Steve McClaren has been described as one of the ‘best coaches in the country’.

Former Premier League and Manchester United player, Dion Dublin, says that McClaren couldn’t have spent so long at Old Trafford and helped them win so many trophies, if he wasn’t a top coach.

Dublin believes that this is one decision Newcastle have ‘thought about’ and the club could be in line for their first trophy in 47 years IF the new NUFC Head Coach is backed by Mike Ashley.

Dion Dublin:

“I think Newcastle have thought about this appointment. I was surprised to see Steve leave Derby County but Newcastle are one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League and they now have one of the best coaches in the country.

“You can’t be at Manchester United for so long and be so successful, then become a poor coach overnight. He is not, he knows the game well, he will be able to manage that football club, no problem.

Just needs the backing…:

“He (Steve McClaren) just needs the backing of the people above him, for them to take this competition (League Cup) seriously, but he will definitely want to win it.

“For them to get anywhere near the Capital One Cup final is something he’ll be looking for, but he will have demands on his head as well. He can’t afford to disregard any competitions and has to look to go as far as he can in every cup.”

Dion Dublin sums up exactly where Newcastle are at, it doesn’t matter who you appoint as manager/head coach, if they aren’t backed by the club’s owner(s) then you are wasting your time.

Swansea and Southampton have punched above their weight through great managerial appointments then being backed by the TV bonus cash being invested in the squad.

If Mike Ashley had done the same after Newcastle’s fifth place finish in 2011/12 then who knows where United could be today?


  • Yup, a sensible summary of things.

  • 1957

    Can’t really disagree with Dublin, no investment means no progress whoever is in charge

  • Porciestreet

    Doesn’t matter how good he is .You can only coach a team of Duck-Eggs to play like ducks at the end of the day. There has to be some real changes and no-one is kiddin no-one with all our “proposed targets already being tipped (odds on) to go elsewhere. We will finish up with a team of no names and some who don’t care enough for the shirt so Nikey Mikey’s revolution is sinking before it aver sets sail. Good luck lads and lasses, cos we’re gonna need it.

  • foggy

    That maybe correct Dion, but with Charnley at the helm your man McClaren is quickly going to look a complete idiot if Nufc don’t sign any decent players.
    By the way the toon are looking for a half decent centre forward what are you doing on August the 8th or 9th ?

  • v0ices

    he was assistant at manchester united from 1999 to 2001 ffs why do people go on about it so much.