If you believe what you read, Newcastle United were/are targeting three of the top five English Premier League goalscorers from last season.

Obviously it is a big ‘if’.

The story goes that Newcastle are going to target more homegrown players this summer and with United desperate for players who can score goals, that looks like English goalscorers being top of McClaren/Carr/Charnley’s list.

Just how realistic is this though?

The newspapers have been happy to credit Newcastle with an interest in Danny Ings, Saido Berehino and Charlie Austin for a while now.

Look though at this list of last season’s top Premier League goalscorers:

26 Sergio Aguero

21 Harry Kane

20 Diego Costa

18 Charlie Austin

16 Alexis Sanchez

14 Saido Berahino

12 Wayne Rooney

12 Graziano Pelle

12 David Silva

11 Danny Ings

The three linked with Newcastle are amongst the top five English scorers and indeed the top ten scorers overall (Ings sharing that tenth position of 11 goals with a number of players including Papiss Cisse).

Danny Ings has signed for Liverpool despite a £12m bid from Spurs, even if the scousers can’t agree a fee then a tribunal is likely to set the young player compensation fee at not far short of that Tottenham offer. Then you have Liverpool’s willingness to pay some of the top wages in the division.

That leaves us with Austin and Berahino, two of the top five goalscorers last season.

The other three of those played for Man City (Aguero), Spurs (Kane) and Arsenal (Sanchez) – the two players we are supposedly interested in, played for perennial strugglers West Brom (Berahino) and relegated QPR(Austin).

That fact means that their goals totals are even more admirable/valuable.

Berahino has started 43 Premier League games over the course of the last two seasons, scored 19 goals, and is only 21.

Austin started 35 PL games last season and scored 18 goals. In the previous three seasons in the Championship he started 98 matches and scored 59 goals, he’s 25 years of age.

Two strikers playing in poor teams and scoring for fun. Are we seriously supposed to think that Mike Ashley has any intention of trying to compete for either (both!!!) of these strikers?

Yet each day the media trot out stories claiming this is the case, without any background reasoning of why this could be the case.

Southampton have shown with their ambitious spending the last two years of what needs to be done, with a number of very good buys, including Pelle.

Swansea point the way with signings such as Bony who United refused to compete for, or even Gomis who Ashley wouldn’t pay the wages for.

It defies belief, sadly, for me that any rational person can swallow the idea that Newcastle have any intention of seriously going for these players (Austin/Berahino).

Of the three strikers Newcastle were linked with, Danny Ings was by far the ‘most likely’ to be achievable for NUFC, yet seemingly no serious effort at all was made to go for him. Ings had one season in the Championship when he scored 20 goals and then 11 goals in the PL this last season.

It is a decent profile but I don’t think it suggests anything like the goalscoring potential of either Berahino or Austin.

You have to surely suspend all reasoning to think that Newcastle will march in ahead of the other 19 Premier League clubs and sign either/both of these strikers. Plus of course the small matter of them choosing Newcastle ahead of other options.

I bet every Premier League club would be prepared to pay £10m+ for these strikers, including the likes of promoted Bournemouth and Watford.

Goals equal potential survival and for example, if say Hull had had either Berahino or Austin, then I have a feeling it would be now Newcastle in the Championship instead of Steve Bruce’s boys.

The reality is that I want to see our new manager signed up (McClaren wouldn’t have been my first choice but if that’s the case then let’s just get on with it), then a realistic transfer strategy laid out.

My opinion is that goalscorers with a credible PL record are out of our reach presently, even if Ashley belatedly wants to invest the TV riches.

premier league goalscorers

However, recent seasons have seen NUFC pass up excellent overseas strikers such as Bony and Lacazette who have now gone on to be far beyond our means or ability to attract to Tyneside.

Newcastle have to target strikers who have scored loads of goals abroad and then use the carrot of the Premier League and PL competitive wages (more than clubs abroad can offer) to land a couple of goalscorers.

Buying players who haven’t scored loads of goals abroad, such as Riviere, are not the answer!


  • Sean Kelly

    we’ve heard all this crap before. it’s obviously to get season tickets renewed then surprise surprise they “COULD GET THEM OVER THE LINE” gullible gullible gullible.

  • GToon

    Years ago us being interested meant we would get the player. These days our chances of seeing anybody decent at SJP are limited to one appearance – when they turn up playing with their new team.

  • MagpieG

    Just a small issue with the observation that if Hull had a decent goal scorer then we would be in the Championship rather than them. We actually finished above the Mackems and Villa with the Mackems 4th bottom so it would’ve been them in the Championship not us.

  • Barnesay

    But the that wouldn’t fit the profile of Toon bashing at every opportunity that The Mag takes. Why report fact when they can make up fiction to suit their agenda?

  • Jimmywayhay

    The longer we wait for a manager to be appointed the less time to spend cash in the transfer market and the less wages Ashley has to pay in the close season ! Balance sheet club and always will be with big Mike .

  • Andgeo

    ashley out!!! He is bleeding our club dry!!!

  • Marc Wales

    Good article. Get Berahino and Austin if we can but focus on getting some defenders in!!

  • Barnesay

    How’s that then?

  • Stephen Sheppard

    dumb article

  • Barnesay

    Good attempt but there’s a problem with your theory. The transfer window doesn’t open till 1 July so we can’t sign anyone (and pay out transfer fee and wages) until then. We could get players to negotiate and for all we know, have done. The Chronicle can’t be believed and so neither can the blogs. And the £34m that’s supposed to be available? That was the cash figure that was in the last accounts, the year end being 30 June. Remember we then bought a load of players after that (ie when the transfer window opened), players like de Jong, Perez etc. so the £34m doesn’t actually exist, but we should be spending whatever cash has been generated this year and I’ll be a peed off as anyone if we dont

  • v0ices

    Barnesay and another pro ashley supporter appears.

  • Barnesay

    Er, how do you work that out from what I said? How exactly can the club spend money when they aren’t allowed to until the transfer window opens on 1 July?

  • DownUnderMag

    Again, just smells a bit like a PR stunt to sell tickets.  “I know, Geordies are gullible for attacking football so we’ll link to some strikers and get the season tickets renewed..”

    While one more top quality goal-scorer would be great to have, our biggest problem is out creativity in midfield and our lack of a solid back four.  I feel quite confident that the strikers we currently have would be much better if we had better service to them from a good crosser of the ball and a midfield passer in the Cabaye mold (say what you like about his overall game, we miss that killer ball through the middle since he left).  We also lack any sort of leadership and organiser at the back, not to mention too easily broken down because of sloppy play or plain old mistakes…2 or 3 defensive players should be the minimum, 2 midfield players and 1 striker.  But no sign of anything but pie-in-the-sky speculation to drum up hype that most would easily realise is unlikely to happen.

  • prestondave

    Which decent player wants to come here and play with second rate players?