French media organisation Foot Mercato have claimed an exclusive, with Newcastle United reported to have bid 17m euros (around £12m) for Aymen Abdennour.

The 25 year old Tunisian international moved for around £11m from Toulouse to Monaco only 18 months ago.

Newcastle United have been linked with the Monaco defender for some time and at the end of May, United had already submitted a bid according to the player’s agent, Abdelkader Jilani.

Despite Abdennour only being at Monaco for a year and a half,  Abdelkader Jilani said:

“Given the season that Aymen has had, there is interest from all over the world. We have received calls from clubs and sporting directors, but for now nothing [has been decided].

“Clubs including Valencia, Newcastle, Tottenham, Inter Milan and Wolfsburg have called. We have received concrete offers from these teams, and they

are really interested in Aymen.

Monaco finished third in Ligue 1 and qualified once again for the Champions League, so it is a little difficult imagining a player at his peak being prepared to move to a club that can’t even offer Europa League football, or the likelihood of European football around the corner.

The player may well want a move but it does sound as though this is a continuous drive by the agent and potentially Monaco to try and drive up interest and the level of transfer fee/wages, plus of course the calibre of club.

Hopefully Newcastle are in the market for this level of player but only time will tell…

  • Polarboy

    So sick of hearing who we’re supposed to be after. If we could just sign one to get the ball rolling I think it would put a lot of people more at ease going into the actual transfer window.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Time will tell ,that this news stream is a load of shite and happy to jump on the band wagon ,at the slightest thing .Lets have two storie a day tops and genuine ones please!

  • Big Hairy Man

    Even if this is true which I doubt the last thing we need is another African international. When we operate with a paper thin squad we can not afford to lose key players to the African cup for 2 months every season

  • GToon

    Newcastle have called? Wonder if they reversed the charges. Is this a player who looks great with the ten minutes extra to make a decision that they have in France? We need a big uncompromising unit to replace Willo and a quick, calm and technically gifted player to replace Colo.

  • zemtex

    Jimmywayhay I knaa, on the front page there’s an article saying Cabella’s going and another saying he’s staying.

  • NottsToon

    Same old story, find out the value of a player then make an offer well below that value. Get to the end of the summer with a few cheap imports and trot out the Couldn’t get them over the line” speech again. The cast might change but the script doesn’t whilst ever we have Ashley directing.

    And before someone starts banging on about “testing the waters” or “getting value”, I could half believe that if this joke hadn’t been told so many times before.

  • Ballbearing

    Unfortunately, there seem to be many, many thousands of Newcastle fans who still believe  this kind of rubbish. Which is why they will be renewing their season tickets come August ready for another season of mid- to lower-table mediocrity. It is surprising how many fans I have heard (including someone from the Fans’ Forum on the radio)  say that they believe the club is going all out for silverware next season. Ashley never promised that. He said he wouldn’t sell up until we had won silverware or  got  into Europe. This is a great ploy for selling season tickets. But what it can also mean is that if he secretly doesn’t want to sell (and why would he when he’s coining money?) then he won’t want to win silverware after all. Why can’t so many fans see that? Beats me.

  • nufcslf

    But are only willing to pay 3m to make sure it never happens.

  • foggy

    Yehven Khacheridi the Ukrainian international centre back is better and cheaper and 6ft 6in. Quite a solid lump to have .

  • DownUnderMag

    Let’s get this straight, it may never actually have happened…never believe what you read in the papers.  However if true then it’s just the same schtick.  The club can make as many offers as it likes if it is for fees they KNOW won’t be accepted or the offer wages that the player will never sign for.  It’s just the same old song and dance where they posture about making the effort but always offer under market value and then blame the player or the agent if the deal falls through or blame other clubs being “too desperate and paying over the odds”.
    We could well be in for another summer of non-action by under-valuation.  Only one person to blame for that one!

  • TeamGB

    Speculation will continue until the club makes its intentions known and sets a benchmark with its first summer signing, all hypothetical until then. To be certain of avoiding another relegation scrap, we need at least five players to improve the TEAM, we need a further 5 to improve the SQUAD, not discounting the effects of any potential exists, that’s 10 players at a proportionate combined cost of circa £50 to £60m. What are the chances of the club committing to this? I’m reading this back to myself whilst chuckling……not a hope in hell…. :)