Newcastle United are one of five clubs reported to have made an offer to Ron Vlaar.

The Aston Villa centre-back and captain has allowed his contract to run down and is available for no transfer fee, so of course any offers simply relate to what he is going to get rather than Villa.

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It is The Mail who are claiming that five clubs have put the offers on the table, with the indication being that Newcastle are one of a number of Premier League clubs to do so, with Southampton and Sunderland also credited with interest.

The reasons are numerous as to why under Mike Ashley Newcastle United won’t make this transfer happen but a signing like Ron Vlaar is exactly what Newcastle need at this moment in time.

Yes he may demand big wages, yes he won’t have any resale value and yes he might want a longer contract than you’d ideally like to give, but that’s reality.

What you would be getting for the investment would be a Premier League ready defender, a no nonsense centre-back that United have missed for what seems forever, a captain, plus somebody who can organise the defence as a unit.

Also, at the age of 30 a central defender is pretty much at the peak of his abilities.

Bringing in a young centre-back from abroad with no Premier League experience could be another recipe for disaster, on this one Mike Ashley just has to bite the bullet and bring in proven quality/experience.

If they try and fail then fair enough, just move on to the next one, but not to try at all just doesn’t make sense.

  • Bert Goyvaerts

    God no….

  • Simon Sharp

    Yes. Good. Some common sense. Would be the commanding centre half we are crying out for.

  • AshRay

    He has less pace than captain wantaway

  • Toonbadger

    Far too old Forget it

  • LeazesEnder

    Don’t you think bringing In a 30 year old is a daft idea to contemplate with a squad who have mysterious high levels of injuries…..

    ….plus I’ve never heard of him.

  • toonfifer

    Van Dijk from Celtic is a much better option he might cost a fee but these “free” transfers ask for a ridiculous signing on fee. Apparently Ayew got £5.7m pay Celtic £6-8m for a 25 year old who can play football as well as being a big lump

  • Jimmywayhay

    “Not to try at all ” is what they do ,if he has five offers on the table ,then we know which one will be the worst ,even Bournemouth are beating us to highly rated players!

  • KevinBrown11

    Not to try at all is the club moto, something which the club have done for the past 4 years, pointless thinking about it as it’ll never happen.

  • foggy

    The toon need to spend some serious dosh on  TWO new centre backs.
    Van Dijk from Celtic and the Ukrainian international Khacheridi.

  • prestondave

    I can tell you which 1 of 5 wont get him “over the line”.

  • zemtex

    He’s a tall bloke and can stick his head on the ball – exactly what the toon need at the back (team full of short arses right now). Bit injury prone though.

  • Andgeo

    I’m sure the club have plenty of other excuses too as to why mike Williamson represents a better option for the coming season, ahead of a World Cup semi finalist!

  • Andgeo

    Pace isn’t really that important when you spend most of the game defending on the edge of your own box.

  • Stephen Sheppard

    upgrade on wilko, which isnt hard tbh