Newcastle United: A club in desperate need of some REAL good news

They need to shrug off the stench of disappointment. It clings to them like the foulest of odours. I certainly haven’t seen a club hierarchy quite like it. One that seems to specialise in negatives, inactivity and hamfisted public relations.

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Fans are used to this by now but it doesn’t get any less frustrating. When it comes to new players we’re always just ‘preparing a bid’, or are ‘monitoring’ or ‘set to be offered’. Can we see something real, please.

Just over a month ago our club was nearly relegated.

What was needed at that point was rapid action, what we might term some ‘quick win public relations’. All they had to do was get some transfer business done early to settle everyone down. I want to see transfers well-handled and concluded at a decent pace.

McClaren’s appointment was a small step in the right direction, but it is player recruitment that remains the sticking point, given the funds that the club have in the bank.

Sadly, I see no evidence they’re about to change, at a time when other teams are ploughing ahead with signings, our lot are standing still.

Someone suggested to me the other day that I need to be more patient when it comes to players arriving at Newcastle Utd. Hmmm. It’s a fair point, and I agree there remains time to get them over that now infamous ‘line’, which will go some way to appeasing supporters.

But this is Newcastle Utd under Mike Ashley that we’re talking about. They seem to be after people who don’t want to come, or they offer too small a fee for those who are reportedly keen on the move.

The local newspapers have given them an easy ride so far. The hacks would refute that claim, but I think there is scope to be more critical. Instead, I saw an article informing me that transfer window wasn’t open yet. Really? When other clubs have tied players down, both here in the UK and overseas.

newcastle united

Quite simply, this is a club that needs to change the mood music. They need to review the way they are going about transfers and turn the non-starters and disappointments into success stories.

Charnley needs to get his act together when it comes to the basic technique of getting players to join a club. It’s not rocket science but when it comes to negotiations we always fluff our lines.

I welcome the impending arrival of Ian Cathro as a first team coach. He has a good reputation, but let’s not kid ourselves that is the REAL good news we crave. What we want to see is a squad sufficiently strengthened in line with other clubs who seem to operate more shrewdly and effectively in the market.

The next three weeks are going to be massive. I don’t buy the line that there is plenty of time. If we don’t get some business done quickly we’ll drift and become an even less enticing option for quality football players.

Give us something to smile about for a change. Give us some REAL good news.

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  • foggy

    As befitting a comedy club. Nufc’s new theme tune,

  • keeganRescueUs

    My big worry is that Ashley sees the change in coaching staff as the answer and not decent investment in the squad. As much as I would be intrigued to see what more innovative coaches would do with that squad, we all know how desperately it needs fresh blood.

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out!!

  • Andgeo

    I’m sure he thinks £25m will be enough. I’d be suprised if we had a net spend over that about by the time we play Southampton. Given the profit he made in the last transfer window and the increase in TV revenue, this is absolutely pathetic and far from the investment that is desperately needed. Ashley out!

  • TonnekToon

    With  no decent players signed and the deadwood kept , the Team’ll run out to the sound of a funeral dirge , which will be quite apt considering SJP was as quiet  as a grave for most of last season .  We’re watching and waiting Fatty .

  • toonterrier

    Oh Don’t Stop The Carnival. Ashleys circus is in town. We’re the laughing stock for a so called big football club but now’s the time to unpitch his tent.pack his bags and him and his clowns get out of town.

  • GraemeB

    Cathro hasn’t joined us yet – evidently he has not agreed term & conditions with Penfold!!
    Maybe we are still playing “hardball” with one of the best coaches we could possibly hope to sign?
    Please, Penfold, give your head a shake and just try and do the job you are paid for. Get the coaches on board, 
    get the players on board and give Schteeve a fighting chance of doing something.