Incredibly, Newcastle United turned down the chance to talk to both Frank de Boer and Michael Laudrup.

The pair were both interested in the Newcastle job and wanted to talk to the club about the job of manager/head coach.

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According to Mark Douglas though at the Chronicle, Newcastle ignored that interest from de Boer and Laudrup, because they wanted Steve McClaren.

Mark Douglas;

‘Michael Laudrup wanted to talk, and so did Frank de Boer.

For a couple of days last week, Patrick Vieira was open to the idea…There had been others, too.

With Remi Garde it went as far as the interview process while Christophe Galtier and Jocelyn Gourvennec, two of France’s brightest young managerial talents, would have been amenable.

Yet Newcastle took a head count of these candidates – one of two of whom might have had a seriously transformative impact on the club – and went, instead, for Steve McClaren.’

Since the club and NCJ kissed and made up during last season, the Chronicle has once again been the preferred route for the club to get out to the public both their information of what’s going on as well as the propaganda, so when Mark Douglas relates the club decision making, you have to take it at face value.

If so it leaves an extraordinary picture of the workings of Newcastle United and leaves Mike Ashley and the club open to massive criticism, if Steve McClaren is indeed appointed this coming week andit ends up going pear-shaped.

Critics of the decision to seemingly go with McClaren, see the appointment as more of the same, a manager with a similar profile to Alan Pardew and according to reports, accepting of taking on the same structure the now Palace boss worked under.

The same coaching staff, the same little/no say on transfers in or out and no guarantee of realistic funds to turn the team/squad around.

frank de boer

It would have been very hard to see any of the candidates, including (especially?)  de Boer and Laudrup being prepared to accept those conditions.

So for Steve McClaren, I don’t think it is necessarily his past track record that he has to overcome when proving to fans that he is the right man for the Newcastle job, it is more to do with his credibility of showing that he is his own man and will do things differently to the likes of Carver and Pardew.

A recent poll on this very website showed massive support for Steve McClaren bringing in his own coaching staff, and that first step would go some way to making a decent number of Newcastle fans think twice, as to whether we are just in for more of the same from the former England and Boro boss.

  • NicholasDryden

    Llambias previously and now Charnley have a hell of a lot to answer for. It’s almost like they don’t want success….Oh wait..!

  • Paul Patterson

    To have even a glimmer of a chance (and gain favour with the fans) if McClaren is the new man, he needs to get rid of the coaching staff currently in plave, bring in his own people AND get a decent physio/fitness coach.
    If this doesn’t happen then we are doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes.

  • Mark Robson

    Yet jump at the chance to speak to McLaren, for a 3rd time, who had a worse record than Carver at the end of last season in a division below!!?!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    NicholasDryden The rats follow the tune of the Piper. Ashley’s been playing the same one for 8 years.

  • Stephen Sheppard

    laudrup was a gamble, de boer was too in luv with himself, to follow the party line of herr ashley. ginger nut is the obvious safe option, and charnley is clearly a coward….

  • Alltomuch

    That if true sums it up!
    Mind they would soon change there minds when told what would/wouldn’t be happening with budget and selling and not being allowed to do a proper job.
    Get dopy McClaren ( no better than kinnaer)
    Same old crap

  • The Bronzed God

    I would have welcomed de Boer but Laudrup couldn’t handle the pressure at Swansea he would be like a rabbit in the headlights here

  • SaveNUFC

    Why don’t McClaren go to where is is wanted and revered! Please go to Sunderland Stevie.

  • SaveNUFC

    The Bronzed God So what do you think about MCClaren then?

  • wor monga

    De Boer has been publicly distancing him from the Toon job
    since it first came up, no doubt hoping for Spurs or Liverpool…Laudrup couldn’t
    be bothered to turn up at Swansea training because he thought the club were
    beneath his level, telling media outlets he would only consider managing a top
    four PL club …

    …so what was the point of approaching those two seeing as they are
    not interested in rebuilding any dysfunctional teams into proper ones…they
    just wanted it ready-made, and preferably in the CL…who knows what was in Vieira’s
    mindset, but as soon as our interest came to light the giant club of Turkish football
    quickly made it known they fancied him as their Director of Football…and that (strangely enough)  he also needed something to help Man City with his contract negotiations…

    …So it looks like we’re getting McClaren…so why not get behind him,
    and support the team, eh?…not a lot to ask is it if you consider yourself a
    Newcastle United supporter!!

  • Jezza_NUFC

    They wanted McLaren simply because he was the cheapest option that they could possibly get away with. It all came down to cost and managerial/coaching ability was never a factor. For 8 years, Ashley’s modus operandi at Newcastle has been to sacrifice footballing success for financial and that’s never going to change.

  • A lex

    wor monga Perhaps we should’ve taken a leaf out of Ellis Short’s book.

    If you have a candidate who’s got pretty good proven recent quality (like De Boer, Laudrup) then you keep going back in for him. You don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They showed they wanted Advocaat – probably the best they could do, in the circumstances – so they stuck at it until they got their man.

    Bizarrely, they actually did that with McClaren – kept going back in for him, despite being turned down. However, they were going in for him for all the wrong reasons.

  • nufcmag777

    wor monga What a stupid prick you are.You keep on spouting absolute crap in defence of Ashley & his underqualified minions and the disgraceful running of the club i love.There is no reason for your rambling other than either your a Mackem or a relation to the Ashley family.God help us with slimy little toadies like you.

  • SaveNUFC

    wor monga Just because our club status/standard may be low at the moment so that Laudrup and de Boer doesn’t want to come doesn’t mean that we should go for a championship sacked- England sacked manager. The question is not about not wanting to support McClaren. It is about setting an example, showing the fans that the club still have ambition, keeping the promise. McClaren is a one season manager. A league winner (FC Twente) doesn’t just get sacked by a championship club just like that. By the way when he returned to FC Twente the results were so bad that he RESIGNED. He was not good enough for a Championship side and now he is good for us….so sad. The last time we appointed a Championship sacked manager the end result was a disaster.

  • PaulNewsome

    Mark Douglas;
    ‘Michael Laudrup wanted to talk, and so did Frank de Boer.
    For a couple of days last week, Patrick Vieira was open to the idea…There had been others, too.
    With Remi Garde it went as far as the interview process while
    Christophe Galtier and Jocelyn Gourvennec, two of France’s brightest
    young managerial talents, would have been amenable.
    Yet Newcastle took a head count of these candidates – one of two
    of whom might have had a seriously transformative impact on the club –
    and went, instead, for Steve McClaren.’
    Where is Mark Douglas’s evidence for this? He’s made mugs of fans in the past and he will in the future. He does it every day in the Chronic with lee Ryder. Unless he provides evidence to go with this guff, chances are it’s just another lie.

  • michaelhodg67

    Itl be the sameas last season typical of mike ashleech to not spend money on a decent manager cheaper the better in the parasites eyes

  • wor monga

    A lex       Nice picture by the way if that’s you…

    ….Enough to say though…I don’t care what Ellis Short did or
    didn’t do…Advocaat is only interested in keeping that shower up for next season, and
    picking up a nice wedge along the way…

    …but If McClaren is the man for us, then I’ll
    just say…bring in the right players to play in the positions that we have
    desperately needed…for at least the last 2 seasons, and then let’s see what he
    can do with them…before writing him off!!

  • Peaco

    In other words, when Pas-de-clue left, they had no intention of getting anyone other than McClaren. The notion that they were actually going through a selection procedure is yet another lie from this discredited bunch of charlatans running the club. More jobs for mates: for Ashley hiring his bessie mate lamearse, read Carr hiring his mate McClaren. This club is no longer a meritocracy; just one big stitch-up.

  • wor monga

    nufcmag777      I find it truly amazing… what imaginative schoolkids like nufcmag777
    can find to write about on the internet these days…without ever having been to
    or even seen a football match!!

  • Big Al 1967

    Just my opinion but think this through. As we all know McClaren turned us down twice as he wanted to see the job through at Derby. However the moment he was sacked the noises from the media where that McClaren was favourite despite the previous 2 rejections which had supposedly  put the club completely off the idea.
    Why the change of heart from NUFC? Well it would be interesting to see if the terms offered now and apparently taken are the same as those offered in January and April or a lot less now due to the nature of the appointment. Hey I could be totally wrong but as with everything else that has happened at the club under the FCB’s tenure I would suspect the cheaper latter option.

  • A lex

    wor monga A lex Thanks, but not me, my other half.

    Anyway, totally agree that Advocaat is only there for a year. That’s his brief – keep them up and ‘solid’ while they get time for a proper succession plan for the longer term. Dislike them with a passion, but getting Advocaat for 1 more season seems a pretty good move, to me.
    I’d also give McClaren a chance, IF he were going to get a full new backroom staff and at least half a dozen EPL quality players who can hit the ground running on August 8th. But, that’s not going to happen. We know the brief given to run NUFC and McClaren will be lumbered with doing it the Ashley way.

    From Ashley’s viewpoint, McClaren is a safe pair of hands because he had nowhere else to go.

  • Hughie

    More sh1t stirring from a local journo– how does he know? Cmon enlighten us!!

  • GToon

    How can the club ever expect to be successful with a model that doesn’t allow the manager to get the players he wants. He understands the players and how he wants them to play. What exactly can Carr do when he isn’t there on match days listening to the manager saying what is needed or how he wants the team to play. However, enough typing. It all boils down to one thing and that isn’t following a blueprint for success but merely trying to make more money. And if that’s always the overriding factor then what hope does MaClaren have.

  • GToon

    Exactly. Makes you wonder why he panics over a few million when he has got billions. What was that quote when he first came about having a bit of fun. Is his definition of fun when he sees the balance sheet at the end of every season?

  • GToon

    And what’s the betting they back him too and even let him buy the players he wants rather than what’s on offer. Still who’ll be laughing when the balance sheets are rolled out. Yeah everybody, you might beat us home and away but we’ve got more savings than you…… Makes you want to cry doesn’t it.

  • GToon

    I think he could be ok if supported financially but he won’t be. He might be under the misapprehension that he’s getting money to boost the squad but anything he spends will be recouped come the January sales. What any future NUFC manager needs more than to meet the vermin who run the club is a meeting with us lot first. That would put him straight.

  • jack1x

    Graham Carr gets his own way again , typical lack of ambition , Mike Ashley said he wanted to win something , put the horse in front of the cart , he’s certainly done that with McLaren , only McLaren is a cart horse , not a thoroughbred like the list of managers mentioned .It should be sack Carr along with all the rest

  • jack1x

    There never was a selection process , it’s always been been. McLaren and if he was unavailable they would have kept carver in charge

  • v0ices

    GToon think you summed it up perfectly there hes not the worst manager in the world but his selection shows there will be no change in the way the club is run a recipe for survival at best same old same old.

  • Munich Mag

    The blue touch paper has been lit a couple of times over the last few years, and strategically extinguished for the good of the club and the fans. If this latest escapade in mediocracy falls flat just watch the roof fly off at SJP…

  • fromtheheed

    Fed up with all this bitching, we all knew that McClaren was their first choice and Carver was to be kept on.
    It doesn’t matter to me now, whoever they buy in the transfer market, broken promises, lies.
    Derby showed us what ambition is and even Sunderland have promised Advocaat £50 million, which I assume they will allow him to bring in his own players.
    Lets give McClaren a go, to hell with that, any fans renewing their season ticket, deserve the team they will get and the mediocrity that will follow.

  • NottsToon

    Amazing that some of the same people asking for evidence of this story are the same people saying “wait and see” and “Mike Ashley said he wants to win things” about a proven liar who has had 8 years to show us he’s not full of 5hit.

    You have 8 years of evidence you clowns, how much more waiting and seeing do you want to do?

  • NottsToon

    And you will note that I also didn’t say that I believed the article, just pointing out an irony of certain supporters views.

  • stepaylor

    it is only a job for a yes man, whilst Mclaren had a backbone previously they chance to manage in the premier league again is a big deal for him and he has happily agreed to whatever he needs to for his own career. Likely his salary will be one of the lowest in the premier league too. Would be surprised if he is on more than $25k a week. Still an incredible amount of money but less than the premier league average.

    Which is entirely my point. It is where the club aims these days, mid table on a tight budget.

    We will see by the transfers coming in over the next 8 weeks how serious Ashley is about ‘bolting on the horse’.

    Mclaren im told by many is a very solid and modern coach, if he is given the backing of the owner financially im sure he is capable of doing a decent job (like Pardew could have done before him). If he is left with cheap second rate foreigners and the club unable to keep their better talent then it will be business as usual.

  • stepaylor

    Jezza_NUFC i think your right, Mclaren is a quality coach but the low wages he will agree to make him the ideal candidate.

    Got to wonder though, Remi Garde would have been maybe even cheaper. However, Garde would want too much to change and isnt close enough to Graham Carr who in reality seems to be running the club

  • NottsToon

    1957 I see no reason to behave respectfully to those who do not deserve it. This is passionate debate on an emotive subject, not a tickling contest or a knitting group.

  • NottsToon

    stepaylor Jezza_NUFC I seem to remember a rumour some months ago about some kind of power struggle/ disagreement between Pardew and Carr over incoming players after Pardew had recommended a few British players he wanted which Carr disagreed with (James Tomkins name rings a bell).

    If there was any truth to that it seems that Carr well and truly won the power struggle.

  • Hughie

    NottsToon deleted_71328718_1957 your insults speak for themselves, stay in Notts and don’t return. Genuine Geordies do not insult fellow Geordies with different opinions.Wait until August before you  jump to conclusions . If we haven’t signed good players and held on to our best then you can again whinge eh? Charnley  is the main walking disaster area to worry about .

  • v0ices

    Hughie NottsToon deleted_71328718_1957 always fun when someone tells others they dpnt have the right to tell others what they can do. why wait until august? only a idiot wastes time when they already know whats going to happen

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Hughie NottsToon deleted_71328718_1957  Charnley is the man who will / has decided on our next manager, you fookin coconut.

  • lupamac

    How  the fk can anybody  live on £25 K  a week .

  • NottsToon

    Shut up you great big girl.