On yet another chaotic day in the life of Newcastle United, the club have confirmed the appointment of Steve McClaren via a most bizarre offiicial statement.

In the statement, a quote attributed to Managing Director Lee Charnley, says:

“We recognise supporters’ strong desire to win a trophy, an ambition which the club now shares as Mike Ashley made clear in his comments on the last day of the season.”

So the club are now confirming that they are changing their policy from not trying to win something, to…trying to win something.


The appointment of a manager/head coach comes 166 days after Alan Pardew walked out and after days/weeks where everybody knew Steve McClaren had got the job.

To cap things off, Mike Ashley refused to have a press conference today, with only preferred media partners the Daily Mirror and Sky Sports meeting Steve McClaren.

The club’s official statement also spells out that Steve McClaren is…

“….heavily incentivised to try to win a cup competition.”


So can we now take it that Alan Pardew and John Carver were heavily incentivised NOT to win a cup competition?!!

NUFC Official Statement


Newcastle United is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve McClaren as the club’s new Head Coach.

McClaren joins United on a deal for an initial term of three years, which could be extended to eight.

Managing Director, Lee Charnley, said:

“From my first meeting with Steve I knew he was the perfect fit for Newcastle United.  I am delighted that we have secured the services of one of the best coaches in English football.  He has 20 years’ experience, including for the national team and at the highest level of European competition.  His most notable achievements include winning the Eredivisie with FC Twente and guiding Middlesbrough to a League Cup win in 2004 and to the final of the UEFA Cup in 2006.

“He has a proven track record of being an innovative and forward thinking coach and developing and improving players, which was a key quality we sought in the individual to fill this role.

“He also brings with him a great enthusiasm and passion for the job, the club and the city, which he articulated to me very clearly from the outset.  This is a huge job which comes with considerable pressures and I am convinced that Steve not only understands the weight of expectation that comes with this role, but that he has the strength of character and professionalism befitting of a club of our size and status.

“Steve has been tasked to secure a top eight finish in the Premier League and he is also heavily incentivised to try to win a cup competition.

“We recognise supporters’ strong desire to win a trophy, an ambition which the club now shares as Mike Ashley made clear in his comments on the last day of the season.  Steve is excited by this and he has our full support in trying to achieve this goal.

“Our immediate focus will be on working with Steve to assess and improve upon our playing squad, as well as appointing individuals to his backroom staff.”

Speaking of his appointment McClaren said:

“I am privileged to be appointed Head Coach of Newcastle United FC. This is a big club with a wonderful heritage.

“St. James’ Park is like a cathedral on a Saturday afternoon, a symbol for the city and I am excited to be given this opportunity.

“I know how important Newcastle United is to the city and the region.

“The supporters are some of the most loyal, passionate and devoted in the world.  Despite everything they maintain their faith.  We owe it to them to do everything we can to reward them with success.

“There’s a lot of work to do, but the club has made it clear about wanting success, and I would not have come here if I didn’t believe they were serious.

“This club has waited far too long to win a trophy. That’s one of my primary objectives here.

“I’ve already won trophies as a manager, and a club the size of Newcastle United should be winning cups and finishing in the top eight in the Premier League.

“I’m determined to give the supporters of Newcastle United a team they can be proud of.

“The hard work starts now.”

  • Leslie Wenzler

    Martin Hu

  • Happyharrys2011

    My Goodness we have gone from the best coach in the premier league. penfold quote (supposedly) to “one of the best coaches in the premier league”.
    Are these people on crack or what?

  • prestondave

    Recognising the fans desires to win a cup and now agreeing with our desire. The cynic in me is telling me not to break into a smile yet.

  • Demented_Man

    Well, you never know. They might bring the Texaco Cup back! We always did well in that.

  • ilullissat

    Laurel and Hardy meets Charlie Chaplin meets the Marx Brothers meets Harold Lloyd meets Sid James.This football club is more of a laughing stock than all these comedians put together.Sad Sad Sad

  • MilitantGeordie

    yee Knar what.. If ( and it’s a MASSIVE if) Ashley is now prepared to join reality and actually put real funds in place for Old Steve to spend on who he sees fit i will tolerate Mike as owner. He can never be forgiven for the catalogue of piss takes during his ownership but he can still turn things around by putting his ( or our) money where his mouth is. I still think it’s all just propaganda to try and sell season tickets and to stop the bad press about sports direct but i live in hope that this is the fresh start we need with everyone pulling together.

  • alreet

    Hold on to ur wallets ppl. Lets see how many times ash gets his out in the next 2 weeks. We have to get the guys through the door fast. No waiting for someone else to move or give a price and be told otherwise.
    Min of 3 defenders 2 strikers and 2 mids needed.

  • toon tony


  • mrkgw

    I’m willing to give Mike Ashley one final chance to put things right. He finally spoke to us all at the end of the season and so, lets see if his words are to be believed. I’m content with the appointments so far, and McClaren is a considerable improvement on Carver. Fingers crossed for some good signings to really fill us with some much needed hope…..

  • Happyharrys2011

    A fan statement back to Jabba the Hutt.
    Stick the cup and anything else as far up your fat facking Jabba the hutt ar$e. And get the fack out of our club.
    I would rather play in the FA vase. With real passion and commitment from the board room down to the players than have anything off you now.

  • JohnyH

    How many times does it take for some people to realise this fat [email protected]&d is full of sh&t.
    Give him a chance my Arse.

  • Happyharrys2011

    schteve the nodding dog mclarens signing on fee.
    Ashley has really upped the stakes instead of a large mug.

  • Adam_B

    “We recognise supporters’ strong desire to win a trophy, an ambition which the club now shares as Mike Ashley made clear in his comments on the last day of the season.”

    Can someone please ask the FA why there is no immediate enquiry as regards the club’s admission today that up until now, they were not trying in the cup competition?

  • Michael Teasdale

    So it has taken nearly nine years for these clowns to figure out the point of football? I’m sure that it’ll only take them another decade to grasp the logic of investing in a squad.

  • Jonathan Wildey

    What a novel idea…let’s hope it doesn’t catch on with all the other clubs!

  • Hetton Mag

    Just because this shower of sh*t say something does not make it true. Is FCB taking us for mugs again just as season ticket deadline comes around? I would like to be proved wrong but won’t lose sleep over it. bring in decent players (at least 8) and get rid of Williamson and maybe there will be a glimmer of hope and belief. As fans we can’t help it can we, right now anything is possible, even dreaming Ashley might do the right thing. fool, fool, fool.