Sky Sports report that their Newcastle United sources have told them that Papiss Cisse is up for sale.

The broadcaster said that Newcastle are welcoming offers for the 30 year old striker who finished top scorer last season with 11 goals, despite missing ten matches through suspensions for elbowing and spitting, plus ongoing injury problems with his knee.

The willingness of Mike Ashley to sell Papiss Cisse was revealed as Sky published quotes from an interview with the Senegalese forward.

In the quotes Papiss Cisse said that he wants to stay at Newcastle and welcomed new Head Coach Steve McClaren, though interestingly he revealed that he had only one and a half years left on his contract rather than the two years that was generally understood to be the case.

Cisse signed in January 2012 and therefore apparently signed a five year contract taking him up to January 2017.

Papiss Cisse:

“I am at Newcastle and I have one and a half years (left on my) contract. I am a Newcastle striker and I just think about my holiday, when I go back to Newcastle I will try to work hard and try to make the team.

“It’s good for Newcastle because he has been the England manager before. It is good to change something in the team.”

Spitting incident with Jonny Evans:

“I accept that is not football, football is to enjoy and I know I am a good person.

“That happens just in football and outside football you would never see that happen with me

  • jack1x

    Cisse should stay. The only striker we have , and before anyone else is sold we need to bring players in .Have they not learned their lesson with the Dale of Carroll , cabaye , mbiwa , santon , Ba , and so on .I think they are selling so they can use that money for recruitment which is typical , more lies , as ever

  • geordieladdo

    34M or whatever it is in the bank and we are trying to sell to buy! haha
    Another cracking season ahead folks, everyone bought their season tickets yet? haha

  • JohnyH

    They’ll be waiting for offers for Sissoko Krull and Perez as well.
    Then if it’s not too late we’ll get the left overs from other clubs transfer activity in their place.
    If McClaren has any backbone he’ll do a Keegan and maybe preserve a bit of credibility.
    This clubs going nowhere.

  • Paul Patterson

    So that would be another 11 goals shaved off the relegation budget for next season.

    Getting to 40 points has never looked so hard . .

  • jack1x

    Without his goals definitely relegated , he has consistently scored for us. When Ba was there he had the right sort of player alongside him , if anyone should be sold before him it has to be riviere , along with the other useless ones , obertan , Williamson , to name just a few ,

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Brilliant news. We’re going to be Balance Sheet Champions again. 9 in a row, nobody can touch us. These are times we could never have dreamed about back in the dark days of the mid 90’s when Kevin Keegan was running amok with the clubs finances, blowing millions of Pounds on new players every other week and footballing performances were taking priority over the all important issue of profits. Thank you Mr Ashley.

  • nufcmag777

    Its par for the course with these clowns.”Sell before we buy” & “no capital expenditure”have familiar rings to them.Anyone thinking Ashley’s speech would change anything should hold on to their season ticket money.I feel sorry for McClaren who will struggle this season with hands tied behind his back.God help us.

  • Toon Terrier

    Sell before you buy is the Ashley motto. Is this the reason they have not signed a top forward ? His goals have saved us for two seasons and last time round he played with an injury. A progressive, ambitious club would be signing forwards and keeping Cisse to have a strong squad capable of dealing with rigours of the season but Charnley has had his abacus out and the figures don’t spell out a profit for Ashley. Football? What’s that got to do with it

  • Jimmywayhay

    Relegation and dwindling attendance figures don’t spell out a very good profit either .Ashley’s, West Ham speech will never be forgotten ,so stand by your words Mr Ashley and get the boards arse into gear ,you would in any other branch of your empire ,why not here?

  • v0ices

    Jimmywayhay what words are you talking about? he said continue his policy of investment.

  • DownUnderMag

    The thing I find most strange is Ashley making his speech and then doing a runner, absolving himself of any responsibility for the current lack of action and Charnley left in charge who clearly hasn’t a clue what he is doing. Wait for the end of the window, lack of action and Ashley come back in claiming that he needed to come back as nothing was getting done…i.e. all someone else to blame but those same cretins doing exactly Ashley’s bidding in not spending a penny!

  • jack1x

    They won’t get another penny from me either , it’s another con job , every sensible Newcastle fan knows that , we’ve been this way before

  • Chemical Dave

    Nowt “strange” about it !

  • Wayne Clayton

    The man can’t lie straight in bed. More spin than a kid’s top. When he said invest we should have all realised that meant selling to buy rather than spend some of his cash mountain.
    Just because Cisse’s about to hit 30 doesn’t mean he still can’t do a job. Surely his wage demands can’t be that high.

  • PhilYare

    on-going deconstruction

    relegation is certain