Despite all that has been going around Newcastle United of late, I haven’t written too much about any of it. Being fair to myself, there has been a lot to process!

We’ve had to deal with the tension in the build-up to Survival Sunday, then the relief that ensued after we got ourselves out of a mess we should have never even come close to finding ourselves in.

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We have even had the shock of a certain Mike Ashley underlining his apparent winning mentality live before the Sky cameras – it’s a lot to take in!

So where do we go from here?

Newcastle United have a lot of decisions to make this Summer that they have to get spot on and for me, they’re already making mistakes.

The release of Jonas Gutierrez, the man who almost single-handedly saved the club from relegation, has been deemed not worthy of an extra year (at the least) added to his contract.

I’m not saying our side should be built around the guy from here on in, but he wanted to be a part of the club, that he has given everything to, for another year, yet we’ve sent him packing.

The neutral fan’s hatred of Newcastle United continues to grow.

Jonas was one of the few exceptions of a squad that lacked heart last season. Despite coming back from an illness that left him too weak to walk at one stage, he was even one of the better players in the team from March onwards.

He beat more defenders in the 90 minutes at home to West Brom, than Cabella managed in the entirety of the season!

A squad devoid of characters has lost two more, in Jonas and Ryan Taylor.

Again, not a fantastic player these days, but I would certainly argue that the squad would benefit from players like Ryan Taylor sticking around.

I can understand the club trying to move on players like Streete, Vuckic, Campbell and Ferguson who had promise but couldn’t quite cut it…

…but Gael Bigirimana was in the starting XI at home to Benfica in 2013, two years later he is surplus to requirements and they want him out. I can’t remember him ever putting a foot wrong during his stint on Tyneside. It’s baffling.

Sammy Ameobi has been offered a new deal, which I’m not too fussed about. In my eyes, the boy has ability, he’s shown it here and there throughout his career, but he needs to do it consistently.

For me, next year has to be his last chance to do that.

The biggest positives of the last week have been Janmaat and Sissoko pledging themselves to the club.

A clearer picture will be painted soon enough, and hopefully it’s one to draw optimism, but I am not convinced.

Comments welcome.

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  • MagpieG

    Jonas should have been offered another year but Taylor has been woeful. He’s never actually been good enough and has been worse since the injuries and even his set piece delivery has been poor.

  • Bianchi Boy

    If we’re honest – Jonas could only be offered a contract out of sentimentality. He’s never set the World alight and for all his heart and running – has produced very, very little.

    Taylor has never been up to it IMHO. Buying him seemed to be an attempt to stop him scoring stunning free kicks against us. At least that tactic worked…

  • Porciestreet

    Where are we going from here……? Nowhere, thats where. As long as Cashley insists on running the club from a distance and keeps on pinning his faith in numpty’s like Charnley and carver, there is no hope of any sort of future under this lot. 
    A blind man on a galloping horse can see that the wrong people are running the show as well as 100,000 fans so you would have thought that somewhere down the line, someone would have got something right.
    All this is showing us is thatCashley is still a liar and still cares more about his pawn-shop empire than actuallytrying to get this football club back where we want it.

  • lameduck9

    Everyone knew that the first 2 weeks of the close season would define how our summer will go; dynamic, decisive action in appointing an ambitious head coach, pledge support to our best players and publicly thank those who are not staying, and fans across the UK would accept that Ashley’s much vaunted Sky interview was more than just bluff & bluster. 

    Dilly dally around, throw up names which were never really going to be progressed, use the former office tea boy to negotiate with professional managers and allow the cone man to deal with saying thanks and the world will roll it’s eyes again and fans will steel themselves for more embarrassment.  Ashley may have distanced himself from the day to day running of the club, but by publically coming out last any subsequent inaction over poor decisions, bad communication and broken promises signifies total acceptance from him.

    Yes Jonas & Taylor were not getting a new contract, yes Carver probably felt that decision wasn’t his, but as a manager it is up to him to decide how best to relay that message and he chose wrong – I’ve had to give bad news before, not my decision, and driven from Newcastle to Cardiff so I could tell them face to face – sadly Carver has shown the true extent of the whole management’s disdain for ANY employee.  As an advert for the club I can’t see how any decent player would want to join us unless we pay them well over the odds which surely goes against the Ashley DNA.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    None of this McClaren story makes sense either.

    At Boro he was criticised for having the ‘golden ticket’ of huge financial support from Gibson, bettered only by the top Clubs.

    At Forest, he walked after 10 games saying that the Board did not provide him with the finances promised.
    He’s been the “Manager’ at all his Clubs – so how does he fit into this Ashley model which Carr runs?

    I think it’s all bollix for these reasons. Carver for the nod therefore?

  • BillytheFish

    A load of old crap…both these guys knew they was no contract offer long before any phone call, and if you go back to the 80’s they used to pin it on a board without any conversation. 
    What would you lot be saying if the club had extended them both……Bloody Hell Man!

    And as for Steve McLaren, anyone in the game will put him in their top 5 British coaches, so I for one am right behind that decision.

    I just now want to see the Loan Shark sponsors, out and Ashley be good to his word….

  • Peaco

    Hodgson, Rodgers, Pulis, Moyes, O’Neill, Clement – there’s six with a load more who could be debated as being in the top 5 before McClaren. Irrespective, I’d be surprised if we don’t end up with JC.

  • The lunatics are running the asylum.If the Vieira talks broke down because of him wanting a big say in transfers, it is unbelievable.This guy will turn out to be one of Europes top coaches.instead we have a managing director who knows nowt about football, and the finger should also be pointed at old man Carr, because those two are the “football board”.Their model has not worked and will not work.Why do they never learn.You watch, the new manager will be Carver, the club will be in the brown smelly stuff at Christmas, and then what. God only knows

  • SaveNUFC

    BillytheFish This is not the 80’s. Have you been time traveling backwards? McClaren being in British top 5 managers is the reason England haven’t won anything in ages. All we read about and sing about is the 1966 victory. That victory is almost stale now. Mackem you?

  • Jim Joe Billy Bob

    On the day that Sep Blatter resigns the presidency of FIFA, it proves that sometimes even the impossible can happen. Keep the faith, change will come, even in Carr Toon…