Yesterday brought news that Newcastle United had already turned down a number of offers for Papiss Cisse this summer.

With the club linked with any number of strikers, most Newcastle fans are anticipating that they have seen the Senegalese striker play for the last time in black and white.

However, this morning it has been revealed by the Chronicle that the club have informed them that Papiss Cisse won’t be allowed to leave for less than £10m.

If that is really the minimum Mike Ashley will take for the striker, then I think there is more chance of Austin, Carroll and Berahino all being signed this summer, than there is of Cisse moving on.

Newcastle United’s transfer policy looks more and more like the people who put their house up for sale at a ridiculous price, the cannot believe why everybody else has the cheek to expect a decent price for theirs.

Cisse has been a decent player for Newcastle, in a very much up and down way, but Ashley is most definitely having a laugh.

Those first three and a bit months of his NUFC career were exhilarating, with 13 Premier League goals from 13 starts plus 1 as a sub, pretty much every goal spectacular.

Since then though Papiss Cisse has scored 21 PL goals in 3 years.

Those 21 goals coming in 82 appearances (21 of them as a sub).

The last year maybe summed up Papiss Cisse’s erratic time on Tyneside.

On the plus side he scored 11 goals but other than that…he only managed to start 11 Premier League matches, is a player who looks ever more injury prone, was banned for 3 matches when he elbowed Everton’s Seamus Coleman, banned for 7 games for spitting at Man Utd’s Jonny Evans, plus has now been dropped by his national team.

The comedy punchline after the season ended, saw him make the tabloid front pages with claims he told various girlfriends on Tyneside and further afield in the UK that he was off to Paris for a holiday, only for wedding photos to emerge on the internet of him marrying a volleyball player from Senegal.

Papiss Cisse is what he is. Not exactly a flawed genius but fair to call him a flawed natural goalscorer. If I had to put a valuation on him, then I would guess that anything over £5m would be a massive bonus and even at £5m I think you would be expecting the buyer to be overlooking his recent shocking disciplinary and injury records.

One silver lining is that at least if Mike Ashley sticks to this £10m+ valuation, at least there is no chance of a quick sale and Newcastle being left with no new strikers AND no Papiss Cisse.

  • NottsToon

    So we’ll sell for £6m, all the apologists will say what a brilliant piece of business for a 30 year old, and we’ll start the season with Rivière, Perez (if he’s still here), that kid from Chelsea on loan and Sammy Ameobi after not being able to get our top targets “over the line”.
    Cynical much?

  • foggy

    10m for Cisse isn’t the funniest story of the day.
    We are now being linked with Lewis Dunk Brightons centre half. He makes Williamson look like john terry.
    Check this out.

  • DownUnderMag

    10m for a proven Premiership goal-scorer isn’t all that hard to believe, and I suspect he will will be sold but a bit lower than that. Perhaps Ashley is thinking that if he says he’s valued at that and then sells for 6m or something then it justifies his low offer for Austin and we will get him for closer to 10m than the 15m being quoted…I think the optimist in me needs taking out and shooting clearly!

  • geordie4567

    Haha, brilliant.
    Won’t be so funny if we sign him!

  • Andgeo

    Yes, 10 press ups!

  • Andgeo

    I just don’t believe we are making any serious moves. Surely Carr and Chsrnley would already have targets, as McClaren will have players he is keen on. You would have thought that potential player targets and signings would have been discussed during mcclarens protracted appointment. Given the insulting under investment in the team over recent years, the disgraceful performance over the past 2 seasons and the Fat Mans pledge (for what it’s worth) the club should have at least one or two players over the line. Stop [email protected]@ing about and get the job done!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    We know what’s going to happen, and it sure isn’t Austin etc walking through the door.

    Dost, maybe, but the latest story mentioning Diyara Sakho has the familiar sound of Ashley cheapness all over it.

  • LeazesEnder

    The Website Transfermarkt puts a value on him at £7.04 million

  • howaymebonnylads

    Bit of a harsh assessment of Cisse in my view.  His goals have stopped us being relegated…twice now!! 
    Yes some stupid sendings off but when you’ve got your captain doing it even more frequently and ridiculously then I also have some sympathy, add Williamson, Janmatt, Barton to that list too. Most of that time he’s been isolated upfront (after Ba went) and ran his balls off despite that.  Maybe if he had a little more support he’d have scored even more than he has in a terrible team.

  • mrkgw

    Another summer of inactivity beckons? If only the club would give supporters some hope?

  • 1957

    Isn’t this what every football club does, puts a high valuation on a player with the intention of of getting what they really want or finding someone desperate enough to pay the valuation. Some players it won’t work with, Obertan, Williamson etc, but Cisse despite his issues had a reasonable minutes per goal ratio last season.

  • Morpeth mag

    In no way is that harsh, his first touch is poor, he doesn’t hold the play up well and he is constantly offside, every now and then he scores a blinder, but he flatters to deceive,,,,

  • Morpeth mag

    Yes,,,, he looks right up our street,,,,,,,

  • Chemical Dave

    Relax, the signings will be over the line soon. You won’t know much about them but they’ll be here…

  • Peaco

    Given we were supposed to have the coaching team in place by yesterday, it would be surprising if we see the management of the club able to get themselves organised in time for any sort of transfer activity. Call me cynical, but I fully expect the line that will be trodden is that we’ve had a hugely successful window as we haven’t had to sell any of our players…..

  • JohnyH

    Nobody is going to pay £10 million for a 30 year old striker with screws in his knee. He’d be looking for a three year deal after which time he’ll be worth diddly squat.
    These knobheads really are on different planet.

  • v0ices

    Chemical Dave more like they will arrive just before or after the season starts a weeks wages saved is a weeks wages profit for mash holdings.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Not laughable at all. His goals are worth at least that as he keeps us in the premier league. We would need at least this amount to have a chance of replacing him with similar quality players. Plus I love this player. He seems a genuinely nice guy, and the joy on his face when he scores, or even just plays looks absolutely genuine to me.

  • Steven Hay

    Really? Are you seriously complaining that we value our only decent striker highly? If we sold him on the cheap The Mag would be the first to complain