaren was unveiled (behind closed doors) as Newcastle United’s new Manager/Head Coach, it also coincided with a new look board that included Bobby Moncur.

Whilst Bobby Moncur had a formidable reputation as a player, recent times have seen him become a club ‘ambassador’ and working for Mike Ashley, coinciding with regular columns in the Chronicle becoming ever more embarrassing in toeing the Ashley line and disappointed so many supporters who had loved him as a player.

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John Irving left the board due to a new job at Newcastle Airport, whilst Mike Ashley also pulled out with no explanation put in the public domain.

The newly formed board has four members: Managing Director Lee Charnley, Chief Scout Graham Carr, Head Coach Steve McClaren and Bobby Moncur.

The new formation was announced with claims that it would help Newcastle United to deliver on the transfer front, along with other areas of the club.

The reality for many fans is that they see it as just more window dressing, with no belief that the club really has a proper board in the sense other clubs have, as in one that has regular meetings and decides strategy/policy etc.

Do you really believe that Mike Ashley held ‘board meetings’ with Irving and Charnley?

As for Bobby Moncur….it is quickly becoming apparent just what his real job is, in this glorious new future under Mike Ashley.

Moncur’s appearances in the media have increased since his board appointment and McClaren’s arrival. With his quotes getting ever more publicity in the absence of much else from the club.

Steve McClaren has had some quotes pushed out by the club after the initial flurry from NUFC’s ‘preferred media partners’ but these have been minimal from what we had in the past from Alan Pardew.

bobby moncur

With Lee Charnley adopting his usual pose of hiding under the table when it comes to dealing with the media, I think Bobby Moncur has in reality taking on quite a major role now, one that is possibly key to how Mike Ashley wants to see things done.

I think the club are going to be using Bobby Moncur as a kind of surrogate spokesman for Newcastle United, not in an official role but by the back door.

It looks like an attempt by Mike Ashley and his PR guru Keith Bishop to present Moncur making statements as a fan and popular ex-player, rather than the reality of a paid employee of the Newcastle United owner.

No wonder then that we are presented with cringeworthy quotes from Bobby Moncur such as the ones below in the Chronicle today, presented under a headline of ‘Ashley Will Deliver’.

Bobby Moncur:

“The starting point for that final day was the owner going on TV. That was great. All the (corporate) lounges, everything stopped when he went on the telly. I think that was great, even last week I was speaking to people saying it’s given them a lift.

“People have this image of Mike Ashley but I’m fortunate that when I go to away games I sometimes speak to him, he is nothing like he is painted to be.”

He’s hilarious:

“He (Ashley) is quite a funny bloke, honest and up front, he has got a passion, I know people say he has got no passion for the club but he has.

“The fact he went on TV and said he’s got a passion for the club and he wants success was good. I have known that for some time but the problem you have is when you try to tell people who don’t know what he’s like, it’s hard to convince them.”

Honesty the best policy:

“If you were sat next to him he is down to earth and a good bloke…if I didn’t think that was the case, I wouldn’t go on the board.”

“I can’t tell what will happen but I will be honest, that’s what I can offer. I’ve got a bit of experience, I’ve been there and seen it and if I’m asked my opinion I will give it. If people accept that and pay attention to it, only time will tell.”

  • Gary Hockey


  • GeorgeBainbridge

    Have you thought about supporting the team instead of whingeing?

  • NottsToon

    Which team? The spineless excuse for footballers on the pitch or Mike Ashley’s PR team masquerading as a board?

  • TonnekToon

    Nurse ! Wor Bobs stopped taking his medication again .

  • Andgeo

    “He is nothing like he is painted to be”
    Well he is painted to be a Fat Lying Greedy [email protected] So:
    Fat – we have all seen pictures of him and he is definitely fat
    Lying – proven in court!
    Greedy – why does someone put profit ahead of everything else in life. What does someone do with a personal fortune that he would never ever be able to spend? Make more money at other peoples expense?
    [email protected] – did he disown his parents or did they disown him? Regardless there are many other words that have been used to describe him and generically what is meant is a unlikeable person.
    So Bob, are you telling us he is really a slim, honest, generous and caring human being then??
    Or is Keith bishop actually writing these pieces in the Chron?

  • Andgeo

    Come on George, we are past all that now surely. The only way to support this team is to get rid of ashley however painful that might be.

  • beardsleys cat

    Sold his soul to the fat man!

  • Basileus

    GeorgeBainbridge THAT is whats got us in this hole to start with

  • beardsleys cat

    GeorgeBainbridge Have you watched the team?
    Pathetic wasters.

  • Pedrothegreat

    It doesn’t matter what Bob says, we need players, and a backroom, right now we have neither, and nothing is looking any better for the club, until then there’s no point in him saying anything he will just make himself look bad, and I don’t want to see a club legend ruin his reputation.

  • Chemical Dave

    I actually hate this lickspittle brown nose far more than fat boy.

  • anthrouse

    One toes the line, not tows the line.

  • DavidDrape

    people in the directors lounge were pre warned that ashley was coming on the tv. these same people (most)  in the lounge i have been told came across as looking down on the protesters singing ashley out songs. i have no doubt he is nice to peoples/strangers faces but he has done too much sneaky/uncaring things for me to believe he has turned a corner in anyway. most people has seen thru him. i ave a bit of sympathy for bobby as i know he has admitted that the club is in a mess and he has the opportunity now to twist ashleys arm into spending some money and taking our football club, community and city seriously and until ashley does that he will continue to be hated. and oh i am sick of people sticking up for ashley (i.e other directors club chairpersons etc) as its all bxxxlocks because if ahsley was half decent he wouldn’t have treated the fans the way he has in the last 8years

  • Basileus

    beardsleys cat GeorgeBainbridge I get the impression YOU haven’t watched this lot recently

  • Paul Patterson


    I’d prefer this line of history . .

  • amacdee

    I wonder if Moncur cleans himself thoroughly when he gets home? Trouble is it probably wont ever wash off no matter how hard he tries !

  • toon tony

    “He’s honest, quite honest and up front “…..says Bob.

  • Morpeth mag


  • geordie4567

    What team? We’ve barely enough players to field one and definitely not enough that are the required quality.

  • nufcslf

    DavidDrape Very nicely put. I find it very difficult to not use a whole load of foul language to describe my hatred for Cashley and the Moncur’s, Beardsley’s that go along with his ruining of the club. I’ve got to a point now that I just don’t care if next season starts or not as I won’t be supporting anything NUFC until he is gone. Do hope the poor sods that go to matches get exactly what they deserve for financing such a pig, though.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Moncur has inherited the title of Chief Lickspittle and Holder of the Arse Wipes from the Vilage Idiot that was Carver. He is there simply to spout shite for Ashley and attempt to deflect the hatred from the Fatman.
    A sad end to someone who was a Geordie Hero.

  • DavidDrape

    nufcslf totally agree & know how you feel but i am immune to it all now. thats how far & how long its been going on – many are at that stage nowi .e no excitement, no honesty, all bull coming form the club. Perhaps these people who are prepared to do ashleys dirty work are keeping themselves in a job because the world of football is all they know? and i agree until he has gone nothing will ever be the same for me too

  • mirandinha9

    Sorry Bob, you’ve tarnished your reputation for ever because of such brown nosing. The Sky TV interview by Cashley was great was it? Goodness, are you needing the money so much to say that? I saw Bob at a charity event a few months ago and when he came to talk to my father and others, I left them to it until he moved onto some other unsuspecting fans. In hindsight, I wish I had had a sack Ashley.com flyer in my pocket and would have got him to sign his autograph on it.

  • Morpeth mag

    If it wasn’t so sad,, I would be laughing!!!!’

  • amiame123

    Ollie Burtons Grandad  oh dear

  • LeazesEnder

    That pic is the FA cup semi at Hillsborough 1974 vs Burnley…. I’m somewhere in that picture