The Premier League fixtures are out!

The next year of your life taken care of as the next season for Newcastle United is revealed.

The last four seasons had seen Newcastle kick off with:

Manchester City (H) 2014/15

Manchester City (A) 2013/14

Tottenham (H) 2012/13

Arsenal (H) 2011/12

For 2015/16 we have:

Kicking off the season Newcastle United v Southampton on 8 August (could change for TV)

Whilst we end the season with Newcastle United v Tottenham on 15 May

Full list:


Sat 8 Southampton (h)

Sat 15 Swansea City (a)

Sat 22 Manchester United (a)

W/C 24 Capital One Cup R2

Sat 29 Arsenal (h)


Sat 12 West Ham United (a)

Sat 19 Watford (h)

W/C 21 Capital One Cup R3

Sat 26 Chelsea (h)


Sat 3 Manchester City (a)

Sat 17 Norwich City (h)

Sat 24 Sunderland (a)

W/C 26 Capital One Cup R4

Sat 31 Stoke City (h)


Sat 7 AFC Bournemouth (a)

Sat 21 Leicester City (h)

Sat 28 Crystal Palace (a)


Sat 5 Liverpool (h)

Sat 12 Tottenham Hotspur (a)

Sat 19 Aston Villa (h)

Sat 26 Everton (h)

Mon 28 West Bromwich Albion (a)


Sat 2 Arsenal (a)

Sat 9 FA Cup R3

Wed 13 Manchester United (h)

Sat 16 West Ham United (h)

Sat 23 Watford (a)

Sat 30 FA Cup R4


Wed 3 Everton (a)

Sat 6 West Bromwich Albion (h)

Sat 13 Chelsea (a)

Sat 20 FA Cup R5

Sat 27 Manchester City (h)


Wed 2 Stoke City (a)

Sat 5 AFC Bournemouth (h)

Sat 12 Leicester City (a)

Sat 19 Sunderland (h)


Sat 2 Norwich City (a)

Sat 9 Southampton (a)

Sat 16 Swansea City (h)

Sat 23 Liverpool (a)

Sat 30 Crystal Palace (h)


Sat 7 Aston Villa (a)

Sun 15 Tottenham Hotspur (h)



  • Bearsize

    Cool we have an excuse for not winning the first 8 games this time ;)

  • SamBrown3

    I cant see any run of fixture that will help us build momentum, no run of 3 or 4 games where we could potentially look at winning and buildng confidence. With our current squad, I couldnt see uswinnin any of those games.

  • Ashleyout

    Prediction:.. Newcastle bottom of the league by end of August!

  • prestondave

    Wonder if all the Pro Ashley suckers are feeling optimistic especially with all of oh I mean no players over the line yet. I can still hear his specch in my ears . You know the one I mean where he spoke some words but didnt actually say anything (different)

  • AB233

    2 teams who will buy all the players we want first up, then our fleet of Man U loanees will be unavailable for that game before Arsene’s ‘title favourites’, gonna be a fun few weeks!

  • AB233

    Bearsize Where is David Moyes to expose the fixture conspiracy against us!

  • AB233

    I like that you’ve included the FA Cup Final date in there! Since we’re giving the cups a go this year ;)