A big well done to the Newcastle fan who has hacked into the Bas Dost Wiki page and added an amusing line.

With the clock ticking, United supporters could do with a laugh and this has supplied it for me.

Thanks to writer for The Mag ‘Davey Hat Trick’ who spotted this change had been made to the Dutch striker’s Wikipedia page.

As well as changing the details of his current club to Newcastle United, the hacker also added the following:

“In June 2015 Dost signed for the biggest club in the north east, Newcastle United. After signing Dost also confirmed ‘I have never seen a mackem in Wolfsburg’.”


bas dost

Remains to be seen if Bas Dost does indeed sign for Newcastle, or indeed any striker does.


bas dost

At least though he has served one purpose and that is to put a smile on our faces.