Intriguing to look at the new manager search if you compare Newcastle United and West Ham.

When clubs of any kind of a similar level are looking for managers at the same time, then it is usual for the bookies odds and press speculation to have a major cross over.

The leading candidates for one job, usually also seen as in the running for the other.

Rather bizarrely, there is absolutely no connection between the ‘shortlists’ for the two clubs.

It is almost as if they are shopping at completely different levels…

In the Claret and Blue corner, Sky Sports report that West Ham have spoken to, or are in the process of talking to (or their representatives): Frank de Boer, Slaven Bilic, Marcelo Bielsa and Unai Emery.

The betting reflects this with the following current odds:

4/5 Slaven Bilic

6/1 Marcelo Bielsa

7/1 Frank de Boer

8/1 Unai Emery

(To see all the odds for next West Ham manager go HERE)

Just to clarify who these four are.

Slaven Bilic managed Besiktas to 3rd in the Turkish League, qualifying for the Europa League. Previously did a greta job with Croatia.

Marcelo Bielsa is in charge at Marseille who finished 4th in Lige 1 and qualified for the Europa League, he is a former manager of Argentina.

Frank de Boer ended up second with Ajax this season after four successive title wins, though still gained qualification to the Champions League.

Unai Emery is Sevilla manager, finishing fifth in La Liga but winning teh Europa League for the second time in a row, including winning a place in the Champions League next season.

Meanwhile, in the Black and White corner…

We have what is being billed as a straight shootout between Steve McClaren and Patrick Vieira by the media, with once again the bookies odds backing that up:

4/6 Steve McClaren

4/6 Patrick Vieira

12/1 Michael Laudrup

14/1 David Moyes

16/1 Alan Curbishley

(To see all the odds for next Newcastle manager go HERE)

Confusion surround Vieira with press reports wildly fluctuating between him already been interviewed, right through to him having zero interest in he job and never having any contact from Newcastle…

If he is a contender, then his position in the game is as very respected figure but with zero experience, unlike the top four linked with the West Ham job, all of them having been there. seen it and done it. Vieira can’t do anything about that because everybody has to start somewhere, but taking on any manager with no experience has to be a leap in the dark.

Having said that, I haven’t spoken to a single person who would rather take on Steve McClaren than the unknown of Patrick Vieira. Most Newcastle fans appear to have a sinking feeling that McClaren is the only real candidate and the club are either stringing us along, or they are having to convince Steve McClaren to take the job.

This is the man with a list of mainly failure, apart from in Holland with FC Twente, his latest escapade saw him fail to reach the play-offs with Championship Derby and getting the sack.

I will leave you to make your own assumptions as to why the two clubs are being linked with a totally different set of managerial candidates….

Comments welcome below!

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  • geordieallan

    disgusted once again at NUFC,s  treatment of Gutierrez and Taylor Ashley must change his ways? and look at NUFC as a football club not just a business

  • jack1x

    It’ll be McLaren , we are just being strung along , Ashleys interview will not make any difference , I can see us having another bad season .It’s looking like more protests and boycotts , let’s hope more fans take this action. Until they do nothing will change .Still can’t understand why carver is still there .Being rewarded for failure .

  • spyinthesky

    All I can say is you guys have my sympathy we have had it all too and it leaves long lasting scars that take a lot of getting over. Your fans as did ours deserve so much better than you have. As for Carver we had a few of those with ‘blood’ in their veins and few work out well. To be on the watch when 2 long serving players are are sacked by text really doesn’t need further comment. I hope you have a better future but I don’t envy you the patience to obtain it we on the verge of better things after decades of patience but i still feel insecure about it, as i say the pain is difficult to eradicate.

  • Ashleyout

    Of course it’ll be McLaren… another yes man who will do exactly as he’s told,  not make any waves and worst of all we will end up with Carver and his muppets coaching a team of bargain basement buys… . Why couldn’t I have been born in Barcelona…..

  • amacdee

    Yes its embarrassing knowing this club cannot attract a world class manager and we all know why that is. However given the circumstances this club has found itself during Fatman’s reign I’d like to think McClaren is at least a step up from the previous clueless numpty. The guy has at least won trophies (two makes it plural) in the past which is something we’ve failed to do in that same timeframe.

    We as fans are in real danger here of repeating what happened with Partclue when he arrived. In his case it was wholly justified but I think McClaren (if he turns up) deserves at least a season before we all slag him off.

  • Hez

    It will be McClaren, desperate for a shot at a Premier League job, reassured by the club to just keep us in the league, will work on a budget. Why else would you appoint someone who has basically failed at his last 4 jobs on the bounce, what would be the attraction which sets him out from every other potential manger out there?

  • amacdee

    Ashleyout Maybe thats why we’re stuck with the also ran candidates as Fatman wont want to pay up Pinocchio’s contract or Stone’s ?

  • Wallsendstu

    Sky are currently reporting that Viera will not be considered and that the club will be discussing with Carver his position in the next 48hrs. The worrying part was the club have said ‘if they decide to change the head coach’. Again no consideration given to the fans we are going to be stuck with either Carver or McClaren so no improvement or ambition. Penfold needs putting up against the wall and shot he is a complete waist of space and air.

  • jack1x

    There goes my season ticket for good. We are a laughing stock , no ambition , there are lots of good managers out there , and we go for the worst one available , had enougb , only protest this coming season by everyone is the way forward

  • jack1x

    It’ll definitely be. McLaren with carver as his number too , I just wish now we had of been relegated , been going to st James since 1959 won’t be back , I’m gutted at the crap we have to put up.with

  • TonnekToon

    jack1x You’ll probably get your wish next season mate , I can’t see anything but bottom 3 with those two.

  • jack1x

    Yeah your probably right , we will always have no ambition with Ashley and co there .When you look at who west ham have on their shortlist it makes you sick , we’ve even fell below west ham now

  • DownUnderMag

    I’m not thrilled by the impending arrival of McClaren.  I just don’t see him as a hot property, someone who players exciting football or someone who can really get the best out of both youth and seniors alike to progress the club forward.  His end of season record with Derby also rings alarm bells…and I can’t see where we are going to progress under him without a lot of money being spent on ready-made players.

    It just has shades of the Pardew appointment about it on too many levels.  Someone out of work, won’t rock the boat and will probably do enough in fits and starts to secure survival but little else, all the while being a friend of someone in the hierarchy. 

    I will give him backing if he is appointed, will hope he can repeat his cup winning exploits from his time at the Smoggies and will hope he can manufacture a good feeling within the club.  It’s just worrying that we are once again showing lack of any ambition…getting someone in who will do “just enough” isn’t what most fans want to see after Ashley’s speech, they want to see a good manager appointed and then backed fully in the transfer market with an eye on a good league finish and a strong cup run.
    Whoever is appointed though, as Ashley admitted in his publicity stunt, the buck stops with him and it is up to him to back whoever is put in the hot seat and ensure they are given the best squad and quality possible to make a go of the league AND cup competitions next season.  Anything less and he will rightly come in for a slating!