Newcastle star Paul Dummett has declared that United ‘…are not a bad team’ and just need to get back the form they showed when winning five consecutive Premier League matches back in October/November last year.

The Geordie defender was a relative success last season, especially when moved across to centre-back, rather than his usual left-back position where he has often been exposed by decent wingers.

Whilst Dummett declares that bad teams don’t win six (incl the League Cup win at Man City) games in a row, I suppose by the same token you can say that no decent team would lost eight in a row as United did in the second half of the last campaign.

Paul Dummett also states the obvious of needing new players to help avoid a repeat of last season’s near disaster.

Though time is running out with his hope of players being signed up in time to give both players and fans a ‘boost going into pre season’.

With only four days until pre season training starts on Wednesday and 13 days to the first friendly, when Newcastle take on Gateshead at the International Stadium.

Paul Dummett:

“From January/February we had 35 points, we just drifted away and never regained the form we had shown in the first half (of the season).

“We are not a bad team, we beat teams like Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool – bad teams don’t do that. We also won six games in a row and need to find that form again.”

Signing players:

“New players can help us push up the Premier League so we aren’t in the same position we were in at the end of the season next year.

“Hopefully that (signing players) does happen and it can give us a boost going into pre season.”

  • Toonbadger

    Deluded and an eejit

  • Michael Maximus Moose


  • Andgeo

    Quite correct!! Bad teams loose 8 in a row and end up battling against relegation. Good teams battle at the top end of the table. If we hadn’t had those results in November we would have been relegated and deservedly so!

  • TonnekToon

    “We are not a bad team ”  . That’s right ,  you weren’t a bad team . You were Fr*****g atrocious most of the time .

  • Pedrothegreat

    Bad teams don’t win six in a row, but bad teams do lose 8 in a row, your only as good as where you finish.

  • cwtoon88

    You are a shocking player though Paul who is stealing a living on the back of being born near buy and you are a clear example of a terrible player who can be carried by his teammates

    We will only move on till you are out of this club

  • Steve1221

    cwtoon88 No he isn’t, he was one of our better players during that period and injured for a lot of our bad run.

  • toon tony

    What kind of team wins six in a row. ….a LUCKY ONE “.

  • cwtoon88

    No he wasn’t he was constantly the weak link in the back 4 and bailed out time and time again by Colo and Haidara.
    I’d like you to explain how he did well ?

  • Steve1221

    How could he have been bailed out time and time again by a player he was playing instead of! At left back he was solid, dependable and not caught out of position unlike Haidara when he played.

  • IainElrick

    cwtoon88  your wrong