With pre season training starting in four days time Newcastle are yet to sign a player, but news this morning that both Steven Taylor and Emmanuel Riviere can’t wait for the new season.

The Chronicle say that Steven Taylor will be fit for that pre season training after working hard over the summer and point out how highly Steve McClaren rates the defender, having called him up for the England squad when he was manager.

Also today, the Sunderland Echo report that Emmanuel Riviere is raring to go for the new season as well, feeling that he is getting the hang of the Premier League now…:

“I keep fighting for the team and I do my job.

“I have to be strong to keep the ball, now I understand that and I work for the team.”

This of course is Emmanuel Riviere who managed one Premier League goal all season and that was from a miss-kick.

Whilst Steven Taylor averages 14 Premier League starts per season over his Newcastle career, due to a mixture of injury and ability/form.

Whilst both players are undoubtedly ones who try their best, I don’t think many of us will fancy having either in our starting eleven when the season kicks off in six weeks time.

If they are, then it will tell us everything about what has happened (or rather hasn’t) in the transfer window.

For the local media it is all a vicious circle.

No new signings means once again they have to put a story together based around players who supporters have little/no faith on, rather than musing on how credible new arrivals will help change Newcastle United’s fortunes.

  • jack1x

    Yeah still no signings , and are we supposed to be excited that Taylor and Riviere are raring to go .It makes a mockery about the statement that Carver came out with , “you wouldn’t believe the players we are going to sign “Your right John. We dont !!!!

  • Peter Lamb

    God help us

  • Bearsize

    They won’t go into the fans forum meeting to face the music without any new signings. I know i keep writing this but i expect some decent signings between the 1st and 6th of july. Watch this space

  • Will Richardson

    Wow I’m buzzing after reading that.

  • Jimmywayhay

    The fans are raring for Rivière to go ,as well ,but he holds all the aces as Newcastle don’t like spending money and nobody’s going to buy him , so he’s possibly the only person in a win ,win ,situation!

  • Greg Codling

    Taylor represents the set homie

  • desree

    Or more likely they will simply defer the meeting again

  • rob1980

    Good old Steven Taylor so would we all be raring to go when you get paid for sitting on your arse still think we will sign

  • Hez

    If these two are in our starting line up for the first game of the season then we might as well not bother!

  • Wallsendstu

    Wow just the sort of headlines to wake up to. I hope the ticket office is open and has the staff to cope with the rush for sea4

  • Wallsendstu

    Should have finished ‘season tickets’ damned machine.

  • foggy

    The news is as exciting as a job at the sewage works. Mind you that’s probably where Revierie and Taylor should be working as they have a lot in common with effluent.

  • TonnekToon

    It looks like Riviere’s going nowhere , so I would give him until January to sort himself out , or he’d be gone in that window . If that couldn’t be done then he’d be dropped and then be gone next summer .

  • toon tony

    The 5under1and Echo. …Riviere’ raring to go. ..must be a wind up. ….it’ll be like TWO new signings.

  • Andrew Barton

    Taylor raring to go until he gets his annual season ending winter injury

  • AdrianJamesWilliams

    Jeez there’s some harsh critics here. Riviere will be back up next season. He’s good enough for that, not to mention still relatively young and only just had a full season of prem under his belt. Taylor is a good cb and if he stayed fit I’d have no problem having him in the team. Colo, if either, would be the one I’m looking at suspect

  • Bearsize

    Hope not bud. Although that makes perfect sense lol

  • cwtoon88

    Both of them need to go Taylor is a crock with a big mouth ad I don’t like to write a player off after 1 season but Rivierre offers nothing

    Both need to go if we are to progress

  • TeamGB

    On past performances alone both are squad players. The Geordie faithful love a grafter, a player that gives his all and I’d love to see Rivière succeed but the early signs are not great and this will steep more pressure on the lad this season. We need to invest heavily in our forward line, this radiates throughout the team. That fresh cheque book Charnely ordered must be lost in the post…..Bloody Royal Mail….