Newcastle fans expect too much…how long have we heard this claim from those outside our club.

In the coming days it looks like we will be appointing Steve McClaren as the next NUFC manager.

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When I have mentioned that I’m not happy with this appointment, what have I heard in return?  My expectations are too high!  Who do I expect? Klopp!?

No, I do not expect Klopp! No my expectation are not too high!  So what do I expect as a Newcastle fan?

I expect us to hire a manager who is qualified for the job, who has a history of success!  Not a manager who has been sacked from 5 of his 7 jobs.  I expect us to hire a manager whose recent record doesn’t involve failing at two Championship clubs and sacked by an Eredivisie side as well.

Our last 3 managerial appointments before McClaren are Chris Hughton (never managed before), Alan Pardew (previously sacked from a League One side) and John Carver (only full-time management role was in Canada!).

Now a man who hasn’t been able to get a job in the Premier League for 9 years!  Are my expectations too high?

I also expect this club to have the dignity not to go back to a man who refused the club twice this season already and who ruled us out completely until he was sacked by his own club.  I expect us to do more research into a manager than ‘Englishman available for free’.

Beyond that, I expect our options for a new manager to not be limited by having to keep the old coaching staff and being unable to bring in his own.  I expect us to not have potential managers with no previous experience turn us down because of our transfer policy.  I expect us to not turn down talented young managers because they are “too interested in art galleries”.

Steve McClaren hasn’t been confirmed as Newcastle United manager yet, but it looks a certainty.

It is an indictment on the club that this is all we can expect and damning evidence that Mike Ashley’s interview was as meaningless as we all really knew it would be.

Will I get behind McClaren next season?

I’m not sure. It is clear he doesn’t want to be here and preferred to stay at Derby County. Also, by getting behind him it is implicitly supporting the decision to hire him.

At the end of the day though, the disease is Ashley, just like Pardew the appointment of Steve McClaren is merely a symptom.

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  • philk4

    Watford sign an up and coming successful european manager. We take on a manager who has agreed to Ashley’s stringent cheap signings policy

  • BillytheFish

    I hope he isn’t a success!  Wow, that would leave you with a problem……………

  • AMarkDixon

    Bobby Robson turned us down twice as he chose to honour existing contracts.  He was a man of integrity.  

    Maclaren turned us down as he wanted to honour his existing contract.  How is that any different?

  • NottsToon

    AMarkDixon Now there’s an interesting point, comparing SBR and McClaren. I guess Schteve is a bit like a pound shop version of SBR when you look at their respective histories, just like the club is a pound shop version of the club SBR managed.

  • Ian Waugh

    No way I’m clicking on that!

  • KevinBrown11

    It’s simple he’s desperate and cheap!! Says it all really.

  • wor monga

    NottsToon        Yes…and the club you refer to so fondly, Snotts…were also
    the club that put the boot to the great man’s backside in such a shameful way
    when some of his players decided to act like the rich juvenile ‘tosspots’ they

    …at a time when his ailing health was of great concern to him…that’s the
    trouble with kids like you…you don’t know the half of it!!

  • KevinBrown11

    Are our expectations high, some would say yes, but it doesn’t really matter because the club always go for the cheapest option going, we the fans don’t count all he wants is for us to buy ST merchandise and cheer on the cheap team that cost very little, and expect us to be grateful, no matter what happens ashley always gets away with it season after season, like we’re all brainwashed, and come back for more.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    AMarkDixon Different? SBR was at Barca for heavens sake! Nowt against him honouring a contract, but they’ve been chasing him since January against an alleged 80+ other interested parties. .

    If McClaren takes this job knowing the model in place, and having read Charnley’s view on that, that should tell everyone all they need to know. 

    He’s another dinosaur, chosen by the King Dinosaur himself – Carr.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga NottsToon And here you are still following them and supporting the notion of giving this regime yet another chance – with exactly the same format they have failed with for 8 years.

  • NottsToon

    wor monga NottsToon That’s such a sweet irony that you look back with scorn and yet revel in the present.

  • kuromori

    Don’t forget Kinnear in your rogue’s gallery of incompetent managerial ar$eholes.
    And the job *will* go to McClaren because no one else has been given consideration. As always, there is no Plan B. 
    If Schteve somehow turns us down again (over money? Transfer policy?), expect a long wait to find a new mug. Anyone who thinks Penfold knows what he’s doing hasn’t been paying attention.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    philk4 Spot on mate. Shows how fookin useless Charnley and Carr (and Ashley) are.

    Quique Flores, former Real Madrid, Valencia and Spain right-back whose managerial achievements include winning the Europa League and Uefa Super Cup in 2010 with Atletico, and the Portuguese League Cup with Benfica in 2009.

    Couldn’t find another HC could they not? Watford snapped this lad up as soon as Jokanovic’s contract renewal fell through.

  • wor monga

    Sickandtiredstill        I support them whatever…they are my team, and I supported
    them even when they were a lot crapper than they are now like ’57-’58 and more
    other times than I care to remember since…

    …You and Snott’s try your best to
    change things by rabbiting on if that’s what floats your boat by all means, but
    I’ll just keep on supporting!!

  • Gordonthetoony

    Article spot on. Everything about our club is cheap, tacky and full of complete losers.  All we want is someone with the balls and heart and fresh idea’s to take us forward. McLaren is not that man.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Sickandtiredstill And you do a lot of whingeing about the past and never criticise this parasitic regime. It’s the worst this Club has ever had.

  • wor monga

    Sickandtiredstill       I
    never mention the past…unless it needs mentioning to point out that things were
    not always as rosy as some on here might make out!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Sickandtiredstill
    “In the wake of finishing a poor 17th the previous season, a backward-looking United board again failed to appoint a manager, and the team blundered through the new season managed by an antiquated ‘director committee”.

    57/58 we finished 2 above the relegation spots. Sounds all very similar to now.

  • Johntheone

    What’s this art gallery thing, what have I missed?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Johntheone Hahaha! Well the intrepid ‘reporters’ have now suggested Garde was put off by the lack of Art Gallery’s here.
    That story ranks with just about all the other made-up drivel we are being subjected to.

  • wor monga

    Sickandtiredstill        Makes you wonder…doesn’t it…but who knows it might be just
    be next season mightn’t it?

  • wor monga

    NottsToon     Give ower man, Snott’s…ya backin a losser!!

  • tattoo15

    If we appoint mclaren as looks likely it’s a win all around for Ashley! If he succeeds, which I doubt, great, if he fails that’s a win for Ashley too! Ashley won’t spend money this summer so instead of the media slagging Ashley off for telling lies on national TV the media will forget that and instead have a go at the fans for not getting behind the manager before a ball has been kicked in anger! win win for the fat barstwerd!!

  • DownUnderMag

    I agree, totally.  Why do we, no wait on…MANY premiership clubs, insist on giving failed managers try after try?  All the while the manager merry-go-round  stops the up and coming managers in lower leagues ever getting a chance when they have more new ideas in their crap every morning than some of these washed up has beens…or never were’s. One or two failures you can put down to the club setup, the players or lack of….but when it gets to 6 or 7 failure you need to be asking why they are ever offered a job again?  I’m tired of the same old song and dance…a manager gets sacked and then three months later is off replaceing another manager who got sacked while they wait their interim role on the TV until some other stupid club gives them yet another crack at the big time…

  • DownUnderMag

    tattoo15 yeah, it does have a bit of “hedging his bets” about it from Ashley.  Rather than giving his backing to and appointing a manager who is up and coming and the fans will get behind, he appoints yet another name who fails to inspire, fails to win the fans respect.

    The fans aren’t expecting miracles, just for us to have more ambition in our manager appointment than the cheapest manager out of work right now who won’t ask questions and was recommended by his mate Carr.   Carr needs to stick to trying to find players outside of France who are actually decent and fit….and let a manager come in who can actually improve the situation here…not yet another defensive “let’s not get beat” merchant of doom who will no doubt spout all Ashleys PR BS ad nauseum…

  • magpiefifer

    McClaren fits the bill perfectly for Ashley – like Pardew and Kinnear he is jobless,and will no doubt be happy not to rock any boats,and won’t be too expensive!
    Toon fans don’t expect or demand too much – how many clubs have 50,000+ home gates and, despite mediocrity served up most seasons ,come back for more!? That is the problem – loyalty.I just wish more fans would stay away and show Ashley that,as paying customers,we’ve had enough.

  • radgiegadgie

    I am not sure many people are saying Newcastle fans are asking for too much anymore marra

    There seems to be general consensus that we deserve a bit more, even amongst the southern media.

  • NottsToon

    wor monga NottsToon WTF is a losser you illiterate loon?

  • A lex

    Sickandtiredstill wor monga Looking back 8 years from 2015 makes me shudder.
    Looking back 8 years from 1958……..well, neeed I go on?

  • PaulNewsome


    of the media slagging Ashley off for telling lies on national TV”
    When you look at what Ashley actually said, he didn’t say anyhting, just that he would continue the same level of investment that he always has, and that he won’t be leaving Newcastle until they win another major trophy, which could be 50 years or more.

  • markral

    Ashley & Co have destroyed this club…No passion, no direction , no leadership, no decent manager coming, no investment…

    Welcome to season 2015/16 – We are absolutely #cattle trucked#  !!!!

    Time to crank up the protests & louder than ever so everyone in the UK can hear us!!!!!!!!!

  • radgiegadgie

    markral I think you are a bit premature with that.  There is a high chance that you are right but, you are still predicting the future, not stating fact.

  • crediblejustin736

    Give McLaren a chance, i say

  • Happyharrys2011

    Let’s be honest lads. We were $hit then and we are really $hit now. Apart from prehistoric times we have won nothing.
    The 90s were the only real time in recent history that the board or what ever you want to call them, have actually tried to win some thing. Remember Mckeag and co? We over threw that parasite with the “sack the board” campaign and back then there would only be 15000 of us some weeks. The difference back then is that everyone in the whole ground was on board. Not like here and now. The horrible fat kunt has got half believing and half hating. Just look at us over the last eight years. Stop the petty squabbles and how ever you chose, get this fat blood sucking w4nker out of our club.

  • tino o

    I agree totally! Why shouldn’t our expectations be higher we have been ground down by the slug this club if ran properly is as big as any in the world. It just won’t happen while steptoe has it. Since when have the likes of Chelsea and man City been bigger than us since owners heavily invested that’s when. If man utd and arsenal suffered the same lack of success as us would they have crowds of near 50k every home I don’t think so. This club has always been a sleeping giant it’s now in a coma.

  • wor monga

    NottsToon     Ha ha…enough to say if you’d been born a working class lad…within
    smelling distance of the Walker boneyard, and woke up every day to the sound of
    the Swan’s hooter…you’d know what it meant to ‘back a losser’…but why not ask a
    proper Geordie cos there’s plenty down there?.