For a ‘business’ built on value, Newcastle United seem to have lost any concept of transfer strategy.

The first step is for Newcastle United to remember what a strategy is.

‘A plan to achieve a long term aim’.

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So why does it take a transfer summit well into the post-season to set this?

The Chief Scout Graham Carr (pictured above) surely knows what he is working to, has made initial enquiries and is waiting for our new Head Coach to give the green light?

We need to remember that the man in the street could have identified the need for two strikers, two centre backs and a creative midfielder. This long-term strategy though seems to be as simple as get anyone who is cheap!

So then, how do you go about this?

We are a club who only a couple of seasons ago made all of our signings quickly and sharply. There was no sniff of who was coming in. They appeared and had pedigree (Cabaye, Tiote etc).

Now we seem to have gone to the other extreme. In war you protect your strategy with mis-communication. Maybe Lee Charnley feels that he is the master off this. Leaked stories throwing everyone off the scent! But no. When it is 67+ stories then we fail to believe.

transfer strategy

The challenge is that the slight glimmer of hope is now fading in a world of mis-communication. We are being linked to a wide range of realistic players, but already failing to ‘get them over the line’. We are an agent’s dream.

Leaked stories about Austin and Dost simply driving the interest up for them priming a move to West Ham and Borussia Dortmund respectively. Free transfer targets being deemed to pricey or too high risk.

But then what were Chucky and Riviere last year? Were they deemed as low risk? They were certainly too pricey!

Ok, so if we won’t pay top dollar in fees or wages then what about moving for up and coming talent. Well now you have to accept that this lies in the Championship and they are all too well aware that there is a flood of new money up top.

Every player has now doubled in price – £10m for Tyrone Mings anyone?! This is where you need to be smart. Make a competitive offer, give a deadline and then move on. We may be doing this but it doesn’t feel the case. Only this weekend Liverpool have snapped up one of the most promising talents in Charlton’s Joe Gomez for £3.5m.

I live in hope that we can tie down some great signings in the next week or so, but it really does feel like our press policy of leaked stories to preferred partners and leaving the rest to make them up, is working against our ability to make deals.

For once I feel this isn’t something which lies at the feet of Mike Ashley. It feels like Charnley and Carr have got it wrong. If you are not going to drop a £15m bomb on a club then you need to go guerrilla – at the moment we are simply charging over the top and getting shot down every time.

  • ScottDickson

    Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with the piece about leaked transfers as Bas Dost and Austin were always going to be obvious targets for a number of clubs, I agree with the overall just that the operations below Mike Ashley are the real problem at Newcastle. Hopefully the addition of a couple of football people to the board will help change this but I fear we’ll be picking at scraps on the transfer market this summer.

  • Dubaiexpat

    Charging over the top? Have we made a single bid for a player yet?

  • 50trevor

    Austin doesn’t want to leave London then  get on the train to London and convince  him its a great place and club and that he’s only 3 hours away from London.  I suggest Charnley is way out of his depth and hasn’t the ability to make things happen.

  • jack1x

    We’re a joke , and will always be as long as this regime is in place .forget about quality signings, there won’t be any , forget about the horse at the front of the cart , it’ll be a seaside donkey .It’s time we all stood together and took our club back from these people who are running us only for profit

  • CMRowley

    The horse has finally been bolted on now, we’ll be OK.

  • JohnyH

    FCB has probably told Carr & charnley that new signings have to be self financed. Because nobody has come in for sissoko, Perez and krull yet we can’t bid for anyone.

  • desree

    jordan rhodes anyone? our tactics will only work on clubs that need cash. Blackburn must be without parachute payments. What I can’t understand is how we buy players like perch, simpson and routeledge and then flog them for a couple of mill when it costs twice as much to get someone not as good. Yet we keep Williamson? It isn’t just our talent acquisition strategy but the make up of the squad and cost to replace we should be looking at. Selling Cabaye, Carroll etc is big news, but it is the sales of santon, the spanish left back, mym, nolan, perch, simpson, routeledge, ben arfa where we have lost money on the sale and been unable to bring in better quality.
    why do we keep saying ashleyvis a great businessman. That is a really fast way to go out of business

  • desree

    does anyone think mike ashley is regretting the horse bolting and cart analogy on national TV. hevwould be pathetic on catch phrase
    roy walker – “say what you see mike”
    MA “er er horse cart bolter, cart and horse bolt er”
    RW “oh its close”
    Or how about a pic of mr chips (lee Charnley) trying and failing to pull a footballer across a line and failing.
    MA “I know this one Roy – we couldn’t get him across the line”
    RW “righhhhhttttt”

  • TonnekToon

    We have to remember they know EXACTLY what they’re doing , they don’t want to spend , but they have to keep up a pretense  .  How many times have we seen it ? How many times will we continue to see it ? Jokers the lot of ’em , only they’re  not very funny.

  • fromtheheed

    In war you protect your strategy with mis-communication, I like this quote Greg.
    I would like to believe it as it means our true targets will soon be announced and cross the line. We have completely fooled other clubs, having them pay over the odds for also-ran players, only trouble is this is Penfold and Newcastle. Too much subterfuge and mis-direction have Newcastle confused in that they believe in the propaganda they instigated.
    Yes we hear player will be returning from holiday and U21 duty, but not one major signing. 
    Kamikaze, we are not.; but it’s looking like we are waiting to sell before buying.

  • Chemical Dave

    Players aren’t bought for a strategy that benefits the football side of Ashley’s empire, hopefully the penny will drop eventually but its been eight years and its still taking a bit of sinking in for some.

  • TeamGB

    The regime has tried to “do” the EPL on the cheap since they bought the privilege to preside over The Toon. Plans A,B,C,D,E and F have all failed pathetically whilst dividing fans and generating continuous cycles of resentment. You can’t do the Premier League on the cheap, we need to raise the bar and acquire some real talent and that means paying for it, no other way, a squad with a blend of experience and youth that is hard wired to give 100% once or twice a week……clearly we asking too much?

  • GToon

    I think Graham Carr has been in the job too long. I think he should hand over to his son Alan. What could possibly go wrong!

  • GToon

    Hilarious. Best laugh I’ve had for ages. Wonder what it’s sell on value is.

  • fromtheheed

    If son Alan takes over the players will want to stay in the showers. His idea of a back 4 will be on all fours from the back.

  • desree

    Are you jokin ere? boom boom

  • desree

    are you jokin ere?

  • fromtheheed

    Alan Carr chatty man of course I am joking, boom boom Basil Brush.

  • desree

    The strategy is this – pretend we are chasing proven players when there is no intention of signing. Today as if by magic an article in the chron claiming agents are offering NUFC the chance to sign an unheard of uruguayan striker from the french ligue 1 for 4m as the bas dost and austin deals are too difficult to complete. Another donkey to bolt onto the cart lds!