Yesterday we asked you which of Andy Carroll, Saido Berahino and Charlie Austin would sign for Newcastle this summer, if any of them.

Journalists close to the club have claimed that NUFC are now targeting English players with experience of the Premier League, rather than budget buys from abroad.

Mike Ashley’s end of season speech about a new beginning and an ambitious outlook to prevent further failure, was met with a mixed reaction from supporters.

Then after Steve McClaren’s coronation the rumours of big signings were ramped up.

The Daily Mirror were the only newspaper given access to the new Head Coach on Wednesday and they have since reported that Charlie Austin is a ‘done deal’ and fellow English striker Saido Berahino is also a serious target for Newcastle.

In addition we have had the usual speculation about an Andy Carroll return, though there are claims it is a serious possibility this time.

We gave eight options for Newcastle fans to vote from and these are the results:

44% None of the three

18% Only Charlie Austin

17% Austin and Berahino

9% Austin and Carroll

5% Only Andy Carroll

4% Austin, Berahino and Carroll

2% Only Saido Berahino

1% Berahino and Carroll

Whilst almost half (44%) believed Newcastle would still end up buying none of the three English players, when you break down the results you get the following that the supporters believed:

48% think Newcastle WILL sign Charlie Austin

24% think Newcastle will buy Saido Berahino

19% think Newcastle will buy Andy Carroll

  • Grumpyoldmag

    17% think we’ll sign Austin and berahino?? Flip me – give me a pint of what they’re on

  • Slowlybutsurely

    So…44% believe none will sign (including me) whilst 48% think we will sign Austin and 24% berinho and 19% Carroll wow a staggering 135% In total!…think you need to go back to school mate

  • Peter Moustachley

    Allow me to jump in here readers…”when you break down the results you get the following that the supporters believed:” – so of the 56% that believed we would sign any of those players, 48% think we will sign Austin and 24% berinho and 19% Carroll – it could have been clearer though so I won’t have a dig ;)

  • Happyharrys2011

    17% must be Ashley’s nodding dogs, because if we sign the both of them I’ll lick Jabbas boots in the centre circle on a match day. And I facking detest the fat parasite. It will never happen. That’s NEVER EVER.

  • Dubaiexpat

    Truth is nobody has a clue. Based on past activity it’s unlikely we’d sign any of them but I don’t think Charnley wants a repeat of last season so my money is we’ll bring a decent level striker in but that’s likely to be Dost rather than any of these three.

  • The Mag

    Slowlybutsurely It isn’t complicated, there were various options and say for Austin, you could vote for just him signing, him and Berahino, him and Carroll, all 3 signing, or none of the 3.
    So 48% thought Austin would sign (18% only him, 17% him and Berahino, 9% him and Carroll and 4% all three)

  • Jarra MIck

    Andy Carroll? Ffs he has been constantly injured since he left us, who in they’re right mind would sign him? Oh hang on we’ve got plenty of recent experience of signing crocks so I wouldn’t rule it out.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    As each of these players would cost in the region of £15 million, you don’t have to be a genius to know for certain that Newcastle won’t be signing any of them.

  • DZA187

    Jarra MIck I don’t want that sellout back.

  • TonnekToon

    They’ll put the usual bids in , much undervalued and then it’ll be “Hey, we tried our best  to get ’em over the Line ” We can all read ’em like a book .

  • Rowla

    how does anyone still fall for this shite trick? mindboggling!

  • Putting off renewing your season tickets will frighten the fat git !

  • Happyharrys2011

    It all ready has!!!!

  • bradleyjrthompson

    Carrol is crocked 90% of the time but if  kept him fit he’s a good player

    Austin is championship quality not good enough,  Saido Berahino would never go to newcastle. He’s a West Brom lad and has already stated he won’t move anywhere apart from a top 4-5 team. Imo he’s the best young English striker and that includes kane austin and ings, would be a great signing. however with the player seemingly loyal to the club and albion unwilling to sell for less than 25 mill

    dream on.